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"Where did you get that piece?"

It was Hive Thrifted!

"What are you talking about?"

I used Hive/HBD to purchase really cool pre-loved goods, PLUS I can start my own shop to earn Hive/HBD on my Hive blog. It's a win-win for me; a great way to swell my Hive wallet and use Hive or HBD instead of fiat (currency) to purchase goods.

B_W Hive divider.png

Introducing the Hive Thrifted Community

The Hive Thrifted Community gives you the opportunity to earn HBD (or Hive) by selling those pre-loved goods gathering dust in your attic/closet.

Hive Thrifted will not facilitate transactions.
Nor will we arbitrate any transaction of purchase and sale.
This is your platform for selling and buying - follow the guidelines below.


Decluttering can be super satisfying and rewarding. Not only will you clear out the goods at the back of your closets/ cupboards/ attic and open up space, but also you will turn your forgotten pre-loved goods into your favourite Crypto - HBD, Hive, or Hive Engine tokens.
You may enjoy going to thrift shops, so why not repurpose stuff you pick up for next to nothing, and re-sell it here in Hive Thrifted!

The details


  • Take clear photos of your product - on a neutral background.
    You must include at least 1 photo of the product. In front of the item, you must place handwritten a note stating 'Hive Thrifted, your Hive name & the date'. This cannot be photoshopped or electronically added to your photo!

  • Optional - Think of a name for your Hive Thrifted 'shop', and use that as a tag so regular buyers can easily find your products.

  • Write a post listing your pre-loved goods – vintage or contemporary.

  • Prices should preferably be listed in HBD (it's more stable & more liquid). The buyer can transfer this to your Hive wallet. You can negotiate costs in Hive or Hive Engine tokens with buyers, it really is up to you.

Note You can alter your prices if there is a big dip - or pump in Hive/HBD. However if the transaction to buy a product has started - even if it's just an enquiry - you may not alter the price. Do that, and you'll probably lose the sale anyway.


Here are some examples of descriptions:

  • New in original packaging/ with original price tags
  • Like New – no price tags, hardly used, no flaws
  • Good – hardly used with minor flaws
  • Fair – used frequently preloved with clear flaws – include in the description


  • Your 'shop name' if you've chosen one.
  • Your home country to connect with people from your country to ensure affordable shipping.
  • Product Category & sub-categories – examples at the end of this post
  • Pinmapple - although it's not travel-related, pin your blog on Pinmapple - do not drop the pin at your exact address, just anywhere inside your province for example.
    Add the following in your Pinmapple code - HiveThrifted, your country, and your product category.
    If not familiar with Pinmapple, here is a GUIDE, which will help you with your travel posts as well. Non-travel-related posts like this will not be curated by the Pinmapple team, it will merely make it easier to see who is selling goods in Hive Thrifted in your country.


Here are some considerations to bear in mind as you think about shipping your pre-loved goods, bearing in mind :

  • Research effective affordable shipping options available in your country where you can keep track of parcel pickup and delivery. Options include: Locker-to locker, Locker-to-door, Door-to-locker systems, Store-to-store, but these may not be available in your country.
  • Pick up from the seller, is not ideal for safety reasons, rather arrange to meet in a public well-lit area with a trusted friend/family.
  • The buyer must cover the delivery fee when purchasing, therefore add that to your price.
  • Offer product bundling to save on shipping – this will boost your sales.


  • Use your judgment, look at the person's Hive profile, and do not be tempted by Hivers encouraging you to buy or sell outside of Hive.

  • Questions about products, shipping methods, etc., must be done in post comments.

  • Share personal contact details, and delivery points only by private DM on Discord when buying or selling.

  • NB Avoid providing a home address.

Advice for Buyers

  • before transferring Hive or HBD to Seller's wallet, verify the product is genuine: ask for a photo of the product with a handwritten note stating 'Hive Thrifted, their Hive name & the date'. This must not be photoshopped or electronically added to the photo!
  • with valuable products, ask for a certificate of authenticity or proof of purchase.


Expand on the main category & use more descriptive tags


#bedding #decor #cooking #dining #baskets


#plantpots #statues #gardentools


#biography #selfhelp #health #fiction #history


#craft #pottery #painting #sculpture


#mobilephone #tablet #laptop #camera #headphone #speaker


#sportgear #golfset #cricketbat


#luggage #boardgames

Women, Men, or Kids

#clothing #activewear #tops #bottoms #coats #shoes #accessories #nightwear #swimwear


#maternitybag #maternitypants #maternitydress


#babycarseat #cot #babybath #babymonitor #pram #babystroller #babyblanket


#perfume #makeup #bodycare #facecare #nailcare #beautytools

Pet products

#birdcage #petbed


Feel free to write a review about your Thrifted experience and rate the buyer or seller.

