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Hello! In our typical love for the holidays we are launching a Halloween contest that will run through the entirety of October here in the Movies & TV Shows community. This contest is aimed at being as relaxed as possible with few rules, to encourage us all to have a bit of fun and enjoy the atmosphere of this autumn month filled with spooks. Watch Halloween themed shows and movies, and write about them here. Perhaps you will find something new to check out yourself during the month! Outside of the contest we aim to also host a few fun events in the community Discord server, most likely with a movie night to be planned at a later date. If you have yet to join the Discord, now is the best time to do so!

A massive thanks to @lionsaturbix for creating this great Halloween themed thumbnail as well!


Getting straight to the point, here are our few rules, please read them and pay attention to them:

  • Your entry must contain at least 500 words in one language (bilingual posts accepted).

  • Your post must be themed around Halloween or its genres: horror, thriller, suspense, etc.

  • You MUST use the #spookymonth tag in your entry.

  • You must be posting in the Movies & TV Shows community.

  • You must get your entry in BEFORE November 1.

  • 1st place: 25 HBD.

  • 2nd place: 15 HBD.

  • 3rd place: 10 HBD.

In the event of any confusion regarding these rules: you may post as many entries as you like, providing your posts contain at least 500 words in one language. You may post as you normally do with multiple languages providing that prior condition is met. You do not have to write about any specific film or series, and can write about anything providing it relates to Halloween themes. This of course includes subjects such as:

  • Ghosts (and other supernatural friends).
  • Vampires.
  • Zombies.
  • Aliens.
  • Killers.
  • Werewolves.
  • Psychological horror.

These few prompts might help you find a general idea of what you could search for and write about. Whether it is a review or a recommendation, or simply just a summary of Halloween themed movies and series you have seen over the month. Perhaps it is a comedy series about ghosts or vampires. Perhaps it is a documentary on strange events or gruesome tales. It could even be a review on a music video featuring these themes. Perhaps even an anime series. We are giving you as much control over what you choose to write about for this contest, so go crazy!

Of course our basic community rules still apply in regards to this contest, so please ensure you follow them. They are visible on the community page at all times if you are ever in doubt.


Grading Criteria

When it comes to choosing our three winners, we will be looking at numerous aspects. We take heavy consideration of community engagement during this phase, so keep in mind that your post may be great, but if your community engagement is lacking it may result in another being graded higher. What is engagement? Well, comments and replying to comments, as well as curating other users. Hive is all about the community engagement, so don't be slackin'!

In addition to community engagement, we love to see posts with excellent presentation! Posts that contain interesting screenshots of the subject being discussed. These can be taken with a screenshotting tool or with a mobile phone. Screenshot key moments since it will help you in discussing the subject and really giving your readers more context. I personally (@namiks) would much rather see your own screenshots and images over pulling low resolution ones from the Internet to use. But of course they are accepted still. Just keep in mind that when it comes to grading, those who really took the time to make the images they used presentable and engaging will likely receive a higher score.

This aspect of good presentation also considers the ways in which you engage with your audience regarding your chosen subject. If you are reviewing a movie, for example, do not just write basic summaries of the plot. Go beyond it, tell us your favourite moments, characters, or perhaps your least favourite moments and characters. Tell us what the directing is like, the editing and the music. How did it make you feel? Was it all effective? Not only will this help you increase your post length, it will also make your posts much more enjoyable to read and engage with, as your audience will see the personality in the post rather than a Wikipedia plot summary.

Throughout the contest we will also be nominating the worthy posts to OCD as part of the OCD Communities Incubation Program.

If you have any questions, feel free to join the Discord with the link below and ask.


Join the Movies and TV Shows Community Discord.

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I have seen several horror movies, but none has caused me great terror, hahaha this is going to be good, although this type of movie is not my style, I will look for something in the trunk of my memories, I can talk about series that celebrated these dates?
I'm sure more than one will improvise here, I'll be reading them, good initiative.

I have seen several horror movies, but none has caused me great terror,

Hahaha thats so me too because at the end of them all i just tell myself "its a movie' life goes on😂

I'll do my best even though I'm scarier than anyone else, for sure my entry will give more laughter than fear because no one will find the movie I choose terrifying or horrifying, only me 🙃.

