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So I've been crafting some super gross hot-takes regarding the war that Russia just instigated. You know the one. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this one. Everyone seems to care. Why is that?


The first Tweet's reception was overwhelmingly negative, so of course I doubled down on the troll and wrote something even worse than the first one.

So much drama in those threads, understandably.
Everyone is on edge over this situation.

But why?

Why does everyone care? Not only that, but also why is Putin even doubling down on this bullshit? Countries all over the world are issuing sanctions against Russia over this, and I'm even hearing reports that they are losing access to the SWIFT banking system even after it was announced that this step wasn't going to be taken.

How on Earth could this war be a profitable one?

It doesn't even make sense to me, therefore there must be a ton of variables in play that I don't know about. People are saying all kinds of stuff like Putin has done all the game-theory on sanctions and whatnot and invading is still worth it for him. Is it really? Or is someone going to have to eventually drive their sword into the back of the Mad King?



How could getting sanctioned by everyone and losing access to the banking sector possibly be worth it? It really is a crazy situation. Add to this the fact that everyone is saying the Ukrainian government was installed by the CIA which is why all this bullshit is going down... or at least gives Russia a sad excuse to take such measures into their own hands.

Here's my final offensive hot take:

"Nobody cares."

Nobody cares about what happens to the Uyghurs, okay?

The rest of us don't care.

I'm telling you a very hard ugly truth.
Of all the things that I care about, yes it is below my line.

I'm a big fan of Chamath Palihapitiya

I could not believe that he would say something this politically insensitive, even though it is 100% the truth. I still don't even know anything about Uyghurs. Don't know who they are or what that word even is or how to pronounce it.

At the end of the day he's speaking to the generic theme of indifference that sweeps across the globe 99% of the time about all the fucked up shit that happens every single day. Why should Ukraine be any different? But it clearly is different, and we need to ask ourselves why that is.

And then we have liberals running around doing this:

In June 2019, at the request of the United States Department of State, the Embassy of Ukraine to the United States, and Ukrainian organisations in America, the name Kyiv was officially adopted by the United States Board on Geographic Names as the only correct one, which resulted in the federal government of the United ...

Kiev or Kyiv?

Apparently the pronunciation of the Ukrainian capital that everyone has been using forever is the way that Russians say it. KEY-EV is apparently incorrect and theoretically politically insensitive to people living in a country currently under attack by Russia.

As we can see from this video, the syllables used are ones that Americans don't really even have the ability to pronounce correctly, and many are dumbing it down to KEEV now instead. Is this something that matters? Or is it just something that liberals are pretending matters? Maybe a bit of both. Baby steps I guess.

And now: this.

This is my favorite.

I feel like this post needed some comedic relief.
Mission accomplished.


So like, why does everyone care though?

Why does everyone have an opinion? Behold the power of the news outlets and the propaganda machine. Like it or not, the reason why we are all talking about this conflict is because the powers that be want us to be talking about it.

The super messed up thing is that most people are currently on the correct side of the argument, but they find themselves there for the wrong reasons. This is extremely dangerous. Political momentum like this doesn't just vanish. The mob's energy will obviously be redirected to eventually support American imperialism.

Let me explain.

Right now a narrative is being built.

That narrative is such:

  • War is a horrible outcome.
  • Putin is a dick.
  • Russia bad.
  • Freedom good.

Now, all of these things are true.

This is how most propaganda narratives are forged. We begin with a solid platform that no one can argue against. Why can no one argue against these things? Because we focus on complaining about problems. By focusing on obvious problems without trying to pitch ideas to solve the problems, we remain in safe territory that can't be disputed.


The rugpull is coming.

I can 100% guarantee that the solution to these problems is going to be American imperialism. Because what's better than Russian imperialism? American imperialism. Duh! That is how these things work. Right now the mob is on the side of pro-Ukraine / anti-Russia / anti-war and that's great, but soon it's going to pivot to "We have to do something" and "If you want to make an omelet you better be ready to break a few eggs." That's when we will realize that there really is no favorable outcome for Ukraine. Even if they win against Russia, they can't win against America, and vice versa.

At the end of the day no one actually wants Ukraine to be free. No one in a power position anyway. This is clearly a political conflict involving two empires fighting over a country like it's a piece of meat. They don't actually care if the meat gets torn apart in the process, even if they pretend to. Welcome to politics.

