The Show Must Go On! Update And AMA This Friday

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Hi Guys,

It’s @thedeltron here and I wanted to give everyone an update.

Filmmaking4hive is a team that is developing a feature-length film that based off the events that transpired with Steemit inc, Justin Sun, and Hive while showcasing the power of Web3. Please check out our old posts for more details!


As everyone who has been following our proposal is aware, unfortunately it did not pass…. Which sucks, but I am still moving forward. This time I have bought on a member of the hive community to help write this script.

Regular Hive content creator @killerwot has come on board and joined the team and we have been working hard to bring the script together. He has a film making background and is a natural wordsmith and he has dedicated himself to this project, to help bring this story to the big screen. It is great to have him on board with this project!

And as the members of our last brainstorming session can testify, it is coming along great. From all of the interviews we have both undertaken over these few weeks. We have been able to visualize the big picture and have worked on compiling all that information into a plot outline. The road ahead has been laid and the lamp posts are shining bright.

So far we have interviewed many key members of the Hive community to help get a full understanding of the events that happened including @starkerz @theycallmedan @eddiespino @blocktrades @themarkymark @ganjafarmer @tracyyork @shadowspubs @lukestokes @arcange @basilmarples @aggroed @andrarchy @blufinstudio just to name a few.

If anyone feels they have something to offer the story of a unique insight please feel free to join our discord and message thedeltron or drop @thedeltron a message on telegram and we can arrange an interview.

AMA This Friday @ 6pm BST (UK) 1pm EST and 10am PST

Now we would also like to announce our next AMA which is this Friday at 6pm UK time if anyone wants to join and we would be happy to answer and discuss the things we have learnt so far, how the script is coming along and where we see things going. We won’t be revealing too much about the specifics in the narrative as no one likes spoilers.

So please join our discord server if you would like to join in or add your questions down below and we will be happy to answer them.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and let's make this movie a reality!


right on I really can't wait

And awesome job getting the script started.

Thank you very much for having amazing day.

very exciting meeting! A lot of creative ideas being banded about.
Im more confident than ever that an awesome script is going to come of this....

This is going to be great..looking forward to this

This is gonna be the most interesting film I've ever seen. I'll be coming with my popcorn to watch comfortably.

I really need to set an alarm for this, I am always missing it.

I'll tag you in the next one so you get it 😜

Thank you!!!!!

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These days short films are mostly appreciated by audience though I believe filmmaking4hive team will bring something really great.

Whole history can't be told in short flims

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