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RE: Pain in my Ukraine

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I am going to downvote this because I think you have come up with utter bullshit here. I cannot control what you do after but I really do feel like you are uttering bullshit here and I know a lot of people will follow your tune because you have a lot of stake here on hive and they do not know any better.

My only reservation is I am not big enough to put this post to Zero because I really think this delusion is not good.



It's impossible to take you seriously because you've given zero indication as to what the problem is.

Do you really think you can get away with calling my work delusional without explaining yourself at all?

My viewpoint has been laid out pretty clearly, and by hiding behind a thick wall of obscurity this conversation can continue no further and you've made no progress in defending your position.

Ok, first off I think I am a bit high strung because while I am 'far away' from the current situation, my life is actually pretty well. If I have to say so myself. My son just had a baby so I am now a grandfather. I think that would be a good start on my position based on myself as an experience.

Ok why I think this is delusional because I have to form a basis on it:

The mob's energy will obviously be redirected to eventually support American imperialism.

This is where I take exception. Really? American Imperialisms? The US cannot even have a concerted front to begin with at home. Imperialisms died when Bush came into office along time ago, there is no more legitimacy that the US held for so long prior to Bushy and those danged terrorists. Hence why I say delusional. The mob wouldn't be able to hold as a mob for long, have you seen how interconnected we all are these days. One day we talking about Ukraine next thing you know, I knw this for a fact its back to climate change. I just have to look at my feed. I am already being feed the next topic by the algorithms.

This theory that we are being controlled or more precisely feed propaganda I can sort of agree with but, propaganda to me is centered around state control and frankly the US or the West do not hold that much control like the big reds. So I that is then delusional again as a basis for my little outburst.

My stake is quite small and will not even scratch your paint but I will stand by my statement.

The threat of nukes coming out of nowhere while I see a tomorrow with my new grandchild far outweighs any sense of safety that you are so 'confident' will not happen. I like to think there are cycles in human conflict and from looking at the last 3 centuries before the 2000's we are close to that cycle of strife. Which worries me.

I don't know you personally and my only interaction with you has been in written for, which can be dissected and regurgitated to form any kind of way that suits a narrative by any party.

Humans are flawed, I know because while I am staunch at not drinking till Easter I have already had a few sips of alcohol here and there already. So with the buildup of armies within the borders of Ukraine and Russia by NATO armies. The chances of human error increases shit getting all going to hell as quickly as a sneeze from a soldier accidentally squeezing a trigger by accident. A domino effect.


Yeah, this post is making no sense to me either. Makes me really wonder.

They have been fighting for hundreds of years by now already.