It's situations like this that make it obvious that we need to work on decentralizing the very nature of production/governance itself. If Ukraine was decentralized, it would not matter if they lost a war. There would be no way for Russia/USA to impose a centralized power structure that controlled the country if the country itself was a decentralized entity. Of course this theory is so far fetched and out of the realm of reality at the moment that perhaps it's a waste of breath considering the dire circumstances Ukraine finds itself in now... today.

However, I have a lot of faith that situations like these are going to exponentially accelerate the power of decentralization. People say crypto can't succeed because they'll just turn off the Internet. I think that would just accelerate the adoption and development of mesh networks and a decentralized internet.

The same is true for installing puppet governments. Perhaps situations like this will accelerate the development of solutions that can free the people from the boot of imperialism.


Are we in the "Hard times create strong men" phase?

It does seem to hold truth that suffering leads to evolution. How many artists have created their best work while suffering from near-crippling depression and cynicism? Then when they make it they sell out and become "has-beens" who never create content that was even close to as good as their old work. We see this happen time and time again. It's all cyclical and weirdly frustrating. This is why we can't have nice things.

Forever war incoming?

So what happens next? Russia wins the war... takes Ukraine... and tries to incorporate them into the Russian empire? I just... can't imagine that this plan would ever succeed. It's giving me extreme Vietnam/Middle-East vibes. It just doesn't seem like a plan that can work, especially considering the resistance/backlash that would result in combination with all the support that resistance would get from sources outside the country. Again, I must be missing something. The entire situation is just so ridiculous.



Lots of people seem to be worried about World War 3 starting. Not me. Who's going to fight it? Gen-Z? I think we can all admit that this seems... unlikely... and borderline laughable. Imagine the generational gap between The Greatest generation / Baby Boomers vs Gen Z. I can't really imagine that a draft would even work.

It's simply a completely different time, and for the most part the recipe for profitable warfare has largely been solved. Big country bully little country. That's how it works. There's very little to gain from the superpowers declaring outright war on one another, and they know it. I expect the shadow-wars to continue and the low hanging fruit to be picked first, as always. Besides, comparing Putin to Hitler is a pretty tough sell. I don't expect anyone is going to buy it... not to mention such a war would likely require a false flag bigger than any we've seen in our entire lifetimes by exponential margins.



I must admit that the propaganda machine has really got us all by the balls on this one, whether we like it or not. We are now forced to pay attention to this situation, regardless of what 'facts' we choose to believe. The political machine demands that we take this atrocity seriously, out of the countless others that we do not. And it seems that we will all be obeying that command, even if we come to different conclusions than what the MSM tries to gingerly spoon-feed us (under the threat of being a bad person should we disagree).

This is such a ridiculous situation on so many fronts that the variables become exceedingly difficult to parse. I not going to pretend to know what's going on, but I am pretty damn skeptical, and you should be too. Nothing is as it seems in a digital world were the most profitable activity is the blatant manipulation of information. Trust science; remain skeptical.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that it pains us greatly to see the citizens of Ukraine being caught up in the crossfire of two of the biggest superpowers in the world. Surely, we all hope that the needless collateral damage imposed by the greed and fear of those in power will be mitigated by whatever moral compass they have left to offer.

Of course that is just a safe, political, and pandering thing to say that could never get me into any trouble. Am I being genuine? Or am I just virtue signaling for my own benefit? Maybe tragedies like this would be avoided if people could tell the difference. Or maybe that's just my Millennial cynicism taking over during the worst possible moment.

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There are significant reasons to attack Ukraine, overthrow their government and use it as a proxy to expand Russian influence on the EU. Ukraine has very fertile land, important pipelines and has been a significant part of the Soviet Union for a long time in the past.

Russia has had one major role over the last few decades: Be a major energy supplier for not only the EU, but also for China as well.

Control over Ukraine could further expand that business if they achieve their goal without total destruction of all infrastructures. That's a very valid goal, power over more critical energy infrastructure to stay powerful and rich while only taking tolls on energy running the pipes.

How's that not a good reason for war? I don't know how that's such a hard to get point.

This is good information and a fine addition to this post.
Although your tone is unsettling.
Perhaps don't assume that everyone knows what you know in a condescending manner.