You don't have to watch anything that is horror. :)

We're allowing you to write about anything that has relevance to the Halloween concept. You could write about Sabrina The Teenage Witch or write about a documentary on aliens. :)

Ohhhhhh Aliensssss!!!!! i really like that ideaaaaa 😱😱😱😱!

I'll be sad if I don't see at least one person talk about Ancient Aliens.


Jajajajaja untitled.gif

Hahaha, I'm planning to write on "supernaturals" itself


How great, I'm dying to participate, how exciting and I already want to see the entries of the other participants, in fact I think I may know other horror movies that I didn't know, thanks to this. Excellent initiative. Successes 🙌🏻🥳

We look forward to seeing your publications

 last year  

I'm afraid of horror stuff, but I don't know what my tickets will be. : ) This month is going to be a lot of fun, I hope to sleep very well in this month of ghosts and vampires hahahaha. 👁️👁️

Is there a K-drama with vampires?

 last year  

Yes, there are Vampires and also zombies. : )

 last year (edited) 

So we can write about films, series and anything related to Halloween?

Good initiative; I've always thought that the horror genre gives a lot of material to write about.

Yep! I know there's a lot of people in the community that don't like horror, so I wanted to ensure everyone could join in and have some fun.

Excellent proposal @moviesonhive.
I am new to #Hive and am just entering the community and have really liked what I have read so far.
I wish you an excellent participation.

Welcome to Hive! :)

Hello @moviesonhive , happy and blessed evening. Wuao, very interesting topic, I will look for movies or series to watch and write about these. Excellent initiative. Greetings.

I really like the topic of research, I will surely come with a horror documentary, real life facts 👀 🌚. So I'll start digging 🤓.

I think most of my childhood was spent watching documentaries on ghosts and space/aliens, haha.

Este concurso tiene Muy buena pinta, siempre este género de terror, suspenso y todo lo relacionado a Halloween es muy interesante. Ojalá pueda sumar mi granito de arena a esta gran iniciativa. Mucho éxito 🤗🙏

This is Halloween, this is Halloween
Pumpkins scream in the dead of night

Awesome contests, ghosts movie would be a nice take, gonna talk about them this time 🥰
Have a great day ahead everyone.

Genial, me encanta el halloween y las películas de terror. Aprovecharé este mes para ver cosas así, ando terminando Dahmer y quiero ver hocus pocus JAJAJAJA No tienen nada que ver pero awww también me gusta. 😂

Dahmer is a very good mini-series,

Sí, la estoy disfrutando. 😸

Now is time to pull out my horror collection, you have done it xD indeed.

You must have a good collection of horror.

Ohhh its a contest i wud never missss!

what a good initiative, I was thinking of uploading something with a horror theme, but with this it is clearer what I am going to upload, very good initiative I will go thinking that I can upload

I've not been active and engaging but I will henceforth. You will notice that, won't you?

Nice contest. Here we come hivers.

My oh my! Ain't this going to be some spooky month here in this community? Count me in!

I intitially was going to ask if only one entry must be made, but having read the whole post I now understand that I can get all crazy as musch as I want. I just have to follow the rules, as asways; and to be honest, they're not hard.

Let's go!

Very interesting challenge, thanks for the mention brother @namiks, it was a pleasure to have contributed my grain of sand.

Fantastic... What a joy to return to another contest in the community.
It will be a pleasure to prepare my publication and add.

Thanks for the flexibility and breadth to develop the theme, it is a very positive aspect that points to the good of this great family.


Good initiative! I was just thinking of making a selection of recommendations for Halloween so it comes in handy. Now it's time to see how I solve it 🎃

Hello happy evening to all, my name is Marlin, I am new to hive, I studied in #hivedesdecero and this is my second post, as I raise my power I will participate in the community, this is my entry to the contest https://peakd.com/hive-166847/@flywithmarlin/a-terrifying-memory-on-the

Friend, the most horrifying thing I've seen in my life was The Exorcist, the first, because the following ones I didn't have the courage to see, much less see The Walking Dead or anything like that. But I congratulate you if you have the courage to watch movies of that caliber of terror.

