Announcing the VYB Curation Project (VCP)

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Our Main Goals

  • Improve true manual curation and the support it receives within a Proof of Brain/Delegated Proof-of-Stake (PoB/DPoS) system.

  • Create a curation model that can be openly used to improve the overall distribution of PoB based tokens within content-based blockchain environments.

  • Refine the curation voting and rewarding process to empower the curating stakeholders and not the curation team management stakeholder accounts or the supporting community accounts they manage.

Pre-Existing Distribution Issues

Focused curation from highly staked accounts is a single point of failure.

This setup reduces the overall scope in which the Proof of Brain mechanics can operate as it limits the range of content that is rewarded due to the limitations of individual perception.

This ultimately leads towards a drop in quantity and quality of content across the board as polarization occurs between the lower stakeholders and the high-voting power accounts.


VYB's Distribution Response

What if community curation accounts were used to support dedicated and active curators by improving their stake size instead of primarily increasing the stake size of the community curation account?

VYB Curation (@vyb.curation)

The first main funnel for distribution within the VYB Curation project will be @vyb.curation. This layer of the curation model is flexible, varied, and forgiving.

The initial goal is to improve the range and quantity of content that is voted on the POB and VYB platforms. We will achieve this by providing autonomy for curators giving them the freedom to vote as they please.

@vyb.curation will follow behind the curator's votes at 50% and the full curation data for each curator will be published publicly from the @vyb.curation account during the week following their dedicated activity.

VYB Check (@vyb.check)

The second funnel for distribution will shadow the pre-existing curation model that is typically incorporated.

Curator discovers content > submits for quality check > bigger account rewards or ignores

Transparency and accountability in this merit-based workflow are critical as the reasoning behind the vote decision is just as, if not more important than the vote itself.

@vyb.check will continue its development and construction during the initial trial phase of the VYB Curation Project (more information below in the roadmap) and will grow into another method of rewarding curators.

Here are two examples of our early on-chain testing for the vyb.check process, if you are intrigued! has been linked as the post was not published in the #vyb tag. We don't discriminate, yo!

Distribution in the Future

We plan to sponsor curation teams that emerge and look to assist with distribution through the curation model we've presented.

Our goal is to expand the curation model into different niches on VYB and POB, tribes on HIVE and beyond.

Options to trail-support different curation niches and/or vyb.curation and vyb.check will be integrated into the Vybrainium front-end in the future with comparable statistics and details about each team and their efforts.


Roles for the Curation Model

These roles are the starting point and not the final decision. The development of the curation model may require additional roles although we believe these below are essential to the model's success.

The naming of roles will vary based on the branding of the curation team, their responsibilities will remain the same.

VYB Curator (Aware/Unsuspecting)

Aware: Person is assigned a weekly curation spot each month. When the max capacity for aware curators is reached, randomised curator block assignment will be introduced.

Unsuspecting: Nominated VYB user is followed by the vyb.curation account. The data from the Unsuspecting Curators will be assessed alongside Aware Curators to discover the main differences between the two (double-slit experiment anyone?).

These curators will be trail followed by @vyb.curation's vote at 50% (scaling).

VYB Checker

A purely voluntary role that has some responsibility.
The main duty is to critique content and decide, with the help of metrics and additional support, the validity of submitted content to the VYB Check process.

VYB Checkers will be compensated for their efforts with staked @vyb.curation rewards (a community-backed decision for the percentage earned will be made).

VYB Cruncher

We've currently got two prospective statisticians who are going to be pulling the curation data for all of the curators each week. The responsibilities for this role will include post creation and presentation for the @vyb.curation account.

VYB Cruncher's will receive a moderate beneficiary on these posts and they will also receive a POB & VYB delegation for the week they are active.

VYB Catcher

An administration role that will look to guide the philosophies and oversee the initial stages of the curation team startup.

Over time this role will be politely excused if the curation model is successful.

Curator, Checker and Cruncher Accountability

Curation data for all Aware Curators will be posted from the @vyb.curation account and will be available to view easily within any browser or mobile.

Curation data for all Unsuspecting Curators will be withheld and only posted on @vyb.curation if requested after discovery is made of their involvement with the VYB Curation Project (VCP).

VYB Checker's approvals and denials will be posted from the @vyb.check account publicly in a similar manner as the @vyb.curation data pulls.

VYB Cruncher's will have their statistics reviewed by a non-partial person or persons. A comment will be added below the data posts to confirm the validity of the curation data.