NOT ALLOWED in the Hive Thrifted Market Place:

  • No services offered
  • No consumables/ slimming, etc.
  • No 'Adult' products


As per Hive Thrifted


Once your product/s is sold, please add SOLD to your blog - either in the title or next to the product sold.

B_W Hive divider.png

I will write a very brief typical Hive Thrifted blog, listing a couple of items.
Remember, this is just an example of a typical blog, you can write it as you wish, but ensure clear photos and pricing.
I further suggest that you blog about similar categories in each blog.
I have a mishmash here merely as an example of tags.

Typical Hive Thrifted Blog

Hive animated divider 1.gif

Welcome to HiveMisThrift, your go-to shop for pre-loved goods.

When visiting my store, you will find quality pre-loved treasures, some in fair condition with a couple of flaws, while others are like new. My shop mainly stocks the following, some other categories may creep in from time to time:
Homeware, Home Decor, Art, Collectables, Books, Clothing.

I offer discount when bundling products, this will also save on shipping costs.
When shipping in South Africa, I use PUDO (Pick Up Drop Off) - a super affordable & speedy locker-to-locker courier service.
I suggest fellow South Africans - #hivesouthafrica - download the PUDO App if you want to check which pick-up location will suit you better. Alternatively, you can provide your suburb, I will check and let you know the locations in your suburb, and you can choose which one would suit you better.
My pricing will reflect PUDO shipping costs for deliveries to South Africa.

This is PUDO's locker-to-locker cost, super affordable, and speedy.
Letting you know in case you are thinking of opening up your own shop:


Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below, and DM me if you wish to buy.


3-piece stylish glass Cheese Knife set – beautiful & unique for that special occasion.
Condition - like new
Bundle with other products to save on shipping
Price - 5 HBD + 3HBD for shipping
Tags: #home #tableware #dining #hivesouthafrica #hiveshopping #hivemisthrift(your shop name) #shopping #onlineshopping #hive #southafrica #hivethrifted

cream evening set.png

Understated elegance - Cream PennyC Viscose & Spandex sleeveless evening top with 'rose' detail along neckline plus separate stylish draped jacket - size 16
Condition - like new
Bundle with other products to save on shipping
Price - 10 HBD + 3HBD for shipping
Tags: #women #clothing #tops #hivesouthafrica #hiveshopping #hivemisthrift(your shop name) #shopping #onlineshopping #hive #southafrica #hivethrifted

plantronic armband.png

Plantronics BackBeat Reversible Armband
Gym/ Running Mobile Phone Holder Water Resistant Fits iPhone 6, Galaxy S9, & more (max size phone-14,7cm x 6,9cm) - Black & Blue. Never used
Price - 5 HBD + 3HBD for shipping
Tags: #sport #armband #hivesouthafrica #hiveshopping #hivemisthrift(your shop name) #shopping #onlineshopping #hive #southafrica #hivethrifted

Validation Images

validation pic.png

Thank you for popping into HiveMisThrift, hope to see you soon again :)

I hope this has helped give you a guideline as to the kind of format your blogs can be here in the HIVE THRIFTED Store Community.

'HODLING' in Hive Thrifted

Patience is the name of the game.

Your goods may be sold quickly, as our first seller @silversaver888 experienced.

Or they could sit on your shelves for a long while.

Importantly, it will not be collecting dust at the back of your cupboard, and will help your wallet grow.

We may be a young community, but our shelves will soon be groaning with stock, so start Thrifting on Hive Thrifted :)

Heart page break.png

Original Content by @lizelle for HiveThrifted
Thank you for stopping by
Copyright @lizelle – All Rights Reserved

JOIN Hive using my referral LINK


Hive Thrifted will not facilitate transactions.
Nor will we arbitrate any transaction of purchase and sale.
This is your platform for selling and buying - follow the guidelines as described.

P.S. Thank you to everyone, who encouraged me, especially @fionasfavourites and @coquicoin who helped with the final edits.


Please reblog this post to spread the word to all corners of the globe, thus keeping more Hive in circulation for the benefit of all Hivers.

