What events should we cover in the HIVE Blockchain Wars Movie?

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Hi everyone!

It’s me, Tom @thedeltron, who’ll be leading the research and organisation.

First off, thanks so much for your warm response to our first post. We had some truly amazing feedback which you can check out here:


Summary - We’re looking to take the first steps in developing a feature-length film based off the events that transpired with Steamit, Justin Sun, and Hive, while showcasing the power of Web3 – with step one being the development and creation of a script.

We’ve been in contact with a number of amazing community members, who’ve already joined our discord server. Here we’ll be looking to hold the AMA’s and weekly consultations, and will put it out to the community in one of our following posts.

We want to continue to get feedback from the community about the best / most notable events of the Blockchain War. So, with that in mind, what events do you think we should cover?

If everyone could let us know if we have missed any events, want to reiterate their importance, or just want to let us know what they’d like to see in particular, please let us know in the comments.

Here is an article given to us by a number of the community members which we think details things really well:


And here are some of the events we maybe basing things off that are already highlighted from our previous blog post:

@dynamicgreentk wrote

@ned crashing the price of Steem and then selling it off to Justin. Maybe also make mention of the Ned and @dan break up leading to Ned totally fumbling steem.

How Justin stole a crap load of money from our witnesses and whales.
How Steem eventually failed. Theycallmedan, if I am not mistaken, tracked Justin selling off his steem majority stake anyways.

@niallon11 wrote

The basis of the story is there for all to see. Justin gets sold a poison chalice from ned.

Doesn't know what he was getting into or what the community was about. A group of developers and free thinkers who had build a space for their own free expression that was then sold out from under them.

Back rooms deals with the large exchanges to subdue this group.

A fractured community united against a common enemy. It was such a mix of people that could quite easily spend the time fighting each other from every corner of the world but when required came together and stood fast.

Community meetings to set out the defence. A race to buy up chips in the game. One billionaire against thousands of small users.

The split to a new chain. Rapid development and smart thinking.
Stolen funds that were stolen again before being sent for return to the community.

Court cases pending and a history of deceit.

There is a good script in there somewhere.
I would balance the views and not just tell it from our side. We are heavily biased and even Justin should have a side story where he got screwed before trying to screw us.

Witnesses, owners, exchanges, community members and dapps all had stake in the game.

It was quick but tense so the movie should reflect that with the ending all of us taking the risk and sticking together for a new and better project.

@emjoe wrote

a) The Evolution Of Hive - How it all started. (b) Hive As a global community, getting some scenes from different continents as to the positive vibes impact Hive has on humanity, highlighting some charitable contributions the Hive community has made. This will create more publicity and a global appeal.

@traciyork wrote

I think maybe starting before Justin even arrived, to give a little bit of background on Ned & Dan L and how the DAO came into existence would be good. Then (in brief) Dan's departure, Justin's arrival, the initial community & company (as those working for Stxxmit Inc found out at the same time as the rest of us) response. After that, maybe follow the timeline in the awesome

Thanks again guys for your amazing feedback in your first post, we will be releasing a couple more to get even more feedback from the community!

Again as a note, we are going to give 50% of the funds generated by the blog back to the DAO and the rest will go to fund the proposal.

If everyone could let us know if we have missed any events, want to reiterate their importance, or just want to let us know what they’d like to see in particular, please let us know in the comments.

A community member has also given us this list of points that it would be good if anyone had more info on or could expand on the story?

  • Steem that was stolen,
  • Korean community realising they had a deciding vote and their negotiations
  • Steemit inc censorship of criticism
  • Exchanges using custodial funds and if this means they are corruption or incompetence
  • The battle to win back the chain
  • Justin’s sock puppet accounts
  • Redirect of stolen funds to Bitterex and the following lawsuit
  • Corrections made to HIVE to prevent this from happening again
  • The migration to HIVE, who stayed on Steem and who moved across
  • The endless negotiations between witnesses Justin, Roy, Steemit inc and whales to save Steem and bring it back to a neutral chain
  • Steemit inc team quitting after finding out about Justin’s plans (except for one member who kept things running)
  • How Justin put out media announcing apps would migrate to Tron without asking the apps


Our proposal is up on the DHF! It would be great if we could have your support: https://peakd.com/me/proposals/212


Few quick notes:

  • There's a Steemit logo with "steem" name which is incorrect.
  • Korean community realising they had a deciding vote and their negotiations
  • Just a certain group of people from Korean community, but it's unfair to call them Korean community.
  • Steemit inc censorship of criticism

Well, https://steemit.com/@gtg
Also, there were updated terms of service with:

"you agree that you will not: (...) 14.1.7. Use our services to promote third-party platforms or to promote each other without our written permission."