VYB Catcher's will receive plenty of recognition from their peers if they are successful with the management of their curation team. They will also be criticised by their peers if they deviate from the curation model and decide to line their own pockets from the community accounts they manage.

@calumam is the first VYB Catcher and his transaction history can be found easily here, or more extensively here,


Roadmap (dynamic)

BetaVYB Initial Test Period

12 day test period started 29/11/21 with 8 BetaVYB Testers

@vyb.curation was mimicked by @proofofbrainio during the testing period. Curators were trail followed at 33% with an instant vote being cast from @proofofbrainio to cut down on duplication curation.

Official VYB Launch

8th of January 2022 (start of 3-month trial)

Month 1 - Implement @vyb.curation with aware curators and unsuspecting curators; monitor activities. @vyb.check continues the on-chain manual testing phase (very limited).

Month 2 - Evaluate activities, implement corrective actions, continue monitoring performance.

Month 3 - Work out the kinks, reassess performance, and continue activities.

@vyb.check optimisation + reflection period

8th of April 2022 - 22nd of April 2022

A decision of whether to complete the curation project, overhaul it or terminate it will be made at the end of this reflection period.

Official Launch of The VYB Curation Project?

Q2 2022


Curator incentives during the 3-month-trial

Curators will be receiving 5,000 POB & 5,000 VYB delegations for the duration of their curation block. Delegations will be removed if community standards are disregarded by the account (or their alt accounts) they're delegated to.

@vyb.check will be under construction during the initial 3-month trial stage with the goal to be operational by the 22nd of April 2022. Once operational, curators will receive the lion share of author and curation rewards made by the @vyb.check account on the submitted and approved content they discovered.

Community Standards Synchronicity

This section of the post will update as integration with the Anti-Abuse Team (AAT) develops. Curators and the VYB Team are not immune to the Community Standards.

A link will be posted [here] for the upcoming AAT post on the @vyb.vyb account.

Our main points to cover within the VCP are;

Curation Ignore List (including curators/checkers/VYBteam)
Automation, Necessity, and the effect on the PoB ideals
Community Account Self-Voting (specifically, VCP -> VYBteam upvotes)
VCP/AAT Dual-involvement


@vyb.curation guidelines?

What curation guidelines do we have for the Unsuspecting Curators who aren't aware of the trail following them?

The same logic applies to Aware Curators except curation data will be posted publicly on @vyb.curation.

Due to the unpredictable nature of trailing with limited information, minor "detective work" will be undertaken before attaching the voting trail. We will also monitor Unsuspecting Curators data heavily. An informal audit will be taken on Day 2 and Day 4, if a change is required we will move the trail to our next UC.

Community Curation Account Earnings?

An important section for those of you who are wondering what potential accounts are being shaped here. We will finish with this as it is the main weakness in the PoB and DPoS 'mashup' as stated at the very beginning of this publication.

During the 3-month trial, @vyb.curation will maintain a moderate stake size to assist with content diversity on the VYB and POB trending pages. This will initially be provided as a delegation from the unclaimed VYB in the direct transfer accounts and will grow to a stake size that can self-sustain, distribute to curators, checkers and crunchers effectively, and provide the initial starting stake for the next curation team.

The stake size of @vyb.curation will only increase to remain within the 'sweet spot' of trending influence with following stakeholders to the @vyb.curation trail being factored into the calculations.

As you can see, this calculation will depend on the larger stakeholders of VYB/POB (and beyond) and their respective stake sizes.

Solutions/improvements to the current trending model on the front-end may also make the necessity for a moderate stake size obsolete. We are testing this model within a pre-existing tribe, some DPoS limitations are already in play for us.

All additional earned VYB/POB tokens that are not required for sustainability will be distributed as fully-staked to the accounts actively involved in the curation team.

The vyb.curation account will be powering down to liquidate so that VYB can be sent fully staked. This may seem paradoxical given the previous mention of an ignore list for those unstaking their VYB, please bear the following statement in mind;

Ensurances will be made so the @vyb.curation account will not self-vote. The account will never be the recipient of incoming VYB Curation Project votes. All powered down tokens will be sent fully staked to VYB stakeholders and will not be sold on the open market by @vyb.curation or other VYB community accounts.


The section below will be updated: *

The 4 initial curators for the @vyb.curation layer of the VCP will be set up with the trail and delegations soon. We are considering a week lying on for the delegations to provide a "work for your supper" styled method of reward.

