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Author: @jesustiano

Tremors, my favorite cult monster film


If Kevin and Michael were each half of the film's soul, the body of this film would be the Graboids, simple yet overly complicated monsters, they are simple in design, just worms that somehow feel the ground, they lack eyes, and that tongue that bite, yeah, their tongues have teeth and it bites. Visually they are a mix of the old Dune worms, with a ton of tongues and a weird kind of octopus peak that is somehow divided in four instead of three, making them a lot weirder, but the details of how they move with those little appendages and how they make seismological noise before arrival that makes them unique. They move the ground, create empty pockets of air, and small explosions of air and dirt on the surface, they break the bases of the town buildings, they make things shake up and burrow them down and when they break the ground it's a guarantee of death to any character, Graboids are simply a bunch of fearful monsters.


Author: @jrjaime

[Animation review] [Eng | Esp] Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic | Traveling through hell is a hard journey


The construction of the world is not good although it is not bad either, suddenly it seems to have a good development of its context however as it progresses it is noted that this is very superficial, obviously you can not capture everything that the book has to offer but in the same way you can appreciate that everything it has to offer is too simple and does not exploit the great potential that gives the work on which it is based. The plot feels incomplete, in many moments it is told in a hurry and even seems to lack details, the objective of the narrative is to focus both on the terrible punishments that are lived in hell and on the development of the protagonist in that scenario; Unfortunately it does not manage to do well neither one thing nor the other because it is noticed in a way that tries to condense as much information as possible which ends up damaging the narrative by ending up being something crude and hasty. It has one or another plot twist but these are quite regrettable and extremely basic so they do not generate too much impact when revealed.


Author: @gabimramirez

Mi opninión de "Vértigo" || My opinion of "Fall".


As I said before, despite the fact that the movie takes place practically in a single scenario, at no time does it get boring since you are always waiting to see what is going to happen and how the girls could get out of the trouble they are in. In addition to this I really liked the performances of the main characters as you can feel the fear and hopelessness of each girl as time goes by. The plot is not at all predictable since as the minutes go by something happens that you don't expect. It has a good ending that I did not expect.


Author: @shahinaubl

Film review: The Dark Knight(2008)


The film's action scenes are expertly choreographed, and the special effects are top-notch. The film's cinematography by Wally Pfister is also stunning, capturing the gritty and dark atmosphere of Gotham City perfectly. The film's score by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard also adds to the film's atmosphere and enhances the story's emotional impact. One of the film's strengths is its exploration of complex moral themes, such as the nature of justice and the blurred lines between good and evil. In addition, the film raises thought-provoking questions about the cost of fighting crime and the sacrifices that must be made to maintain order. These themes are woven throughout the film and add depth and complexity to the story. The film also explores the concept of identity and how the actions of others can shape it.


Author: @pentaghast

Un Gato con las Botas bien puestas! El Gato con Botas: El Ultimo deseo - Film Review ( Spoilers)


We see the return of characters from previous films of both Shrek (The Bear Family) as well as Kitty "Soft Paws" from the same film of Puss in Boots Original, although in this installment the character that shines the most in my opinion is PUPPY who with his charisma and kind character wins the hearts of all. This movie has a very peculiar animation, when I saw it I automatically related it to Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse because it is the same style and I admit that I love it. The action and the jokes are fresh and I honestly felt like a whole kid watching the movie, there was not a single moment in which I felt that the joke was heavy or forced and the fights are VERY GOOD.


Author: @cristiancaicedo

The Banshees of Inisherin (2022): why can't we still be friends? | ¿por qué no podemos seguir siendo amigos?


I really like these serious comedies in which laughter is provoked not only by absurd situations but also by simple dialogues and everyday events that, in light of the personality of our protagonists, we find funny in the context of the film. If I want to see something funny, I'd rather see stories like this or the Coen brothers than see something by Adam Sandler, for example. But the best thing about this film, along with some top-notch performances, beautiful landscapes, an impeccable script, excellent direction, and great originality, are the reflections it allows you to make on various topics. The war, although distant, is present, and it's a subject that floats in the air, as well as self-realization, am I where I want to be? Have I done with my life what I want to do? For some characters, the vision of a calm future in which the same can be done during the remaining years is a feeling of comfort, of peace; for others, that tranquility is terror, they want to do something else with their lives, leave a legacy, take advantage of their abilities, fulfill their dreams. And to be honest, a boring little Irish island (characters' words, not mine) in the early twenties doesn't seem like the place where many dreams can come true.


Author: @richardalexis

Velma - First Episode (2023) review: What a mess.


Most of the creative liberties taken on Velma (altering various characters' race and sexuality) end up serving no other purpose than to turn this work into a parade of unfunny self-references, unable to comprehend acknowledging the mistakes she's made. it is not enough to eliminate them. The murder mystery on which the entire season will probably be built is boring and fast-paced at the same time, characterized by a victim that doesn't interest us and an unpredictable set of rules that ends up making it impossible to get hooked on its subsequent resolution. The jokes are constant and almost never land well, the protagonists are extremely unpleasant and do not maintain internal coherence... Does this mean that Velma is not worth it?



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