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Hello leoWorld. Just wanted to say that these platforms are helping me learn and understand all these cryptos and how they work. I hadnt even noticed I had some leo tokens until last night when I clicked something on risingstar game. This is when I noticed that I had an option to stake the tokens or I could trade them for steem or hive, depending on which one I was looking at it from. I mean it looks like its interchangable between both but I could totally be wrong. Anywho, just wanted to mention it and see if anyone wants to link to me to any sites or videos that could help someone like me, someone who is struggling to understand all this, and how it works and all that.

So far I know that staking coins helps you make more. That is about ALL I get. And upvoting is like a thumbs up but it pays you? It all makes me feel so $+#@ LOL. For instance I still dont get the voting percent thing. I thought 100% means you like it 100% but it seems it has to do with rewards? I have tried watching videos and reading on it but they never quite explain it where I get it 100%. Plus watching videos and it not explaining what I am looking for ends up wasting a lot of time. Dont get me wrong, I have more time now than I did several months ago, but I do need to make money so i cant spend my entire day researching. :D

I see a LOT of people voting just 2% upvote. Is it like how on publish0x where 20 percent goes to the writer and 80 to the voter? Or is it different than that? I have my rewards settings at 50/50 because it is default.

Anywho, just really was excited to have been able to stake my first coins on here. Yes, That much of a newbie.

Thanks for the help and great articles to everyone in this group, or page, or neighborhood, whatever it is called.

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Welcome to Leo finance, I hope this link will help you start your journey here on the Hive ecosystem!

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Congratulations on your first move to stake LEO. Keep growing. It's easy to grow with value with LEO.

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Welcome to Leofinance. I would suggest you take a look at There is a lot of information there pertaining to the basics of Hive and LEO.

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