HCMF - Hive Community Marketing Fund

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Sharing and carrying is what makes a community great and we used to be, or at least portray as a community a few years ago, way before Hive(STEEM) became a business, or the foundation for small businesses, ranging from bid bots, to all sort of services and DApps, up to milking the DAO funds(in some cases of course). Chances are that you might have already heard about the DAO, voted some proposals, and probably know by now how it works.

Won't get into details now because it's not the topic of my post. Scrolled through its proposals a few minutes ago, after many many months, and tbh I don't even get what most of them are about. I'm not that blockchain and tech savy and probably most of us aren't. I did tried to find some marketing related proposals and the only one, from the top ones, that relates to that, is one of @roomservice entitled "HIVE ad campaign 2020 on BRAVE Browser - onboard user and increase market range".

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Other than that we're pretty much walking through darkness having no flashlight with our beloved project. No matter how much improvement is going on under the hood, if there's no salesman to put the final product under investors eyes we won't get to $1 per token any time soon. It's kind of difficult to even imagine getting HIVE to 50 cents. Now, I'm perfectly aware, although not tech savy at all as I mentioned above, that blockchain technology is not that simple and making things run smooth and safe for a blockchain require much more work than a simple website does, but if not too many find about your blockchain/product, it's kind of a closed circuit network and you can't have high expectations from it.

I don't have stats on how many new users we have daily, and what percentage out of them is represented by large investors/whales. I do know that the DAO has 617,329 HBD Total Budget and a 6,173 HBD Daily Budget. Not bad... but most of these funds are heading towards all sort of proposals other than marketing related. How these proposals are being approved and how the voting works is not even worth discussing about. What I would propose though is a HCMF - Hive Community Marketing Fund. One that should be built by the people and for the people.

Something like donating a small percentage of our daily/monthly rewards to this fund and pay someone, a really trustworthy person of course, or more, in working for the marketing of Hive. We really need it, we need folks all around the world to hear about us, to have some sort of spokespersons featured in crypto related podcasts, youtube interviews, make the headlines of news outlets once in a while, have some damn Hive adds on different websites and so on. I am not that good at marketing, but something needs to be done, and we have the powder to do so.

I don't know about you but I would invest some of my rewards to such a fund because I know how much a good marketing and advertising are weighing on a relatively good project. I've witnessed real life good products collecting dust on store shelves due to poor marketing and it hurts. You rarely get it cheap or free though, so instead of winning and doing nothing, I guess we should start collecting pennies and pay for it.

What do you think, would you pay a small percentage of your rewards or some sort of a small monthly fee for Hive's marketing?

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At this stage I really think DAO should be ascribed to pay a serious marketing Campaign, maybe ads on coingecko or coinmarket as well as perhaps buying BAT for adding adds there as well.
Also we should do as LEO does, allowing advertisements on HIVE sites and burning HIVE with the obtained earnings.

Great points you have. There are so many ways to market this. I am starting to believe though that the large whales are actually afraid of larger ones coming in and taking over their influence and charisma and that's probably why they don't bother about marketing that much.

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I agree with what Eddie wrote here!

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LEO will succeed because they weren't afraid of big changes. They implemented a ton of changes compared to Hive and this is only the beginning.

80%+ of the DAO funds should be used from promotion of the Hive network and all the great things that can be built on top of it. Imagine this DEFI craze built on Hive...fee-less...instant transactions...

I had a pending transaction on UNI for 4 hours the other day only to be cancelled eventually...of course payed $3 fees for that...crazy shit...

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DeFi built on Hive will be amazing.
There is a lot of profit wasted on fees, specially for small investors.

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Are there any talks in regards of DEFI built on HIVE?

I just read some ideas but nothing is being done as fas as I know.
In the coming weeks I suppose the community will start discussing next HF.

Another fork...

Well, I have all the reasons in the world to have high hopes for LEO, but I also wish HIVE was doing good as well. Marketing is lagging behind and in that direction I agree with you that there should be much more funds addressed for this issue. It is damn fast after all basically free to transact, not to mention all the good apps built on top of it.

Good proposal. Or, maybe we should not try to invent hot water? Maybe should Leo community do that for all Hiveans? They know how to do it ...