Now plug that value into a spreadsheet and show me how it's worth more than sanctions and the lost access to the SWIFT network combined with the difficulty of controlling a country that hates you combined with the CIA feeding massive resources to underground shadow-wars within the country. I guess you and Putin are on the same side because this war is happening. Interesting outlook on the situation.

Well yes, the response for sure came unpredicted - for everyone actually.

But, he will keep vast parts of the East as Russian territory and check this map:

Also interesting is that in 2018, Ukraine started making problems are “Gas Transit Land” for Russia and went as far as confiscating foreign property by state power - always a bad move.

The Story has lots of layers of course, but we Europeans don’t want borders or land moved between countries ever again. Apparently it’ll take military deterrence over trade and peace, sad.

Hm yeah I'm sure the situation feels a lot different being smack dab in the middle of Europe.

Yes, we're sitting on a pile of heavy nukes here and word is that they damaged the metal mantel of Chernobyl during fights two days ago. Maybe you Americans will witness another stone age in Europe again. Rich and fancy people are already gtfo and we Germans are now freely rebuilding our Military again.

Pumping Billions into the War Maschine IS NOT A GOOD SIGN for keeping peace genrally... .... ....

I've found an slightly bigger as well


Can you see how important the Belarus/Ukraine Influence is? I strongly believe in „Follow the money to get the truth.“.

Yes. It's pretty obvious. Also the historical affinity.

Western media is peddling ridiculous propaganda that doesn't help defeat Putin but actually makes it harder by deluding people.

The Media is at its best and the censorship on both sides is ramping up extremely fast. They banned all Russian TV and Radio in Europe and I bet vise versa the same. That's absolutely not helpful.

Probably should start posting RT Articles onto Hive with rewards burnt in order to allow the information (and lies) of both sides to be viewed in Europe.

It's always important to know what's being reported, the coverage will continue in private telegram channels and inside of Russia anyway. And we need to get a hold of what their value system is and how it allows for this war to be justified.

Do we have any first-hand information on how the Chinese are rating this situation? It feels like censorship is at an all-time high right now. Whatever I google for, I can only find the same hand full of news sources. Again and again, it's unbelievable how useless that 'search engine' has become.

No. Its not a good reason for war as you will soon see. And economically the war makes no sense. Russia will suffer greatly. Even if they take Ukraine, not for 50 years will they recover.

War only makes sense if you understand Putin.

Well, China and India have no problem with that war, as well as the African countries.

We don't know what's going to happen over the next 5-10years, but we can tell that Russia will take the Gas Sources in East Ukraine and solidify their path to the black sea.

At some point, we have to understand, that the whole western alliance is shrinking and the rest of the world has billions of more people coming up increasingly faster.

China has as many engineers graduating every year, as the USA has overall in its economy. We'll be 10Billion People within the next 10years apx and if we don't understand how to build a common economy for all of us, we'll all fail. The century of the "Western Nations" will come to an end eventually.

Don't you think?

I dont think so. Putin has brought us all more closer together, especially in the EU that is notorious for weak response.
Only now are people, bureaucrats starting to understand this what youre saying. I do not think the age of Western Nations will ever end. If anything, Russia after Putin dies will probably be ready to join the west finally.
The cultural divide is close to nonexistent anymore. They are ready to join the west culturally. Now they need to be politically.

or we just end this chapter with nuclear winter and in a couple of million years different species of Intelligenz gets a shot of doing everything all over again.

I don´t think foreign leaders like Putin would feel salty about an end like that. Their world or none is all that matters. Like the real Nazi Families who poisoned their children and themselves in order to avoid living into a future without the ´Tausendjährige Deutsche Reich´. People are like that, they live for their mission, created by their vision which was formed by a value system that we will never be able to understand.

This is a very dangerous situation.

Could happen. I am not excluding the chance we could all be dead in a few months.

I hope we see it coming early enough to put up a proper party.

'Steel Panther - Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World (Explicit)'

Hey @edicted, I am also sick of the propaganda that's been fed to us from the media and emotional speeches from these politicians. I am no expert on geopolitical issues and wars but this simple video by a man stuck in Kyiv made sense to me. Must watch!

