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Before everything, I'm challenging you to create your own Top 10 Goals! Will be waiting for your post! 😉


Once you see your past photos, nostalgia kicks in, right? A few days ago, I browse through my gallery and found these photos of me enjoying school. Upon seeing these pictures, I really, really, ​miss face-to-face classes. 😔 These shots motivated me to create my 10 Academic Goals as I want to bring back my old self when it comes to studying!




Photos were taken by my classmates during Grade 11 and Grade 10 respectively.
What I love the most about these candid shots is the purity of emotions that pours through me!
(especially me being curious what was my grade in Math on the last photo, HAHA)

Last academic year, I almost lost my spot in the BSA course. I was stunned upon discovering numerous unfamiliar negative emotions. I admit I handled them irresponsibly. You can read the challenges I’ve encountered during my qualifying exam, and the things I did to cope.

But for this academic year, I’m wholly determined. All these goals are just waiting to be achieved this academic year!

10 Goals = 100%

10 GOALS (1).png

Never in my life that I’ve been this detailed on my goals. A few years back, my only goals were to achieve a 90+ grade on every subject and win every contest! This pandemic somehow molds me to be a future-oriented and detailed person (and I think everyone knows why).

As one of the family's strongholds, failing should never be an option. Failing only means putting my whole family at the edge of uncertainties.

These 10 goals are divided into two sections. If you’ve noticed, the first five are for my self-development and the 6th-10th is for my community’s development.

1.No grades less than 1.75
Am I hard to myself? I have no choice. I enrolled in a top-tier school with a top-tier course. I have to do well and achieve high grades as much as possible! (And to never disappoint my fam, again!)

2. Pass this year’s comprehensive exam! 3rd year, here I come!
Last blog, I’ve shared with you that I passed our Qualifying Exam, right? For this academic year, ALL 2nd-year students from our course must undergo the so-called “Comprehensive Exam.” This will determine if we’ll proceed to 3rd year. What if someone fails? Change course or change school. Sadly, that’s the only two limited options.

3. Don’t exhaust yourself!
Being sick will be a hindrance for me. I have to study all the time, hehe. Let me know what your tips are to have a healthy life! But please, make them affordable, hehe. 🤣

4.Get an awesome client!
All the clients I had in the freelancing world are short-term. But now, I just pitched two proposals for two different clients. Wish me luck! I’ve been growing my knowledge in the digital world during my free hours. I’ve been taking short courses about different marketing strategies!

5. Please exercise and eat healthily T^T
I am being body-shamed here in our house :< It might be a joke for them, but little did they know, I’m overthinking about it. Although I just gained a small amount of weight, it negatively affects my daily activities. I was terrified coz when I do light activities, my heart beats fast.

Since SHS, eating has been my companion. I have so many organizations before: Journalism, Dance troupe (in which I immediately quit), and Student Council. I was stressed! So, I turn to stress-eating. And I believe this is also the cause of my acne breakout. Deep inside, I know I have to cut off my food consumption. I just don’t know where to start and how to stop my unhealthy habits. Suggestions are highly welcome!

6. Join school organizations!
I wanna be involved in many student organizations again! Recently, my classmate invited me to join the Public Information Committee. My tasks are to create different publication materials. And I agreed! I’ll be sharing with you the publication materials and infographics I’ve made!

7. Be updated with friends, always!
I began chatting with my friends (before I don’t initiate talking, haha.) Now, we even started setting virtual movie dates to emotionally support each other! We like watching thrillers, horror, serial killers, and detective themes. By the way, please lend me your film suggestions! Thank youuuu!💕

8. Research the political situation of the Philippines
I always emphasize this in my school essays, “Our future lies beneath our inked fingers.” A few months from now, our national election will be held. My friends agreed to tackle each candidate when we have free time. We even have political discussions on our group chats, hehe. Also, this will be our first time to cast votes!

I have yet to do a background check on the candidates. I must know their credentials, geopolitical strategies, platforms, long-term plans, economic plans, behavior, and many more before I make my final decision!

9. Fight against disinformation
We must admit, social media especially Facebook, massively perpetuates the dissemination of Fake News (the right term is ‘disinformation’) in the Philippines. Some national candidates are utilizing this weakness of every social media. Numerous Fake News has been shared by my Facebook friends and we must do something about it.

Tips to share information with friends:
a. Share factual and reliable information and resources, not from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, but from trusted sites and peer-reviewed studies!
b. If you are correcting someone, please use the term ‘shared information' instead of ‘educate.’

I’ve shared information with you." is more genuine to hear than “I’ve educated you." Right? I learned it from my classmate during JHS. His economic knowledge is top-tier, and I’m thankful he corrected me about this.

10. Strengthen your community engagement
I love putting a smile on someone's face! It started when we had a community engagement on Student Council last year. A volcano in the Philippines, the Taal Volcano, erupted and affect the mass population. We traveled all the way to the next province to lend our helping hand to them.

We also participated in providing help for several national problems. These involve initiatives like donation programs for Taal residents, #CagayanNeedsHelp, and #CommunityPantries.


Our full team: Student Council, Teachers, PTA, and HUMSS students from our school collectively lend help to those in dire need during the eruption of Taal Volcano.


An initiative we did to assist our fellow Filipinos who suffered damages from a typhoon.
Disclaimer: This publication material is made by a member of our team.

pubmat 1.png

An initiative to assist our fellow Cabuyeno (from our City). We've created a community pantry where they can get free grocery supplies. This is to help the family in poverty by giving access to basic necessities during the hard times that the COVID-19 pandemic brought to us.

Disclaimer: I designed this publication material. 💕 Link for the template of the railway station is here

I'm hoping to attend more volunteering projects this school year despite my congested school schedule. This is all for now. I hope I can inspire some of you to establish your own 10 goals! Again, I'm challenging you to create your own Top 10 Goals! Will be waiting for your post! As always, have a great day, everyone!

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All are still blurry for her now, and she knows she has a lot more to learn. Please educate & share information with her when she overlooks a few things. 🤍

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Good write up @sellennee 👌🏽✨

Hello @itsmiessyonpeakd! Thank you so much po for the support! 💕💕 I really love your writing too! 💕 Sorry for replying just now, I waited for my RC to recharge, hehe.

Keep blogging Lang! We are all here for you. 🤍🤍🤍

Wow. You are so goal-oriented! So inspiring! Goodluck in your studies and hope you'll be able to achieve your goals!

Hiiiiiii @asasiklause! I was quite messy before hehe, so I'm trying to wrap all my negative traits and throw them in the middle of the ocean, lol. Thank you so much! Wishing for everyone to achieve each respective goal! 💕 Sorry for replying just now, I waited for my RC to recharge po, hehe.

No worries!!!

I hope your traits won't pollute the ocean. Ahahaha

Oh, I was emotion-driven about the ocean HAHAHA marine animals are more important for our ecosystem than me, so Imma throw them na lang po sa recycling bin so they can be recycled to another trait (hopefully it would be positive traits, lmao) 🤣

Hahahahaha. Very good idea!

You work hard and study hard at the same time. ❤️ Good luck in your endeavour @sellennee everything will be worth it in no time...

Good mornight po, @gerel! Thank you so much for the kind words! Really need it a lot, hehe 💕💕 Wishing for our individual success din! Sorry for replying just now, I waited for my RC to recharge po, hehe. 💕