Good Luck & Happy Thrifting.


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This is a brilliant idea!
And it might come in handy for me, now that we've been trying to declutter some things at my mother's house, so she and my aunt can move in together.

We're getting ready to downscale and I'm finding decluttering becoming quite addictive. I'm sure there must be some lovely vintage goods at your Mom's house. Thank you for your advice and help Eli, much appreciated.


This is SUCH a great idea, Lizelle! I can't wait to see how it develops.

Thank your for your encouragement Eric, I really hope it does & that word gets around as that's the only way it can succeed with all of us spread near & far as one would obviously need to trade with Hivers living in the same country for affordable shipping costs.

You're welcome! I think it's brilliant and will catch on because it's a really useful idea, especially during hard economic times.

It was a shame to hear about Blocktrades barring US customers going forward. Hopefully this doesn't impact the price of the Hive/HBD tokens too much. I think I've heard US residents account for about 30% of crypto holders now but I don't know if that applies to Hive.


What a simply awesome community... initiative, and store... I mean, no matter what you wish to call it, I LOVE it!! This is a wonderful way to share the positive energy of our blockchain and what we can really do when we work together! The sharing and trade of goods, across the big old green planet!! I look forward to seeing the interaction on this...

Shared at The Terminal Discord to help spread the love!!


Thank you so much @wesphilbin & for sharing, that's the only way this can work effectively 🤗
You've hit the nail on the head, this is one way to keep Hive circulating here once buyers & sellers start trading, a real win-win for everyone here.

Congratulations! It is happening! What a great initiative! I wish you luck and everyone else that opens a store. It is possible to make a little spare cash on things you no longer need, giving someone else a chance to score.

This will work! Let's give it a try!

Much luck!


Hi Denise, It really is a win-win for everyone here on Hive. As you know I have a little online thrifting store on a local website and what happens there is sellers use the rands & cents they earned to buy goods on the same website, so naturally, the currency is circulating most of the time. The same will happen here - some may draw fiat as needed, but many will buy with the Hive they earned from their sales, and so Hive will stay within our ecosystem, and that's what we want after all. But it can help people whose countries have let them down, so I just hope that word gets out near and far.
Thank you for the generous tip Denise, you are a real honey xxx

I will do as much as I can to get the word out and I hope others do too. It is a great idea that needs time to develop and for people to find it. I like that the Hive stays in our own ecosystem!

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Greetings, what a good space, I will promote it for everyone. good creation

Thank you @sacra97, much appreciated, I believe this could help a lot of Hivers. People just need to get used to the idea that their goods may wait a long while to sell, as we need more Hivers to join, but rather it sits here and waits for a buyer than it collecting dust in the attic or cupboards ;)

I'm certainly going to take advantage of this community and try to help it grow. Keeping money flowing within the Hive community is huge in my eyes. Can I assume that I can take small liberties with your guidelines? One that is a good guideline but I probably won't follow is "Buyer must pay shipping" ... I'm assuming that if I just want something gone I can offer to ship it for free?

Regardless I'm excited to make my first post later today or tomorrow. Feel free to offer feedback :)


It's almost midnight here, so I will look at blogs tomorrow. It of course is your choice to change guidelines like offering free shipping, just make sure you don't lose out. You're free to run it to suit your situation, just no transactions outside of Hive but I see you are just as excited about keeping Hive flowing within the platform. Thank you & I look forward to reading your post tomorrow 😊




Thank you, brother, for letting me know about this awesomesauce community and initiative!


Sure Thing Brother... 😎 Any time!

Thank you Dan🤗

This is such a cool idea! I love it. I went through a big decluttering phase a couple of months ago. Here, if you leave out bags of clothes, toys, or whatever, someone will come along and take it (we were actually shocked at how fast everything went!!). But yeah, throwing out stuff is such a rush, and this way, you know someone else will enjoy it. Great initiative, @lizelle!

Thank you @honeydue! Decluttering can become really addictive especially if you like picking up quaint stuff in thrift stores but eventually find you're not using them, or have no space for them! My son's girlfriend used to repurpose vintage finds, had someone reupholster good quality furniture that needed a facelift, and then sold it at a nice profit! She is very creative and had all kinds of side hustles. I'm sure she will soon be starting up little ventures over in the Netherlands :)
I hope we see your Hive Thrifted store here???
If you ship to any other country in Europe, would shipping costs still make it viable, or not?
Are you perhaps in touch with any Hivers from your country or Europe, to spread the word?
Would be great to have many thrift/vintage shops here on Hive :)

Your son's girlfriend sounds really cool!