It answers two questions:

  1. Why Russian Defense has not annihilated Ukraine even when the Russian Airforce owns the skies already? They don't want world war 3. They also don't want NATO and its allies to cover them from all sides.
  2. Why it is reckless to supply weapons to civilians who are not trained to use them?

I feel for the innocents getting killed because of the politics, egos, and power shows. Also, feel for the people who fall for propaganda so easily. I don't know what will happen but everything that's going on right now is pure BS. Can't trust one source and believe it to be true!

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Your post and trolling itself is no better or well-informed or unique than the tweeters and tiktokkers you seem to be indirectly accusing.

It's not special to look at a global phenomenon and think 'I'm going to be a contrarian' and then spout of opposing views and blaming, propaganda, imperialism and the USA for everything.

Here's another explanation: Most people in the West are in Europe and North America. Ukraine is part of Europe and thus in very close proximity to those people, and North America is a direct Ally, part of NATO and so on.

We have a shared culture, history, and economy, even with Ukraine, and as others mentioned, there is a huge economic connection there referring to gas pipelines etc.

There is more reason, therefore, to give a shit about Ukraine, than there is of say, Madagascar.

Just because people get on a bandwagon and share concerns about something that's happening doesn't mean we're all slaves to a system being pushed on us. Maybe it's just how it looks: Some news goes big, it gains traction, more people hear about it, more people care.

What's wrong with that? Are we going to have this contrarian discussion every time people have a shared concern about a thing? Because of course, there are so many other things going on at the same time, why aren't we paying attention to all of those simultaneously??

Even Chinese people often don't know about the Xinjiang situation in their own country. But when they learn about it, they express great concern - and fear for their own safety once they've heard it.

Are they wrong to have heard about a thing, too?

Let people give a shit about whatever they want, or if you want to troll, at least say something smart or funny.

I just grow tired of this need for people, typically conservative/right troll-wannabe types, to be different, even if that means being borderline sociopathic. 'Ooo, you don't give a shit about ISIS beheading and gutting people in the streets, you just want the nearest milkshake lol' Whatever. Try putting yourself in the firing line with a molotov in your hand and see if you can conjure up a contrary opinion then, as an ISIS extremist shoots you in the face, guts your insides and stones your family in front of your fading vision.

It's not special to look at a global phenomenon and think 'I'm going to be a contrarian' and then spout of opposing views and blaming, propaganda, imperialism and the USA for everything.

Yep, this is the general take of libertarians and rightwingers right now.
"Its all CIA, its all imperialism."

Its a cynical and condescending view of the situation. "Ukranians cant want freedom, they cant want a better life that EU offers, they have no agency, theyre just fools that CIA and USA is using."

Its an absolute rubbish take by those that proclaim they stand for freedom and call themselves "freedom fighters" when they post shit online when someone bans Alex Jones.

When faced with people that are giving their lives for freedom, freedom of choice and association they just dont understand it. That ultimate sacrifice confuses them.

This pops the libertarian bubble and shows you that most of these people that slap the "Freedom" label on themselves are as consistent in their beliefs as the leftists are when they say theyre fighting fascism.

Hats off to those that dont align themselves with the mob, which ever side of the spectrum it might be on.

I just grow tired of this need for people, typically conservative/right troll-wannabe types, to be different, even if that means being borderline sociopathic.

Well said.

Yes, this is a totally rational reaction that doesn't fall into any of the traps that I described in the original post.

I'm curious as to which part of the post you think is trolling.
I've already done a follow up post to this post.
The backlash I got here was enough to go back and do some cursory research...
had to check in with two of the journalists I trust the most to report on things like these.
They're saying exactly the same shit I'm saying here.
It's not trolling.
My gut feeling on the matter is exactly what seasoned professionals who have infinitely more information than I do are saying. They aren't trolls they are all business. Perhaps you are the troll, telling me to go fight and die in a war before I'm allowed to make comments.

My gut feeling on the matter is exactly what seasoned professionals

What seasoned professionals and journalists are saying 'no one cares about Ukraine' with researched-based arguments? Sociologists maybe? Breitbart? Citation needed.

You literally state in this very post that you were trolling with a certain opinion, then continued with that opinion in this post. If you agree with your trolling, then you're not really trolling, you're just expressing your sociopathic opinions.