We're aware that intrinsically motivated curators will not care much for the carrot and stick method (and may dislike the approach on the face of it). We will experiment with this during the 3-month trial period to see how both approaches affect performance and sustainability.

returning here on the 9th of January 2022

👏 delegation funds are organised and ready to be allocated. trails should be active tomorrow to start the ball. @calumam is following the curation trail of @vyb.curation at 100% (scaling). this will provide some rewards although that's not important at this time.

the 4 curators will be active for the first fortnight (until the 23rd) to allow for adjustments to be made if needed. switching to a fresh set of curators within the week feels rushed.

returning here on the 10th of January 2022

the trail for @vyb.curation has been set up and is following the initial 4 curators at 50% (scaling). votes following behind @vyb.curation's vote are:


the 5,000 POB & VYB delegations have been allocated to the aware curators.

we're already seeing some much-needed variety on and variety will further improve on the 23rd when we have the next set of curators on the case.

returning here on the 14th of January 2022

there are some issues that need to be discussed in a future VCP post about votes received from the vyb.curation trail to members of the VMT & VYB Catcher/Admin. 1

vyb.pob has been applying 100% upvotes after going through a vyb.check styled process off-chain, very limited currently. this is showing shifts in the POB trending page, highlighting some issues as stated above.

vyb.pob is also following behind vyb.curation which is somewhat helping distribution. we're looking to synergies with @proofofbrainio to further improve the POB token distribution, potentially using the curation model or another method that could potentially be explored.

increasing curators at this current time is not a priority, start small. we can see the benefit, yes, let's see how revolving 3 aware and 1 unsuspecting for a couple of weeks works first.

  • a process to notify accounts on-chain about trail involvement is something to come (whether aware or unsuspecting)

returning here on the 17th of January 2022

comment dropped on interpretation's recent post explaining the vyb.check current status: here

we're also going to be seeking out two dedicated VYB Checkers on a testing basis to start on the 23rd of January. they'll receive 2,500 VYB delegations each from calumam's stake while they are active and the VYB Checkers will rotate on a fortnightly basis until we've got most of the concerns ironed out.

other than that? here's how a couple of the curators are feeling;

I am so loving being a part of VYB 🙂 Rewarding worthy content more than I would normally be able to is just awesome!!!


After the first day of curating in this capacity with the new trail and all that, I came back the next day to see some of the posts I voted on trending. I'm convinced at this point I shouted 'holy shit!'

I was overwhelmed by how much tokens my curation could dish out and I had to go through the trending posts again to be sure I did the right thing pouring all that token jizz on them.

Moving forward, I found that I could reach way more posts than I could previously reach because I could achieve more with smaller voting percentage. It made my work even more, but that's what makes curation even better, when you can reach more posts🌚.


more feelings to come... hopefully!

* returning here on the 23rd of January 2022

Any and all comments are welcomed as the development of this model is a process that involves community input and support. Levels of decentralisation and autonomy will stem from all of our combined efforts.

Thank you for your attention and involvement in whatever capacity you choose.


Creative Commons

Creative Commons Licence
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Having people that could curate with delegations and share out the vyb tokens amongst deserving authors is a handy thing to have, which the 1UP token had a group of curators for 3 months and it saw me getting to become a curator on the @orionspeakgaming account of my community and went well.

Now I still get to curate there after 3 months, I am looking to use this @thegoliath main account of mine to grow and curate on vyb in the hopes I can eventually provide more to others, like how I used to on proof of brain when I was in that.

Keep up the good work and being active and things will keep growing over time!

Having people that could curate with delegations and share out the vyb tokens amongst deserving authors is a handy thing to have

I have to agree. Delegations are a great way to reward those who are actively creating and curating as it requires them to be involved to earn the curation rewards from the delegated stake. We're looking to take that another step further by providing increased rewards for curators who are active and providing further value to the community.

I am looking to use this @thegoliath main account of mine to grow and curate on vyb in the hopes I can eventually provide more to others, like how I used to on proof of brain when I was in that.

As @curatorcat.pal mentioned, engagement is extremely important too. Your mention of 1UP and its curation efforts is a doorway towards expansion and further growth, imo.

VYB has been built with the intention to complement POB and we don't plan to stop there. We're already well on the way as @vyb.pob currently sits at 281,587 POB staked (which means any downvotes on the Proof of Brain can be countered) and will be used as another funnel to reward authors and curators while also providing 50% of the curation rewards to @pob-fund to further improve the POB tribe development.

Definitely need to be active in curation and engaging the community. Even just curating with the votes is a massive help and can help people grow overall and show them what hard work gets them.