I hope we see your Hive Thrifted store here???

I'd love to, I'll have to keep a lookout around the house. I'm in a very moving point in my life, and with each day, I'm realizing I won't be able to take all my stuff with me, wherever I go. So someone should get them.

If you ship to any other country in Europe, would shipping costs still make it viable, or not?

Honestly, I don't know. I've never sent a package through Europe, though I have sent some to the US and Canada, and those can get pretty pricey. Then again, since I love traveling, I could just start a traveling delivery service thru Europe haha xD

Yeah, a bunch of people in Europe, though sadly all the Romanian Hivers I knew have long gone from here :( I'll definitely keep this idea on my mind. Again, great initiative, and good luck!!

Your son's girlfriend sounds really cool!

Yes, super smart & really cool!

Haha, start that service & you'll permanently be traveling 😄

Time to get the Romanians back, Covid changed the world in do many ways, in my opinion.

Have a great day @honeydue 🤗

Lovely my friend, I've already picked out some pre loved items from my cupboard.
Lovely idea.
Happy Thrifting.

I can't wait to see your Hive Thrifted shop @artywink! We all have treasures hiding away, just waiting for someone to use them. Imagine how nicely that will grow your Hive wallet :)
I'm dying to know what name you choose for your 'shop' my friend!

A wonderful idea and guess it will grow very quick here!
For Austria I am not sure if there are already enough hivians and shipping costs to other countries are sometimes crazy. Also to give out the identity could be something many dont like. But I think about writing a German post, so we will see what others think :-)
!LUV and best wishes for this new community

Hi @beeber, this is why we need to get the word out so we connect with fellow citizens. As long as the guidelines are followed, and if you have a locker-to-locker system in your country, there is no need to give out addresses, as explained in my post.
Thank for the good wishes :)

I absolutely love that!!
Crazy I was just thinking about that myself, that it would be awesome to have a space on Hive to actually exchange/sell things, so I am more than happy, that you came up with it! Thats great!!

Hi, I'm so glad you like the idea, and really hope we see some of your preloved items here in Hive Thrifted :)

An awesome ideal, Hive's answer to Ebay!

Hi @kerrislravenhill, Thank you & yes..almost ;) It would be great to have a system like that, but here it's up to buyers and sellers, everyone just needs to follow the guidelines.
Have a great day further and please let Hivers from your own country know about Hive Thrifted so you can also start trading :)

What a super cool idea!!! Love it ❤️

Can one sell new products as well? I mean... if we custom design and manufacture our own stuff?

And if so:

If we have online stores may we advertise our items with links back to them for people to shop on? Obviously with the option to pay in crypto.

Hi @nickydee, yes you can sell new stuff, basically anything you'd find in a thrift shop.
I have a Yaga store but will not share the link here as payments are handled by Yaga. The examples I gave are stuff from my store.
So, I would say no, we can't link our online stores here. It would be great if you advertise some of your products in a blog here with price & delivery cost in Hive/HBD so transactions happen in our Hive wallets.
PS thanks for asking, I must add that to the rules.
Have a fabulous Friday Nicky❤️


Thanks for clarifying and what a great initiative!

If I had my way I would only log on to Hive and do everything right here now!

Happy place 💓

Oh... wow... happy Friday to you too! I lost a day in the loadshedding

It's the weekeeeeeeeend, baby!


Brilliant initiative, @lizelle. It's making me think about some of my dusty piles!

Thanks for your help & encouragement Fiona, it's actually very liberating once you start decluttering.
The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people ( coquicoin-leo, lizelle ) sharing the post on LeoThreads,LikeTu,dBuzz.

@tipu curate

Thank you Denise xxx

Congratulations on the new Hive Thrifty objects introduction.


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Thank you for your support Joan, let's hope the word spreads as it could help many.

Will be interesting roll out to hear results I am sure many have items they would love to trade.

Hello @lizelle what an excellent idea, the suggestions and advice you give are excellent, I love it.

Hi @devania, thank you, I'm hoping this will help many in our community.

This is such a great idea @lizelle. I look forward to checking out the new shops and considering doing one myself xxxx

Thank you @trucklife-family, I hope to see your shop here as well. It's quite amazing just how much we have sitting at the back of our cupboards that could be of use to someone else and grow our Hive wallet at the same time.