I get that you're setting a trap to make people butthurt, but I just think its tedious that you still think such a thing is somehow a valuable use of yours and anyone else's time, like you've contributed something because your views are so unique.

To be clear, I'm not talking about the entirety of your post. I can see you're otherwise talking and considering things. Just the 'troll' aspect near the top

So what happens next? Russia wins the war... takes Ukraine... and tries to incorporate them into the Russian empire? I just.

Russia wins but the operation it's being too costly in lives and devastating for the public opinion (even in Russia). They need to negotiate a new deal for Ukraine that will be very probably Russia's first condition to avoid this war. That is a demilitarized nation and somehow neutral territory, kind of a Switzerland in Ukraine.

China can't recognize a new Ukrainian government puppet of Russia because they aspire to recover Taiwan. They will pressure Putin to have a peace treaty soon. I don't think this war will go too far.

I've heard the argument of why we should care about Ukraine, the important issue is not Ukraine itself or their people as insensitive it may sound, the important issue is to avoid at any cost a nuclear war in a direct conflict with the NATO as they're looking like assholes right now. Same that the EU. They might want to make something stupid to recover some credibility in the eyes of their voters.

I liked your detached analysis of the situation and I agree with many things you said. The challenge to remain detached comes the closer you get to the conflict, physically or emotionally or both.

The challenge to remain detached comes the closer you get to the conflict, physically or emotionally or both.

Probably the most true statement I've read on the topic thus far.

I am going to downvote this because I think you have come up with utter bullshit here. I cannot control what you do after but I really do feel like you are uttering bullshit here and I know a lot of people will follow your tune because you have a lot of stake here on hive and they do not know any better.

My only reservation is I am not big enough to put this post to Zero because I really think this delusion is not good.


It's impossible to take you seriously because you've given zero indication as to what the problem is.

Do you really think you can get away with calling my work delusional without explaining yourself at all?

My viewpoint has been laid out pretty clearly, and by hiding behind a thick wall of obscurity this conversation can continue no further and you've made no progress in defending your position.

Ok, first off I think I am a bit high strung because while I am 'far away' from the current situation, my life is actually pretty well. If I have to say so myself. My son just had a baby so I am now a grandfather. I think that would be a good start on my position based on myself as an experience.

Ok why I think this is delusional because I have to form a basis on it:

The mob's energy will obviously be redirected to eventually support American imperialism.

This is where I take exception. Really? American Imperialisms? The US cannot even have a concerted front to begin with at home. Imperialisms died when Bush came into office along time ago, there is no more legitimacy that the US held for so long prior to Bushy and those danged terrorists. Hence why I say delusional. The mob wouldn't be able to hold as a mob for long, have you seen how interconnected we all are these days. One day we talking about Ukraine next thing you know, I knw this for a fact its back to climate change. I just have to look at my feed. I am already being feed the next topic by the algorithms.

This theory that we are being controlled or more precisely feed propaganda I can sort of agree with but, propaganda to me is centered around state control and frankly the US or the West do not hold that much control like the big reds. So I that is then delusional again as a basis for my little outburst.

My stake is quite small and will not even scratch your paint but I will stand by my statement.

The threat of nukes coming out of nowhere while I see a tomorrow with my new grandchild far outweighs any sense of safety that you are so 'confident' will not happen. I like to think there are cycles in human conflict and from looking at the last 3 centuries before the 2000's we are close to that cycle of strife. Which worries me.

I don't know you personally and my only interaction with you has been in written for, which can be dissected and regurgitated to form any kind of way that suits a narrative by any party.

Humans are flawed, I know because while I am staunch at not drinking till Easter I have already had a few sips of alcohol here and there already. So with the buildup of armies within the borders of Ukraine and Russia by NATO armies. The chances of human error increases shit getting all going to hell as quickly as a sneeze from a soldier accidentally squeezing a trigger by accident. A domino effect.


Yeah, this post is making no sense to me either. Makes me really wonder.

They have been fighting for hundreds of years by now already.

Check this out:

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Too generalized and grouping people together. Just because someone is a liberal or because someone cares about another country all of a sudden doesn't mean anything besides they are human. To also think that they didn't have opinions and care about other wars we have been in as well is general and blind. Are you trying to say simply no one should ever care?

