It's that time of the year! - Looking for some much needed motivation.


It's 'No motivation November', again! I feel less motivated during this time of the year. Though the blue month is over, it still feels like November!

The thing is, I don't live in a place where the weather goes down below 10. So there's no way it's because of the bad weather. But I guess it's a universal thing. Mostly because November reminds us what we have done wrong for the whole year and now we don't have time to repair anything.

We have to do our daily things like going to our workplace, and taking care of all the other responsibilities even if we don't feel like we have nothing but to go on. I can't remember when was the last time I took a break/leave and rest in my house. So feeling down is not an option although I feel very cold inside.

In that case, motivating ourselves is the only option to keep going.

I personally follow the 'home & work' separation method.

I can't show my sad face to my kids, I have to smile even if not feeling it. So the best way to be in a good mood at my home is not to think about work.

Also, at work, it helps me to be consistent in thinking about whether I can take a break in my house.

But it always doesn't go this smoothly.

Although taking a break is not possible but I try to rest on the weekend.

I didn't go outdoors for the whole of November but spent time with my family. It cut down the extra stress.


This time shall pass soon. This is what I tell myself. There is so much unaccomplishment. Like even in crypto. I lost a great value of my holding and am not near to my goal.

But that's okay. I can't go back and fix everything. One year passed and now I have to reschedule/replan everything to do better in the next year.

That's what I can do, nothing else.

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Thanks for reading.


Seems like the memories of previous years make us miss those happy times. Family reunions, the music, people that are no longer with us, or even the pet we enjoy back then. Some of us don't care much about short term or mid term goals.

I believe that's the hidden reason. Yes, I agree; many don't care about short term or mid term goals..

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