Amiga, lo mas horroroso que he visto en mi vida fue El Exorcista, la primera, porque las siguientes no tuve el valor de verlas y mucho menos ver The Walking Dead ni nada parecido. Pero te felicito si tienes el valor de ver peliculas de ese calibre de terror.

I don't watch many movies of this genre but, this community is so fabulous and dear to me that, I'm going to look for one to participate. I love the vampire ones, I think I'll look into that theme. Thank you for offering these spaces to share in such a beautiful and special art for the human being, as is the world of cinema.

A hug, @namiks 🤗 I will bring my participation soon.

until when?

This gonna be wonderful content

Woow! Awesome! This is my opportunity to watch the American Horror Story last season, lol!

Como amante del terror que soy no me perderé este concurso. Excelente poder incluir varias entradas.

I'm really, really excited to participate in this contest because I love horror films and shows, plus I like the fact that we have the possibility to submit several entries because there is a lot of material on suspense and horror, so we won't feel limited. Thanks for the opportunity. Here is my entry.


Spooky. I knew about those movies because of my daughter who always watched them. I asked him: How can you see those bloody things? I also played them on Play Station.

Hello good evening everyone, this is the first time I participate in this community and I wanted to do it in the Halloween contest, I was encouraged to make my entry with a special Scooby-Doo chapter. https://peakd.com/hive-166847/@eollarvesm/my-review-scoobynatural-halloween-contest

Wao Scoobydoo is a series that I remember a lot with its amazing research cases on natural things and they always found the solution to the case. Scoobydoo and Shagui always eating sandwiches and they were always the ones who solved the case with their clumsy fears. good post @eollarvesm

Hi, I was wondering if I can use the title I want in the post or I have to put something like halloween contest in the title, or is it enough with the spookymonth tag? Just wanna be sure.

Hello everyone! This is my entry to the contest:

~~~ embed:1577558891524939776?s=20&t=d6o_beAYc-DOFXgFvpSk0Q twitter metadata:YWRkdmVyc298fGh0dHBzOi8vdHdpdHRlci5jb20vYWRkdmVyc28vc3RhdHVzLzE1Nzc1NTg4OTE1MjQ5Mzk3NzY/cz0yMCZ0PWQ2b19iZUFZYy1ET0ZYZ0Z2cFNrMFF8 ~~~

Wow! I'm loving the idea of this contest... This would give me the opportunity to get horror movie recommends for the Halloween season. Also, I'll see to it that I make my entry as well 😁.

Wow! I'm really excited about this. I have a question: as well as series, films and music videos... can we also talk about video games?

I wish you all the best of luck, I am very happy to be able to participate, this is my entry.


This is great stuff!!..a contest to grace the month of October...sadly I haven't seen anything around the horror theme...but then I'm surely going to do my best to join this one for sure...thanks for sharing ❤️

Great contest!! i'm going to make various post about it during the month! Thanks for this opportunity!

This is splendid, interesting n' all, but the part about screenshots is a bit puzzling. Aren't all frames in a movie or series an Intellectual Property? How exactly taking a screenshot and posting it publicly works from the point of view of law, @namiks? I'm genuinely curious because up to now I thought taking and posting anything that is not already out there in public space would require for the author to contact the holder of Intellectual Property rights first and obtain permission to do so...

This us an amazing one...my first one actually... Good luck everyone..👽

I'm already excited to join in this incredible Halloween contest. I literally love Halloween movies, since Horror is one of my favorites film genre. I got like, a lot of ideas that I'm dying to bring to this amazing community. I adore this month so much, I'm literally so excited.🎃💀

My entry to the contest, if you want to know my experience with horror movies and a little review about The Shining visit my post:


Oh great, I love Halloween. Im very new here in Hive,I will try to participate.Good luck for all! 👻

Greetings dear friends for the first time I write in this community, encouraged by this attractive Halloween contest that allowed me to express my views as writings of the horror genre about a great movie of the year 2019 as it is Doctor Dream I hope you like it here I leave you the link of my participation.

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