My First Two Card Packs in Rising Star, and a Question about Cards

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As someone interested in crypto micro earnings (like from faucets), I found that the Rising Star game is an interesting way to earn some bucks in crypto.

Rising Star is a game about trying to become a famous rock musician. At first, it's very simple to play. Just press a button to start a "mission" (basically a gig), and let the music play until the mission finishes. After that, we get a random amount of Starbits (it's both the ingame currency and also a token on Hive Engine) that we can trade for other crypto once we accumulate enough to withdraw (currently the minimum withdrawal amount is 1,000 Starbits). As we do missions, get more fans and level up, we get access to missions with higher rewards... until the artist's ego begins rising! And things start to complicate.

I began playing the game around a month ago, and right on the first day, I earned around 600 Starbits. 1 Starbit was priced around 0.1 satoshi when I had checked back then. This means I had gotten around 60 satoshi in only one day, which is actually a bit more than I get from each faucet website I use (and this was only with the lowest level missions!). I had great results the following days too. Everything was going smoothly until I reached level 15, when the ego bar appeared and became an hindrance to my progress.

The ego stat begins having effect once we either reach level 15 or gain 1,000 fans (which ever happens first), and if it's above zero, it decreases the amount of Starbits we earn on missions. To reduce the ego, we need to increase our Skill stat, either through music lesson missions or buying cards that give Skill stat points.

I had been trying to progress in the game without buying any card, and it was proving to be quite the challenge. If I don't buy cards, I have to rely on music lesson missions to increase the Skill stat. These take one full hour to complete, and 40% of the character's energy bar (which recovers very slowly unless the mission is kind enough to give us pizza to restore it). Fans that don't come from cards are temporary, and I kept having to repeat the low level missions every day to get enough temporary fans to reach the number of fans requirement for higher level missions. The problem is that each fan raises 1 ego (ego from having temporary fans is also temporary), and doing missions also raises ego. The more we repeat a mission, the more ego points it will give (and ego from missions is permanent). Since I was always having to repeat missions to reach the required number of fans, the missions permanent ego points were building up quickly.

The only cards I had were the ones I got as mission rewards for completing a given number of missions (100, 110, 120 and 130 respectively), and they were quite useful. I don't know if everyone gets the same cards or if they're random, but the ones I got were:

  • Pizza Box: stores a pizza slice for later (avoids wasting a pizza when we find one and our energy is full).
  • t6 Cheap Car: gives 10 permanent fans. May be needed for specific missions that require a means of transportation.
  • 13 Buster: gives 10 Skill. A member for the band. Members are required to make a band, for missions that require a band.
  • i8 Mid Range Mic: gives 10 luck. Increases the skill points we can get from singing lesson missions.

However, only these cards weren't enough. My hope to get more cards without having to buy them was the reward for completing 500 missions in total, which is a pack with 3 random cards. I decided to go for that in hopes to get something useful from the pack, preferably something that got me more permanent fans and more Skill.

Screenshot of my stats with only those four cards

Image source: screenshot from

I was at around 300 missions completed, and that number was increasing slowly because I was doing the time-consuming music lesson missions more than anything else (in order to raise the Skill stat, and increase the total mission count without raising ego). I was almost caving in and using some of my HIVE to buy a card pack, but I contained myself and kept going on, slowly but surely. Then, at the beginning of last week, when I was Level 32 and with almost 200 permanent ego points, I was lucky to win a pack from a giveaway. I opened the pack, and the cards inside were:

  • R30 80s Mic: gives 60 Luck. Also increase Skill gains from singing lesson missions.
  • 16 Dorris: gives 10 permanent fans and 5 Skill. Another member for the band.
  • i18 Electric Drums: gives 10 Luck. Increase Skill gains in percussion lesson missions.

Screenshot showing the three cards from the first opened pack

Image source: screenshot from

With the fans increase from 20 to 30, I could access the third mission easier without needing to repeat the first ones too many times, and the mic increased my Skill gains from the singing lesson mission.

I continued playing during the week, and when I least expected, I arrived at 500 total missions completed, and got the free card pack reward. The cards inside were:

  • R34 Ed: gives 25 Fans, 5 Luck, 225 Skill and 2 IM.
  • R38 Kimberly: gives 75 Fans, 4 Luck, 125 Skill and 2 IM.
  • 10 Brit Popster: gives 1 Skill.

Screenshot showing the three cards from the second opened pack

Image source: screenshot from

Now, with 130 permanent fans, 89 Luck and around 2600 Skill, I can finally progress in the game without having to repeat lower missions searching for temporary fans. This should keep things moving for a while. Hopefully, I won't have many problems until I arrive at 1,000 missions and get another free pack!

And speaking of cards, I have a question

Does anyone know if there's a list of all the cards in the game, with the descriptions and attributes in text form? On the cards page, from what I understand, the stats and descriptions are in the card images. I'm blind, and while my computer can read aloud the "normal" text that is on the screen, it can't read text that is written inside images. I had to ask a sighted person to read my cards attributes to me to know what each of my cards do. It would be nice to have the descriptions and stat numbers in text form somewhere.

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hey! you have collected some cool new cards, which are sure to increase your game stats and game play. Keep rocking and you will unlock even more fun!

To answer your question, No I am not aware of a text list that describe the exact features of the card. they are all on the actual card. Perhaps Jux and the @risingstargame team have a list in their database - can you guys help out @aiyumi? If not I will be happy to build you lit bit by bit.

Sounds like you're making great progress and your second pack, particularly was pretty nice.

I have a spreadsheet which has most of the cards in it which I could share in Google docs if that would help. Or I could turn it into a Google doc and share that. Let me know. 😊

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That would be great! Other people also offered to help, so sharing the spreadsheet in Google Docs in a way others can add to it might be good too.

I'd have to do some editing of the spreadsheet to make it shareable so if others have offered I'll take a step back rather than duplicating effort. But let me know if you don't get it sorted and I'll make the edits. 😊

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It looks like it's the opposite, actually... despite the offers to help create a list, no one has a ready and shareable list yet (not even the devs! They have all the cards' descriptions, of course, but haven't compiled them into a list). It sounds like your list is the most complete one at the moment. So, I was thinking it'd be cool to have a joint effort to improve your list, instead of having the others start from scratch. What do you think?

I don't think we have a list handy in text form, but we are happy to produce one for you. It may take us a little time :)

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It's great to hear this straight from the official team! From the other comment, @gillianpearce has been compiling a list into a spreadsheet. Maybe you guys could help complete it? It'd surely take less time than beginning the list from scratch.

And thanks for the BEER.... "Am I drunk? Ha ha ha ha!"

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I didn't know this game, start play now but your reffer link

There any tutorial for this game?

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I don't think there's a tutorial in Portuguese yet. When I started, I used these ones that are in Spanish and English. They explain the game's screens very nicely:

There are also good explanations in the official FAQ, that you can read after logging in to the game site.