The real issue is we don't care enough in terms of just treating other people no matter if they are Russian or Ukraine or USA or China or Japan or any country or any nationality with respect and general kindness. The fact of the matter is people just need to start treating each other better and also be more information which is something crypto has more of a capability of doing than our current government structure. A big issue with that war right now is disinformation on BOTH sides, a short sightedness on BOTH sides and blaming others while others follow blindly and don't understand why they are doing the things they do. I'm sure there is backing from Nato, UN, USA etc and I can understand that a country mostly in poverty that's told their way of sucky living and hard times is to be blamed on another so called "people" It's the same freakin mistakes the world continues to make over and over again but at least some steps have been taken to help negate some of that.

Unfortantlly for some reason people continue to judge and tear each other down and create divides over dumb things. It's utterly ridiculous though that a full out war is happening in this day and age with how available information is and I believe that's the real issue the LACK of information and being able to do your own research and make your own decisions.

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Look at the comments on this post.
Go look at Twitter and every other social media outlet.
The raw and irrational emotion attached to this subject is overwhelming.
The sociopaths that run this place are going to have a fucking field day with all this energy.
They will bend it to their will and use it for their own agendas.
And nothing good is going to come from any of it.
That is the problem I am trying to address.
This is a master manipulator's playground, and everyone has seemingly fallen into the trap.

I totally agree with that but I don't feel EVERYONE is that way. Unfortantlly the majority of the world is blind and reacts on emotion without any research or thinking. I don't think that will ever change sadly.

I mean... could it be possible that Putin just totally underestimated everything?

Even if they win against Russia, they can't win against America

It’s not as if Ukraine would fall into America’s orbit. If they successfully stand up to Putin, Ukraine is much more likely to integrate their economy with the EU.

I‘m not so sure how independent the European Markets really are o.O

That would seem to be the most favorable outcome.
Although suddenly I'm reminded of a little thing called Operation Shock and Awe.

That's why this is a Trump driven agenda. In his point of view Russia can either have Ukraine or the Europeans just so as long as the US doesn't have to take on the majority financial responsibility. Everything we've seen happening the last two years, implementations of final preparations during his tenure, they all have a cost benefit ratio factor.

Here... because of this one:

I always take a side: the side of anti-imperialism.
It's a tiny group that never wins.
Such is rooting for the underdog in this situation.

Your mistake is using logic to attempt to explain Putin's actions. There is no logic. It's simply ego. He doesn't give a shit about anyone or anything, including his own people. He wants to be the big man. That's it.

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I'm sure there's some truth to that but it's so reductive and simplistic that it could never be fully true.

Terrible take, as I said before. Ill just focus on this one, not to get off point.

The political machine demands that we take this atrocity seriously, out of the countless others that we do not.

No. Common sense demands that we take this seriously. This isnt Iraq, this isnt Syria, this isnt Palestine.
This is a nuclear super power entering a sovereign European nation with a force unseen since WW2 while other European nations are providing overwhelming military support and wrecking the superpower economy severely, entirely isolating it.

So see, this is a fucking big deal. And this isnt only about caring for victims, its caring about the future of the civilized world. This is a bigger deal than the cold war, its a bigger deal than anything the US has done the last 70 years.

We are 1 step from Armageddon. And anyone that thinks that this is just "some war, who cares" is not paying attention at all.


You mean like these guys? Like hundreds of other POWs captured by Ukraine forces that are 18,19,20 years old.
YES, GEN Z will fight and they will die. Just like they are in Ukraine.


Okay, you win.

Thus, the solution to this problem is to be outraged and completely ignore how we created it in the first place and just blame it all on one person. Sounds legit. Admit that neither one of us has said or done anything that could ever be interpreted as actually helping or hurting the situation. We are powerless, and we will continue being powerless until we forge a superior governance structure that competes with superpowers. That is a fact.

No one created this. This is a product of the failed Soviet Union and the remnants that still linger. Putin is one such remnant.

All those that said "something" on twitter, in the news, on youtube, in support of Ukraine have lead to Europe uniting and helping Ukraine. And if I am asked to help the refugees that come to Croatia, i will.
If everyone was cynical and did not care, no help would come.

And apparently, it seems that Putin intends to invade Moldova as well. His useful idiot Lukashenko apparently shared an invasion map during a speech with Moldova shown as a
He doesnt intend to stop with Ukraine.