It would be funny if it wasn't true.

Hey @gtg, thanks for the info, it would be great if we could speak to you further about the events that transpired for the timeline of the movie. do you have a discord handle?

I'm sorry, I don't use discord. I'm also not a great storyteller and pretty busy with Hive, so not a best candidate for that.

I think we have a full written down " what happened" anywhere on hive.

No idea who posted it, but there was some with hundreds of comments.

So I think that would be a good basis for that and the community could add critics to that.

But I have the feeling " freezing funds" will be very negative for hive in a long term. Because investors already fear it ( for no reason).

You need to add the "Do you like Justin Sun?" post, I believe @revisesociology has the link to the post on the blockexplorer, since it was deleted from the frontends.

Tnx ser :)


gosh. It's been a long time seeing a real dilemma. 😂

Hi @dalz and @okean123, thanks for the amazing info!

This post by @lukestokes also has some great info


And a tweet from CZ and me :)
Deleted afterwards.... he has a bunch of tweets from that time, at the end apologized and removed witness votes


well if we are talking about a movie the "robin hood" move is the most exciting event.

Why are we still talking about this guy?
Move on and focus on Hive being stronger and better. Focus on that

Hi @bitcoinflood, thanks for your comment. Hive has definitely become stronger because of the events, that's what we want the focus of the movie to be about. This is what we are proposing! Check out our first blog post for some background https://hive.blog/hive-109667/@filmmaking4hive/hello-hive-i-want-to

It would be great if you can think of any key moments we should include in the Movie.

Hi @xiko, thanks for your feedback.

I think there is a misunderstanding, we would not be looking to create a victimhood styled feature-length movie.

We are looking for community involvement so we are both doing investigative research and asking the community what they want to be included. We are looking for community involvement through the process of writing the script once we start.

We are also not creating a documentary, so we want to be creating an entertaining piece that is based around the events that transpired during the Sun take over. We will be looking to include the actions of the exchanges and how they impacted the events in the script though names may be changed for legal reasons if the information is ambiguous.

Check out our first blog post where we outline some of this @filmmaking4hive/hello-hive-i-want-to

Feel free to use this as a reference as the lead up to Sun Yuchen stealing Steem is poorly understood by most it seems.


I think you should cover all events don't leave anything out

Please be sure to mention that Justin Sun is a Moderator for The Farting Community (This is actually true, don't believe me go check it out for yourself)

Also be sure to add footage of him picking his nose and looking at his boogers during a Livestream.

Earned with pride


It will be cool to have more input from the hive community to actualise this.

I like the documentation of all points. Kudos

You might mention that Ned laid off 70 employees days before Christmas and that he swindled us with the promise of SMTs

You missed the most important event in your post above.

The sacrifice of a thousand virgins in order for the Hive blockchain to be implemented into the glory that we have today. Along with the eventual castration of Ned by the Chinese Triad paid exclusively by Justin in his quest to get revenge on the botched gender re allocation he thought was what he was purchasing.

There was also a back room deal involving a couch and some cameras but is for another movie script titled "The screw up."

😂😂😂 thanks @akumagai

No worries mate.

Anything to highlight the important events in Hive.

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I'm very active on Steemit because I care about dance and music. I support dance and music lovers who create posts in my community. I do not have support on Steemit and I do not have support on Hive either apart from @thealliance members.
Maybe you want to make a movie about me

Steem is dead.

What is Steem?

Vaya vaya toda esta información que desconocen la mayoría de los usuarios

Puede ser buena película

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Maybe someone has already mentioned it (I haven't kept track of everything) but as a prelude to introducing Sun, I would also mention that somewhere around that time he was trying his best to have dinner with Warren Buffet... a link to content ...

Thanks @seckorama it might be a good event to include for some comic relief or to set the scene of a character.

This would be exciting but as they said we have to move on

I never knew there was a war on hive.
I know hive was born from steem, but I didn't think that the transformation involved any cyber violence.

I have been wondering how cyber events like comments and posts would feature in the movie...