It is all for growth and benefits all around and seeing others do it and succeeding, helps show others can do it too!

Wow that is a lot of POB! But it's good and knowing you plan to continue with even more means a lot to the community and knowing it is worth getting into the token early.

I'm respectfully reaching out with this comment to some of the bigger curators on the POB/VYB platform to request their feedback and critique. Olive branch extension, activate.

I hope you can look past our previous (and possibly present if you're stuck there) differences and can see the opportunity for growth by realising there is something bigger than us at work here. Thank you.

@onealfa.vyb @vempromundo - @allcapsonezero @friendlymoose @leprechaun @taskmaster4450


Have a great day, whatever you decide to make of it!

I think the level of dedication and care in the construction of this project is incredible. VYB seems to be making up for everything we expected from POB and that's great. @calumam is doing an amazing job in this curation organization and I hope I can cooperate in the best way possible. As I've always said around here, regardless of curation, my plan is to spread my votes around the community whenever I can, following the basic premises that we already know well: authenticity, originality, creativity, sincerity, intensity. This curation has everything to stay strong and help a lot in the development of users and the tribe itself. :)

Very high praise, it's greatly appreciated!

Stay loose and keep an open mind, that's all I'll say. And don't let any curation duties stop that great content from getting published!

Basically this is saying:


Curators are on the prowl
be ready for upvotes and feel free to follow them...

Also there will be at least one cop.

I feel like I'm playing a good game of mafia here.

Bask in the atmosphere and enjoy the benefits of Vybrainium on your mind, body and soul!

Basically this is saying:

Trying to paraphrase this post already, huh? I need to get you onto the "VYB For Dummies" content!

It's no mystery that, Steve, Felix and myself put out the long posts for VYB. We watched @proofofbrainio get criticised heavily for the initial POB whitepaper countless times. This may have affected our feelings of the paradox "Less is More" when it comes to publishing important content for the community.

So.. you're a wise guy, ey?

You guys worked your ass off to make the project transparent and inclusive.


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Haha !LOL

Why are brain surgeons so good at persuasion?
They can really get inside your head.

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Did you check out your LOL joke. It's getting in my head.

Sorry I might have missed it (like I missed we can now delegate!) but are the community guidelines listed somewhere? Also what are the stat crunchers looking for? uneven voting trends? Otherwise interested to see how this develops.

The VYB Crunchers will share the full curation data only (ie. all the votes), it can then be analysed further by anyone (more content opportunities there!).

The Community Standards are a work in progress at this current time. @scholaris is working on the Anti-Abuse Team (AAT) Moderation Policy announcement and @trostparadox is working on a very interesting update that will provide further improvements towards shaping the Community Standards as a tribe.

Brillant thanks! Very excited about getting my hands on that data!

Phenomenal job and awesome work!

Really enjoy staking pob and vyb!

Congratulations on an amazing project that is having some amazing results.

Top notch job thank you everyone.

Big up yourself! A huge thank you from myself and the rest of the VCP team for your appreciation. Let's see what 2022 has to offer!

I appreciate it but I'm just a small little fish floating around in this big ocean.

Here is to the community rising up! Which is our biggest strength we have not only the best talent in the world but we've also got an amazing community.

This next year looks like it's going to be a phenomenal year!

Me and puppy dogs really appreciate it and can't wait to be a part of this next year!


I appreciate it but I'm just a small little fish floating around in this big ocean.

You and me both mate! It's the best.

Loving the snap of the doggo, what's she called?
Keep it real buddy!

He is Wooda P von Morgan Haus Hater of Bunnies and squirrels.

Heck yeah, he sounds like a badass 😎

He is so awesome he has his own blog.

@woodathegsd and he is trading too.

It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out, once it has been tweaked a bit, over time.

I'm in a somewhat similar space to @notconvinced in that "it looks good on paper," but I'd be interested in seeing how it plays out when actually implemented. Still, it's great to see the community come up with these ideas and initiatives... especially if they are designed to help engagement, which I believe is essential to the success of a community, in the long run.


It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out, once it has been tweaked a bit, over time.

Precisely. Time and adjustments are crucial factors.

We're looking to build a model that can be replicated successfully and that doesn't happen in a month, or three. I'm very grateful to the people who helped with building the project out to this stage (starting back in the middle of November when I started reaching out to people, or maybe even way back in July when we first kicked off POBLeus). I'm sure they'll tell you, this is only the beginning.

especially if they are designed to help engagement, which I believe is essential to the success of a community, in the long run.