It's definitely a great service. It would be kind of cool is someone could build an true eBay like service on Hive that facilitated payment processing and shipping. The problem being I'm not sure there are enough of us Hivers to make it be very profitable.

Thanks @thebighigg, I'm hoping this not only helps but also attracts a lot of people to Hive. Setting up a Hive payment system would be a load of work & may not be viable. Let's hope this grows into a thriving community where Hivers can earn with stuff they're not using.

Oooh, this sounds great! At one time I was thinking about opening a shop on Hive offering my handwoven items and handspun/hand dyed yarns for sale. Is there such a community yet for handcrafted items?

I am now going through my closet for unloved treasures lol

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I'm looking forward to seeing your goods @tamaralovelace. It's quite amazing how we collect stuff we never use, but would be useful for someone else. I've only seen a website where Hive merchandise is sold, but you can sell your crafts here by all means using relevant hashtags.
LOL, yes we should let the 'unloved' goods go to someone who will bring them back to their former glory not so😉

Wonderful! I'm looking forward to shopping too 😂

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Such a great idea and a good use case for hive.

Looking forward to see many people jump on this and make it grow.

Thanks @funshee, let's hope we have a good number of Hive thrift shops opening up here!

Wow!!!! This is a wonderful medium for Hivers to keep growing. Hive is evolving every day and I'm so eager to see all the beauty this would turn out for us as a Blockchain. Well-done.🌺

Hi @jhymi, I'm just as excited, thank you. Let's hope many Hivers jump on board as it is a great way to swell their Hive wallets & help the community as well.

I do hope so as well. Cheers to more wins.🥂🤗

This is a great idea that could turn out to be something big. I think many of us have pre-loved goods that we would one to trade and get something out of it :)

Hi @takhar, yes they say one man's junk is another man's treasure, I hope we see some of your goods in Hive Thrifted 🤗


$PIZZA slices delivered:
dswigle tipped lizelle
@papilloncharity(5/10) tipped @lizelle (x3)

That is fantastic, you really are a busy bee Lizzie.

Thanks to you & the rest of our amazing team, I have more time and have been wanting to do this for a long time.
I would really appreciate it if you can spread the word in Scotland, or Hivers from other countries as well.
Let's hope Hive is filled with many little Thrift stores, one way to keep Hive in circulation, not so ;)

A very good idea methinks, as so many can benefit from this. Well done Lady Lizzie!

Thanks, my friend! The beauty is that besides helping many Hivers, some will want to buy thrift items with the Hive they've earned, and so much of the Hive will stay within the ecosystem, really a win-win for everyone. I just hope that word gets out to as many countries as possible so people can trade with fellow citizens.
I hope you & your lovely Marian are both keeping well!

A brilliant idea and it's indeed a win-win for all, including hive. Let's hope that someone will develop a Hive app for this, as it could also draw newbies to hive.

We are both well thank you, especially now that I have received a date for my pill/camera scan.
Maybe they will now finally find the fault.

I hope that your shoulder is getting better milady.


A Hive App for this would be great! If I had the know-how & the time, I would set up something similar to a South African platform -
The buyer pays Yaga, who only releases the money into the seller's wallet once it's received by the buyer. They deduct a really small commission. Many sellers use their earnings to buy other products, some draw the cash. If the currency was Hive, it would of course benefit the platform as a whole.
My shoulder is on the mend, hopefully one more physio will do the trick.
I really hope they find the cause of your scary health issue🙏🏻

Totally agreed as is a perfect example and maybe we should have a chat to some of the #devs here on hive, as it could also be an income stream for the developer of the app.

Glad to hear that your shoulder is on the mend and soon you will be fit again for another bout of wrestling !LOL

Thank you milady and we will just continue to pray in patience 😊

Job interviewer: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Me: I would say my biggest weakness is listening.

Credit: reddit
@lizelle, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @papilloncharity



I totally agree with you that the yaga concept could very easily become a Hive App by a developer, it's such a simple but great concept, would be fabulous having that on Hive!
Who knows!
LOL, wrestling? Not just yet, as long as no one looks for trouble :)

Please take care Zac.

No promises, but I will see if I can talk to someone that I know.
Nope, I meant wrestling with life Lady Lizzie !LOLZ

Trying to my friend, but you know how it goes. You guys must also take care.


Fantastic initiative, @lizelle !!!

