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Author: @eliudgnzlz

Pokemon Lucario And The Mistery Of New

This movie is part of the fourth generation of Pokémon, here was the first time I saw one of my favorite pokemon, Lucario (obviously, hahaha), I think from that point for me it was love at first sight, I think it is because it resembles a dog, besides, because it has the power of telepathy, without being a psychic type Pokémon and wields the aura (it is as if it read the intentions of people) (cave clarify that this is an ability that can learn that Pokémon).


Author: @wongi

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning–Thrilling and Unpredictable

Almost every scene in the movie was captivating. One could tell that each scene was a follow up of the successor and that the scenes were not just added to contribute to the length of the movie. The valour with which each and every one of the actors and actresses performed was just commendable.


Author: @izzieperez

SP: Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (Review)

The story that takes place is very interesting for discovering the truth about Credence, besides returning again to the appearance of large fantastic animals. Also, the special effects to create the magic that defines this world. We see again the characters that we loved and we meet incredible characters that have a great ability.


Author: @nameless16

The Expendables 4 - Movie Review

"There will never again be action heroes like the ones who starred in films between the 80's and 90's".... This phrase was not said by any famous director or actor of that great era of action movies, but possibly by a fan of that kind of movies like me, that's because it was the main genre I watched as a child with my father and just as time went by that style of films with their famous characteristics was no longer produced and perhaps that created some nostalgia, which I was able to counteract when Sylvester Stallone, decided to create "The Expendables", a production that brought back old movie stars and gave way to other actors who represented that kind of heroes on the big screen; a great idea that of course became a franchise, but unfortunately that nostalgia was diluted when the quality in those productions seems to be expendable.


Author: @yelimarin

La Extorsión (2023)Review de la película

In the case of the film, this was directed by Martino Zaidelis, the same has a duration of 1 hour and 45 minutes, which shows a story with drama and despair of its protagonists. And she met the farewells that are made to the pilots on their last flight and when they go into retirement.


Author: @mamaemigrante

Knock, knock: el lado oscuro del deseo... Un análisis más allá de lo visible

Likewise, the 5 acts of the script are very well defined. The mere fact of seeing a couple of women at the door of a man's house alone, already indicates which is the first point of return. Like the phrase, "I'm going to be able to handle the two of you," which Reeves says in the middle of a conversation, it gives us a hint of how this issue is going to go, without having read a previous synopsis.


Author: @restcity

This Family Is Crazy! || The Perfect Family Movie Review

While there are great things about the movie, there were also some things I didn’t like. One was that I feel there were many plot holes. Characters who were made a focus that don’t come back in the movie, or things being started but ending without making any sense was irritating. I felt like there were quite a few plot-holes in the movie. I also couldn’t really feel much chemistry between characters in the movie. A lot of the romantic relationships didn’t feel real, and felt kind of forced, while other relationships such as familial ones felt weird and awkward at times.


Author: @jrjaime

[Movie review] [Eng | Esp] The Closet | A dangerous connection between worlds

The world construction has a good development in which both dark colors and the use of shadows and so on predominate. On the other hand, there is the world of the dead, which is neither the best nor the worst, it is a middle point that It is neither good nor bad, it has a good explanation of how it works, but the fact that it has little interesting presence detracts from its value. I would say that the strongest point of this section lies in the various Korean symbolisms that are present in its scenery, which ends up giving that Asian essence to the entire theme of exorcisms and demonic manifestations.


Author: @maritzaceleste

Viendo nuevamente las princesas de Disney: FROZEN // Seeing Disney princesses again: FROZEN

Frozen from my point of view is an entertaining movie, visually pleasing, that all those who enjoy animated films, Disney or fantasy in general will like; since it takes us, to live a nice story of 2 sisters who go through different tests throughout the film that will teach them that things are not always as we expect and that appearances are deceiving. Visually it is a very nice movie to watch, its setting makes it cute and attractive for the little ones of the house and with a spectacular soundtrack, I sang from the beginning to the end each of their songs, and I had a lot of fun with some iconic characters that fill us with a lot of joy just to see them. Frozen is one of Disney's greatest hits that still to this day, after many years of its release, girls of this generation remember it and love it. A perfect movie for all ages that is definitely worth watching again.


Author: @albesalazar

Review de LUCK: El mundo de la buena y mala suerte

This movie shows sam scenes from getting hurt at work to getting locked in the bathroom with a broomstick. But everything changes one night when Sam meets a mysterious black cat and offers him some food where their relationship brings him good luck and the chance to live a somewhat normal life until he flushes it down the toilet. Sam discovers that the black cat's name is Bob and follows him to Lucky Land, a mystical world inhabited by elves, unicorns, dragons and other mystical creatures. They say that chasing people into fantastic alternate worlds is a common theme in Disney's animated films, and each of these films has received positive reviews, and the animation has somehow made its way into this Disney playbook of fortune-making strategies. The film Luck may seem familiar, but it presents a unique and strangely fascinating world for protagonist Sam Greenworld to explore. While there are no laugh-out-loud moments, "Luck" is charming and quirky, and the voice cast brings a wide range of talents to the film.


Author: @slwzl

Reseña de Loki – tercera temporada

Up to that point the performances were great, those of us who love these types of sequences were hooked on the possibilities and what time could be capable of creating. The series really engages fans and shows very beautiful effects and costumes ranging from the different eras of time to the elaborate costumes of the God and his variants.


Author: @aquagelas

Jason Bourne Film Review - Tricked into becoming a CIA Assassin Agent

Likewise, Asset, who was willing to be enslaved to kill innocent people, ultimately died because of the karma he had done in the past. Life is only short and the world keeps turning, keep doing every good thing and change it to make our lives better.


Author: @soyunasantacruz

🎥 Descuida, yo te cuido || FILM REVIEW

Up to this point the movie seemed to me serious and that it could send a thoughtful message about the treatment of the elderly which was the theme that caught my attention, but then there was an unexpected twist going from serious to humorous, it turns out that the son of the old woman was the actor Peter Dinklage the same who played the character of Tyrion Lannister in the War of Thrones, He appeared showing himself tough, but surrounded by incapable people who made the rescue of his mother fail on several occasions, which caused me dissatisfaction, but I kept watching it mostly for the interpretation of the protagonist, her character full of ambition and strength caused me suspicion.


Author: @edittasc86

Review: suits | La ley de los audaces

The most interesting and what gives it its touch to the series is the dynamic between Mike and Harvey, between them a relationship is established that provides both funny and moving moments throughout the series. You can see through the screen that there is good chemistry between these actors which contributes to the overall appeal of the series.



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