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Hello everyone!
I just finished watching a movie and wanted to make a review of it. The film that I will be reviewing is about the struggle of a gang leader who works with a detective to catch a serial killer. Let's get started!


Jang Dong Soo (Ma Dong Seok) is the most feared mafia boss, suddenly attacked by an unknown person. He was so badly injured . A detective named Jung Tae Suk (Kim Mu Yeol) who is investigating Jang dong Soo, sees similarities between the assault case experienced by Jang Dong Soo and the recent murder case. Jung Tae Suk is the only one who realizes that the culprit is not an ordinary killer but a serial killer. Jung tae suk told his boss about the serial murder, but his boss ignored him, finally he decided to investigate secretly with two of his subordinates. Jung Tae Suk invites Jang Dong Soo to work together to catch the serial killer, at first Jang Dong Su refuses to cooperate with the police. However, Jung Tae Suk made a deal which Jang Dong Soo finally agreed. They did work together, but jang dong soo secretly killed his rival and made it look like it was the serial killer. The serial killer was annoyed when he saw the news, so he started looking for trouble. He tells Jang Dong Soo's rivals that the killer is Jang Dong Soo, which leads them to attack Jang Dong Soo and Jung Tae Suk. Not only that, while investigating the serial killer, Jang Dong Soo had time to help a girl by giving her an umbrella but ironically, the serial killer found out and killed the girl. Jang Dong Soo got angrier and then mobilized all his men to go find the killer. After a chase and several victims, Jang Dong Soo finally caught the killer and intended to kill him. However, Jung Tae Suk was prevented from doing so, because after all, Jung Tae Suk wanted to punish him with the existing law. However, Jang tae suk does not have solid evidence to get the serial killer punished to the fullest extent. Finally he went to see Jang dong soo who was a fugitive, he met him and asked him to testify in court because Jang dong soo was the only living witness who managed to escape the serial killer. At first, Jang Dong Soo refused and was angry with Jung Tae Suk for making him a fugitive. But in the end they came to an agreement. On the day of the trial, Jang Dong Soo came to testify in court and finally the judge sentenced the serial killer to death. It turns out that Jang Dong Soo wants to testify in court on the condition that he must be placed in the same cell as the serial killer. At the end of the film, while the serial killer is taking a bath, Jang Dong Soo comes over to kill him.

What can I learn from this film?

I think Gangsters do bad things a lot and they're scary, but there's still a lot of people who are worse than them. Gangsters at least still have feelings when compared to cold-blooded serial killers.

What is the reason I watched this film?

Ma dong seok is the main reason I watched this film. He is a very talented actor and often plays in action films. In fact he also starred in several Hollywood films. I thought the film would be good if he was the main character, that's why I watched this film.

My opinion after watching this movie?

As I expected, Ma dong seok's performance in this film is great. He was able to portray the character of Jang Dong Soo perfectly. Kim Mu Yeol, one of the other main characters, also plays the detective Jung Tae Suk perfectly. I think now I'm a fan of Kim Muyeol. Kim Sung Kyu also plays a serial killer character nicely. The overall storyline is also very good. I really enjoyed watching this film. I really like the action scenes. I also highly recommend you guys to watch it.

I think that's enough for the film review, I hope you like it. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Please, stay tuned for my next post! Happy weekend and see you soon!


Devy Swan

Devy Swan is a girl with a lot of dreams and imagination.She likes cooking, singing and traveling. Recently, in the last two years to be exact, she started learning to write. Although her writing is still not very good, but she has a hope that one day she will have her own book.

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It has a nice plot, it seems. Gotta watch this one.

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Yeah, you have to watch this one!

Thank you for stopping by!

Yeah, you have to watch this one!


And you're welcome.

From your review, the story seems fun and not boring. I want to include it in my watching list

You must to watch this one! I'm not get bored at all.


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