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Hi, I’m Alessandra!
Maybe I met you at HiveFest 🇲🇽 ?
@bitterirony & I made it our first Hive event.
Now we want to meet more Hivians!!

So, we’re inviting Hive friends to meet us for drinks & light eats when we’re in the UK 🇬🇧 at the end of the month.

I host Thirsty Thursday events every week online, so I’m super excited (okay, and a little nervous) to host IRL in my fave city on earth. But this is @bitterirony’s fave bar on earth!


WHEN: Thurs, 30 Nov., 7pm
[we’ll be there an hour early]

WHERE: London Edition, Soho
10 Berners Street W1T 3NP
Lobby Bar

We can’t wait to meet you!!
Cheers!! 🥰

Thx to @steevc & @tibfox for your encouragement.💖

@buzzparty @teamuksupport

Photo @bitterirony & @alessandrawhite
London Edition, Lobby Bar
March 2023

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Hey you all!

We are here to connect you all with the Hive events in your local area. For this we have developed a tool to discover people by the location they entered in the Hive bio:

Here is a great event planned for the 30th of November you could be interested in!

You live in a range of 200km around the event: You have GB/Britain/Great Britain/England in your location.
Maybe you live near the event:

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I can't wait to be part of this fun as well. Thanks for sharing.

Do you get to come? Oh, that would rock!! 🎸

Yes, I'm positive of my coming. I love meetups. Being connected with like-minded individuals is simply a great feeling.

Did someone say PARTY!? 💃🕺🕺💃👯🥂🥂

I will be in London on that day!

That’s fanTASTIC!! I’m thrilled!

I'll do my best to get there and will spread the word. Have a great trip.


Heeheehee! You bought the first drink!!!

I can't wait to see you guys again @steevc @adetorrent and @tdctunes.

Thanks for letting me know about this been on the platform since Aug 2017 and never been to a meet up.

You have such an original account!
Skateboarding…but of a rebel, eh?
Love it. 🥰

Thank you so much, I am currently on a mission to skate every postcode and raise money for a mental health charity. You have to be a rebel to still be in crypto since 2017 hahaha

Have you skated SW1W yet?

I lived there a when I was attending Inchbald School of Design. Quiet neighborhood.

Also, have you heard about what #freecompliments is up to? They've got a mental health initiative that is just getting started. You might like to look in on it. 😘

Oh cool will check that out

I hope that guy in the photo's not there. He looks super sketchy. Just sayin'.

I hope to be there. It depends on whether I can get into London that evening. Earlier that week I will be in town but not that working day. Put me down as a maybe at this stage.

Hi Nick!
What day are you in London? We could meet for a coffee or drink before you leave London. LMK 🥰

The Tuesday that week, 28th but I will check the 30th later this week. I’m up in London over the next two days at the moment but you’re not here yet 🙂

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