I'm with you there. I find the polarization between low and high stakeholders has an adverse effect on genuine engagement. If we can design a distribution funnel that bridges this gap and addresses the common flaws of the PoB/DPoS system (typically the encouragement of greed and centralised thinking) we should see an increase in genuine engagement, imo.

I think back to some of the early days on the "old" chain where there was engagement and one of the fairly solid ways for largely invisible newcomers was to simply cruise around and authentically engage and when you were patient, you could not only build your account because you frequently earned a small reward from an upvote, but people saw you engage on higher profile posts... and it all fed on itself.

Of course, this was happening within a nascent culture of upvoting worthy comments before that all went down the tubes of greed. And that seems to be the eternal challenge... the idealists seem unable to persevere in the face of the greedy over time. So these experiments like VYB are very hopeful, to me.


It feels like the old times with the curation but unlike the old times we won't see the battles.

That was a decent overview, but without detailed examples it's hard to visualize how this will play out. So, no critique nor additions from this normally 'wordy' user. I'll have to see it play out for more relevant info.

I'm happy to see something finally materializing. I think if this were all figured out before releasing the frontend, perhaps fewer users would have sold. Now I can't wait to see the basics of the moderation system.

The aim of this post was to highlight the philosophical nature behind the curation model and to give some insight into the accounts and roles that will be involved. The 3-month trial is now underway, we're looking forward to seeing how this one develops!

I think if this were all figured out before releasing the frontend, perhaps fewer users would have sold

Each stakeholder decides what they do with their own tokens. VYB announced from the onset that this would be a token with a long-term vision/plan and the initial whitepaper highlighted this clearly.

Now I can't wait to see the basics of the moderation system.

It's all coming together! I believe we made the right decision to take our foot off the gas during the holiday season so we could properly recharge our batteries.

This is a welcome development and let see how it goes and I think this needs to start for us to know how it will be

i would be remiss if i didn't point out that i don't quite understand your use of the reference to the double-slit experiment.

in context it feels like you're just implying a kind of A/B testing, or just some kind of judgment system on two unique variables. but now that i think about it, i think that while the double-slit experiment observes one ~beam~ of light to see if it behaves in different ways, your version of it would be observing 2 completely distinct ~beams~ of light to compare how they behave with each other, rather than doing a kind of internal comparison per beam.

i hope that the reason why i felt like i needed to address this doesn't just seem pedantic. i actually liked all of the writing, and don't really have much of a problem with the double-slit thing- i just know that if someone felt that i had used it possibly not as well as i had hoped, i'd want them to tell me. cause hey , they might be wrong and i get to rub it in their face. :D

just know that if someone felt that i had used it possibly not as well as i had hoped, i'd want them to tell me. cause hey , they might be wrong and i get to rub it in their face. :D

hey, that is me all over! I appreciate the callout and the chance to learn. my mention of it was more for the observation qualities rather than anything else.

I read everything and it looks really amazing from where I stand... I'll support it as much as
I can. (nothing much to offer though 🤣)

Wish you guys all the best in your endeavor!

What is that vyb ?

Have a look here and here :)

And don't forget, here!

Ha ha, interesting artist name - he's got VYB tokens too lol

Cool, thanks for the update in this project.

most of what i read flew over my head. I do understand the roles and maybe the functions of the vyb accounts. Maybe a second read will make things clearer. I will revisit this in the evening.

Any questions, you know where I am mate. It's going to be a process just like the #pob-wotw, slow and steady, figure out what works and what doesn't, simplify and learn.

Hope you're having a great day!

Holy cow, that is mind boggling, i hope it works really well.

I just upvote posts i

Holy cow, that is mind boggling

Lol, yes, it's not 2+2=4 at the minute although the vyb.curation distribution concept is more or less at this stage right now:

4 curators per week upvoting whatever they like > vyb.curation account trails them at 50% all week > Full curation data posted the week following on @vyb.curation

During this 3-month trial we'll be giving a 5,000 VYB and 5,000 POB delegation to curators during their curation week (or the week following as stated at the end of the post), and as we move on from the trial stage, we'll be looking to configure a sustainable model that gives back the majority of curation rewards to curators (and other roles except for VYB Catcher/Admin) from the @vyb.curation account and @vyb.check.

Pretty much!

Hopefully, that is simple and easy to comprehend so far, more updates will follow that look to break down the sections of the curation model and explain them in more detail (while looking to maintain simplicity in the process, because if it ain't simple, it won't be widely adopted).