Thanks @silversaver888, I really hope it takes off as we will all benefit from it as some of the Hive earned can stay within our ecosystem as sellers start buying each other's thrifted products with Hive they've earned in 'their thrift shops' ;)
We just need to get the word out so fellow citizens can connect and start trading.

Hey @lizelle!
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  • Great idea! I'm really looking forward to participating in this!

    Great, I look forward to seeing your goods, it's really going to be great to see our Hivers thrive here with their thrifted goods. Thank you @oldsoulnewb, please will you consider spreading the news to Hivers from your country?

    I think it's a fantastic idea. In Hive everything is possible and you always win. You gain knowledge, friendships, money and health.
    As a suggestion it would be advisable, for those who do not handle very well in these areas, here I also include myself, to make a publication with an example explaining how to do it step by step.

    Thanks for sharing @lizelle


    Hi @katleya, thank you for your questions. I have given a blog example, will look at doing something more in-depth but you really will only transfer hive ot hbd to the seller's wallet with a memo stating what it's for.

    Maybe good Idea for @zythia13 and her wonderful items?

    I see @zythia13 like collecting vintage stuff, this is the perfect place to set up a 'Hive thrift shop' when you feel like decluttering :)
    Thanks for the suggestion @beeber.

    I will definitely think about it, for sure! Thank you!

    I look forward to seeing your products here. 🤗

    Thank you for thinking of me! This hive shopping is a great thing! Maybe I'll try it, too!

    Gorgeous blog @silversaver888, I've commented about adding 1 or 2 product-specific tags. Thank you for starting our thrift shopping with such a gorgeous pair of earrings, fabulous!

    Your content has been voted as a part of Encouragement program. Keep up the good work!

    Use Ecency daily to boost your growth on platform!

    Support Ecency
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    Delegate HP and earn more

    I was unaware of this community and I just sent my decluttered stuff abroad 🤣.. If only I were at home, we have a lot to sell, lol. This is brilliant!


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    What a pity, you'll have to start decluttering when you get back home @jane1289 :)

    Very interesting. Too bad I missed this by a day or two.

    Hi @wanderingmoon, you've not missed anything. This is an intro to a new community for Hivers wanting to sell preloved items & earn Hive from their sales, the post tells you all about it. Interaction doesn't stop after 7 days😉

    I wanted to upvote the post. Your response will have to do. 😁

    very excited to find this community.

    after a hiatus of a year due to accomodation difficulties, I'm just gearing back up to start listing things, and a HIVE option seems ideal

    Thanks for your sharing of these new opportunities with @thriftshop, @lizelle, best+!

    I hope that we see our fellow Hivers start selling their thrifted goods here. I would appreciate if you could also get the word out to people from your country, thank you :)

    Hey @lizelle, hope you are OK, we've done this:, if OK, please let us know! We've been further than our country and language, these are countries we have friends, hope it's fine. Best+! Let us know if edits need to be done if we can

    Hey @sumotori, you've done a wonderful job with translating the post into so many languages, although I'm not familiar with any of the languages, so cannot comment on the accuracy. Thank you so much though for spreading the word to your friends from other countries.
    My dream is that this will help many Hivers and will also keep Hive & HBD circulating within our ecosystem.

    Thanks @lizelle, we are also more than happy to develop the Hive HBD Leo Finance and all related to decentralized platforms and these alternative ways of payments. And expanding payments with such ways as Hive thrifted is just great as we discovered it by a friend on ecency. It can keep hive nad HBD circulating in the system but also attract those that are unaware of the benefits of the Hive. Great and thanks again for this other new opening.

    Hi @sumotori, can you please get your friends into whose languages you've translated my post, to check, as online translators do not always portray the correct meaning.
    As I stated in my previous response, I am not familiar with any of the languages, and while I appreciate the effort, it has been pointed out that there are some flaws. I therefore respectfully ask that you get this right.
    Further, this is a Hive initiative and I have reserved copyright, as per my post, so would not want this content shared on any other blockchain.
    Thank you.

    Hey @lizelle and sorry to cause you troubles, we've answered to the downvoter and yes you are right machine translating isn't perfect and errors can be, still the messages were passed understood except for the big downvoters that were accusing of difefrent things, we do it for friends on the Hive that are happy about it and we stopped because of these kinds of downvoters that always downvote even if we stopped for our friends that were ok with it. we'are not sure on how to remove these posts and even if we can. Best to you anyway we still believe thats a great idea that needs to be shared but the downvoters do it their ways so let them do!