(bottom left)

Lets say you dont care or wer equally not helping, why isnt your sense of self preservation kicking in? You know where this could lead.

You physically living in Croatia makes a huge difference.
You're a hop away from Ukraine.
I live in a country that is worse than Russia in terms of foreign policy.
This is guaranteed to be true simply because America has more power than Russia.
And I'm surrounded by ignorance and propaganda that supports it.
Nothing Russia has done is something that America wouldn't do.
In fact America is historically even more aggressive and shitty, because it can afford to be.
Yet everyone thinks Russia and China are the devil and America is #1.
It's tedious and ignorant.
This conflict has multiple sides.
It's a battle between superpowers with the unlucky man in the crossfire.
These events did not occur in some vacuum of "Russia bad" "freedom good".

you make valid points i just thought people cared because they are white in ukraine.

this whole war is nonsense, I can't believe that they are killing innocent people just because. Shame

Don’t fall for Ukrainian resistance asymmetrical war BS.
Ukrainians are not highly ideologically motivated Muslims.
Many are actually Russian.
Ukraine is mostly flat plain not mountains like Afghanistan.

And Russians know Ukraine and it’s people intimately unlike the US which was clueless on Afghans.

Lots of people seem to be worried about World War 3 starting. Not me. Who's going to fight it? Gen-Z? I think we can all admit that this seems... unlikely... and borderline laughable. Imagine the generational gap between The Greatest generation / Baby Boomers vs Gen Z. I can't really imagine that a draft would even work.


It's situations like this that make it obvious that we need to work on decentralizing the very nature of production/governance itself. If Ukraine was decentralized, it would not matter if they lost a war. There would be no way for Russia/USA to impose a centralized power structure that controlled the country if the country itself was a decentralized entity. Of course this theory is so far fetched and out of the realm of reality at the moment that perhaps it's a waste of breath considering the dire circumstances Ukraine finds itself in now... today.

It'll stay out of the realm of reality. It's a delusional thought process.

Thank you for sticking your neck out into an utter shit-storm of fired up people (and morons). The moment anyone opens their mouth at a time like this, you face shrapnel from all sides (and I guess I am now going to face it too). I appreciate your perspective which is fairly similar to mine. Most people only know about it because the machine that spoon feeds them what they need to know is spoon feeding them what they "need" to know.

It is (and has been for a very long time) a tragedy that human lives are nothing in the calculations that go into war and justifying it. That said, why do we know about this one and not all of the other wars and conflicts (and secret coup's that the CIA has done over the last 70 years)?

Your point is valid. If we are being spoon fed... why? Being aware of the real agenda and that the media is in the business of "manufacturing consent" (Chomsky) opens our eyes to what is really going on... which most people ignorantly (or out of fear) choose to ignore. The truth is the only thing that will set us free and often times is too ugly for most people to face head on.

Please continue your work, which I feel is important.

I think then we Millenials should take over at some point...people cant focus and stop being emotional. All there is, is money. Nothing is because of any other reason. Or is there? It is allways a backend and front end. Hitler was front end. Of course, killing millions of Jews was not an economic activity. It was among the biggest crimes of history. What about the back end? Was there a military complex financing this war? For sure. Is war always a game-theoretic thing? No. They start it, with mad reasons and then an economic equilibrium kicks in and both sides exploit the situation to make as much money as possible.

People confuse expenses with expenses. Afghanistan was highly expensive for taxpayers but profitable for the lobbies on both sides: Sovjet and USA/Europe. Was it cooperative? No, but it was a WIN/WIN. So the fact that it was economically expensive is not proof that it was a noble act just for humanitarian reasons. And your nothing but right: as long as taxpayer's money is centralized and free to spend they will spend it on war, they will spend it on concentration camps, they will spend whatever their sic minds can come up with.


That's how you pronounce it and write it. Not everything in the world has to be americanized. I agree on you on the WW3 take, it's not going to happen simply because there's not much force to fight it.

Looks who's Russia using this war...


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Seeing people quickly pick sides on this one just goes to show that the propaganda machine is indeed working flawlessly. I even found myself glued to the news for hours informing myself on events that have nothing to do with me.

Also, after some research, I realized that this conflict has been going on for almost 10 years now and we have absolutely no clue who is on the right side here.

