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That's a pretty good life goal to take care of yourself like that. Have you tried cliff protein bars as a healthy alternative when you have a sweet tooth? they are pretty tasty and made with natural ingredients and nut butters. They even have one that looks like the cookies you were having. Those are my mountain & hiking snacks.


I'd not heard of these so thanks for putting them on my radar. I had a quick look and it seems they are available here in Australia so I'll check it out. I usually have a protein bar kicking around the place for those times I get hungry...better than a Mars Bar (or whatever equivalent you have.)

Faith and I have a fairly good diet. She's vegetarian and so we eat a lot of vegetables. Being diabetic means I limit sugars and fruit but blueberries and strawberries are on the menu with some yoghurt and, of course, I have the occasional bad day now and then.

This weight loss thing is more about being 50 and diabetic than it is about how I look as I'm happy with how I look mostly. (The face needs some work but I'll just live with it as cosmetic surgery isn't my thing.) If I get to minus 5 then great, if not then every kilogram lost is of a benefit anyway.


Yogurt and berries is the best, that's my work breakfast! I wouldn't be able to go full vegetarian tho but I do eat a lot of vegan stuff for whatever reason, mostly because they are soy free. We all got to have some cheat days here and there. I can't imagine what it would be like to be diabetic, I eat like 3 big jars of honey a year with my cooking instead of using sugar, I do try to cut back on the refined stuff tho and I've done well, for not particular reason just cause I guess, I always see those traumatizing shows of people eating a big bin of sugar every week with all the junk food they scared me strait! lol

Try them bars, they are actually pretty good, it's the closest thing to cookies I can buy with my allergy but they are good tasting for something healthy lol! They have a lot of variety. I imagine you probably had them in Aus. They are pretty popular... maybe not as much as your Mars bar :)

We do the yoghurt and berries thing a lot, in fact berries, mainly strawberries, is the best fruit for a diabetic to have as most others are loaded with sugars. Yesterday I went to the supermarket at which we do most of our shopping as I'd seen online that they carry Clif bars. They were on sale for $2.60 so I got a couple to try out. They have a higher concentration of sugars and carbs than I would like but nowhere near what a traditional chocolate bar has so would be a legitimate snack item for sure.

The amount of sugar in day to day things these days is mental. Even things in which you would not expect there to be sugar in large quantities has it. Sugar is an addiction really, one that seems really difficult to break. Of course for many people it isn't as bad for them as others, but being diabetic, not producing the required amount of insulin in my body, makes sugar an issue. Thanks for the tip on the Clif bars.

I'm almost certain that blueberries have an agent that helps regulate blood sugar for diabetics too. Those bars are a bit pricy, I buy them by the box they sometimes have really good sales on bulk buys. They still have sugar content but better than cookies or a Mars bar for sure and still satisfying for the odd sweets craving. I like to wash them down with mountain #watertasting after a long hike!! I'm the opposite of you, my blood sugar gets really low sometimes especially on long hikes so I like having them so I don't get hangry in the middle of the woods!

The sugar(salt too) in even what they call healthy is still insane. I don't notice it much these days because a lot of my stuff is homemade but even my skin cleared up and looked younger when I decided to cut back. I couldn't believe how much sugar is in everything and it's really unhealthy for just about anyone, worse for you tho. Overall, there is a lot of bad shit in a lot of the food, not just sugar, at least in North-America but you guys are pretty much the same as us I bet. Sugar is highly addictive and I think it causes a lot of concentration troubles too, especially for kids. A lot of the one they diagnose with behavioral problems and hyperactivity, I think a lot of it is caused by sugar. Just look at breakfast cereal they have now, it would be healthier to have pizza for breakfast.

You're welcome, always happy to help!

As I was reading your second paragraph I was thinking of breakfast cereal being a good example of excess salt and sugar, among other things...They pitch it as healthy, and fibre and energy often using actors depicting active pursuits...But the reality is far different I think.

I've had pizza for breakfast a few times and as odd as it sounds I think you're right, a better option than Cheerios or Froot Loops for sure.

I'm fairly careful with sugar intake and have reaped the benefits of it...Some can't seem to kick it though, even diagnosed diabetics I know can't sometimes. Oh well, they'll reap what they sow.

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