Thanks for your feedback @drceeyou. There are loads of creative ways we can portray the evens in a film and add some poetic licence to a few things. We just need to get the timeline down and the script brain storming started!

keep gleaning more and more info. Its going to be all about the little details; amusing text battles, scandalous manoeuvres, bizarre emergent phenomena. Sometimes what ISNT being said. Personifying the community.
I just rewatched 'The Big short' and personally I think that is the best way to go. Difficult to digest information being presented as an entertaining pastiche of jaw-dropping factoids and hilarious human behaviours interspliced with memetic montage to set the scene. An intimate, motivated narrator is a must. Scathing and idealistic yet with a godlike neutrality that isnt afraid to make a fool or an unlikely hero of anyone.
By the way, this is one of my favourite videos about the gamestop debacle and is definitely in line with how I feel these sort of complex tech/financial stories are being successfully delivered to the modern audience:

Adam Mckay, Adam Curtis, Internet History and Big boss: Theres a wonderful new age of drama documentary that has been inspired by the internet and archive materials which is thoroughly entertaining and informative.
P.s. Let me know if you want anyone to bounce off in the writing process. I like a bit of creative idea smashing.
p.p.s. Take no prisoners. The whole crypto community is a freaking joke ;p

ideally you want the film to appeal to this guy as well as all the fan boys:

Humanity: Tragic Comedy

Thanks for your feedback @bailmarples! do you have a telegram or discord handle and we can connect and chat further?

hey yeah
send me an email: basilmarples
and I'll send you my deets :)

Steem that was stolen,

@gtg might be a good person to speak to about this.

Steemit inc team quitting after finding out about Justin’s plans (except for one member who kept things running)

You'd probably want to talk to @andrarchy and @vandeberg. They can be reached on Twitter if they can't be reached here any more.

Thanks @demotruk, we are already speaking to @andrarchy but it would be great if we could connect with @vandeberg, @gtg and yourself on discord or telegram (if you guys are interested in speaking further and can share your handles?

Sure, I am Demotruk on hive.io Discord server. I can give you telegram contact for @gtg.

I believe @vandeberg should still be in contact with @andrarchy so maybe best to ask him for that contact.

@Demotruk, @thedeltron has sent you a friend request on Discord, looking forward to speaking further!

This was predictable... Lots of the abusive whales got what they deserved when steem broke away. I don't choose any side... There are bad developers on the Hive side anyways.
Of course, I cannot specify who or tag them because they will just downvote me to hell just like they did on Steemit. Both sides are NOT angels.

Wow, we are expecting it , pls make sure that you covered everything.

Hi @lauch3d cheers for your message, it would be great if we could chat further [email protected]

make sure im a character ill get you a telos proposal and we can go into the eos telos wax part at the end

we have to go into dan vs ned and aggrandizement steem vs eos etc

and how its now hive and telos vs steem and tron but no one uses tron or steem so its just hive and telos doing all teh work and some edenos stuff with eos and wax nfts haha

Hi @ackza, drop us a message on discord it would be good to hear your story and how it could potentially tie into the script. At the moment we are focusing on our Hive proposal #212

wachur discord . im over in https://minnowpond.org pal discord

The Deltron#6710 drop Tom a message

I appreciate the historical documentary effort of what happened with he last fork, but what is notably missing from here is more current disputes relating to censorship of specific content types and centralization of the Hive stake. I am afraid to type more about this, which is mainly the issue here (I have kept my lips shut lately about certain topics on my posts as a result). Will this be addressed in the project? While it is nice to highlight problems that have already been solved, it is more important to highlight the unsolved issues inherent with Hive's design that have yet to be addressed correctly. Currently, we are not existing in a completely censorship free and completely decentralized ecosystem... although I still firmly believe that Hive is the best and most versatile blockchain out there despite these facts... why not plug the holes though? How to do this with majority consent so we can maintain Hive as the solid community base is the hard question. I am not trying to start a thing, I am just pointing out that its already a thing and should be included (complete Truth prevails over all). I love 99% of what Hive has become, and am still honored to be a part of such a blessed community. We have come a long way, just still a few hard decisions left to go before we develop the true Magnum Opus. Much love to everyone behind the scenes and the front that put in so much work to get this blockchain where it is, and where its going. It is certainly an all around community effort - one segment could not be as good without the others. Hive-mind... but also Hive-heart - All Love - Bless the method fam.