Putin's claims actually make sense, if you look at them from a neutral standpoint. NATO wants Ukraine to join the allegiance while Russia doesn't want NATO installations so close to their borders.

If you really think about it, what would the US response be if a pro-Russian organization installed military bases in Canada and Mexico? It's the same thing imo and I'm 100% sure that the response would be exactly the same.

Also, NATO has a very bad rep when it comes to respecting agreements and sovereignty of independent countries. They bombed a handful of countries on the same premise as Russia and I never saw a single person protesting against those because the western media labeled them as acts of freedom against dictatorship or communism.

The fact that the EU will be blocking broadcasts of pro-russian media should be seen as an act of censorship yet people cheer for it for some weird reason...

As already mentioned, I followed the news closely over the past 3 days. I wanted to see how large the contrast between Russian and western media is and the discrepancy is just insane. Both are spreading massive lies.

All I can say is that we have absolutely no clue what is going on over there but the rug pull is definitely coming.

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Lots of people seem to be worried about World War 3 starting.

That's even out of the question because in our world right now,we've built dreams into fruition so destruction would have no hand whatsoever.

I don't know in detail why this continues, but I'm sure there are strong reasons for those who attacked Ukraine, but the continuation of this situation has a major impact on Ukrainian people who have no idea what the problem is in Ukraine. One of them is like small residents who are not close to urban areas, just as we know that people who live in villages far from cities will be very slow to find out what happened, so they are too late to evacuate. Mainly innocent children, and innocent citizens, but we don't know what problem these Ukrainian high-ranking officials have with Russia, and innocent local citizens have to endure the suffering this is happening. However, I am also a human being and I can feel how painful it is to have the current state of affairs that is happening in Ukraine.

The much higher oil price makes this war highly profitable for Russia. Plenty of other places for them to sell their stuff. It’s essential commodities with highly on elastic demand.
China, India and Brazil are clearly not going to sanction.
So Europe will freeze and it’s heavy industries will collapse and food prices in the US will go through the roof.

The Russians are used to hard times and depravation. Soft Europeans far less so.

If one side won’t fight it will fall without a fight. No WWIII. Just Russian domination of Europe.

Interesting point. I wonder, though, why oil prices have been increasing even before the invasion?

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Everyone seems to blame Putin for what is going on but never look at what NATO is trying to achieve if Ukraine join NATO and this is what any NATO members won't accept, especially united state , would they accept mexico to join alliance with China ,no one as the right in war

Oh Edited I came here for the comments!

And they don't disappoint.

I feel terrible for the people of Ukraine and also Russia, I also think the US should stay out of it, as due to location it just isn't practical to protect it forever for free, and it will always be a highly desired location and next to Russia. If we free it, we will forever be tied to holding it.

We are too unstable ourselves, but I was most amused by those who felt that exploring a differt view was worthy of a flag.

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Why do we care? Because this is just the latest installment of our perennial war. Most of the mob are now in the "Je suis Ukraine" phase of their existence, but as you well pointed out, they would not care if it wasn't for the media instructing them to.

But I also think we care for a very selfish reason. We are tired. Talking to my peers (so early-mid 20s), I get an overwhelming sense of "this can't be the end" attitude, and I'm sure it's replicated, perhaps to a lesser extent in older generations, as well. We're coming off of two very stressful years, regardless if you saw through the whole BS or not, and now a war? I think the reason most of us care is that we just want our lives to go back to normal already. Of course we don't actually care. Sure, what's happening is a tragedy for the Ukrainian individuals caught up in this, but I guarantee you that 99% of European/American people watching this (at least) would gladly trade in many more dead in Ukraine, just as long as they can go back to their usual life.

Who's going to fight it? Gen-Z? I think we can all admit that this seems... unlikely... and borderline laughable.

I keep saying the same. Young men today continue being children, essentially, well into their 30s. It would be a depressing thought to think they're the ones who will defend our countries, should push come to shove. Not that young women are better.

Are we in the "Hard times create strong men" phase?

Yes, at least I think so. Then again, we could be in the "Lies and deception create obedient men" phase.

quite interesting really

This is right time for general public to stand up an say enough is enough Russian. Because Russian think that they are the more powerful country which is lie. I want people to sanctions them

I love you for your tweets!!!

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