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The Author of the Week initiative is looking for ten Hivers who want to help us grow Hive and spread the word about our Blockchain. We will do this through organic interactions and by sharing the best content published on Hive, which is selected through the decentralized Polls on Leo.

The idea is to start promoting content from Hive on X in a proper way so it gets more impressions and more clicks. We will teach you how to do it, and all you need to do is share this content 1-2 times a week, the rest of your time on X you can focus in growing your account there and expanding your reach - this is actually expected, because we want Hivers who have the time to build their brand over there so their audience grows, and eventually they come to Hive organically.


1- You already spend some time on X on a daily basis - We don't want Hivers to look at this like a job, we want to boost the reach existing Hivers on X have <- This one is extremely important if you want a blue account.

2- You've been active on Hive for more than 1 year - We want Hivers who are committed to Hive.

3- You have a good written english level - It doesn't have to be perfect, just good enough so that the X algorithm doesn't penalize your account for bad grammar.

4- You have a way to pay for blue - We will transfer you the HBD + Taxes, you will pay for it yourself.

5- You do not engage in politics, religion, delicate topics, or get into pointless fights with random users frequently - Sadly the X algorithm hates this kind of interactions and will penalize your account rank.

About consistency - This is not a job, but it is expected that you remain active and building your audience there so that eventually, they come to Hive organically. If this is not done, we will look for other people to fill this team effort.

That's it.

If you want an X blue account and you fulfil the requirements above, drop a comment here.

Tell us a little bit about you and why do you think you are a good fit for this, no need to expand to much :)

We will get in touch soon and we'll add you to a channel in the Leo Discord server to polish details.

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If you find me OK to qualify - I would be happy to give it a try.
TBH, I don't know much yet about the X "blue" status. Maybe its time to learn.
I am on Hive since MAY 2016 ( @onealfa ), and on X since MARCH 2010
My X account here:

If I can qualify with the,

Hive Blockchain Content account

I did try blue for a month to see if it would make a difference but cancelled it then. It did make a difference but i had to tidy up all of my expenses to buy a house.

With sponsorship from LEO I would love to turn it premium again.

After having written two books on Web3 social media, and playing around on several platforms and protocols in the last couple of years, I have discovered that Hive is my favorite one of all. I already knew that because I'd played on Steemit before the hardfork, but playing around on other platforms confirmed it for me. Hive is the best.

Recently, I was selected to be a guest curator for @ecency. While I am not as committed to X as I am to Hive, I do post there daily. I'll promote Hive wherever I go. I wasn't planning to buy a Blue account, but if I can grow my X following and channel that following to Hive and my newsletter, which I use to promote my books, Hive, and Web3 in general, then that would be a major plus.

I've been marketing online for 17 years as a freelance writer and have had multiple Twitter accounts over the years. A rebranding in 2021 had me creating a new Twitter account after my previous one lay dormant for a couple of years.

I am also co-host on the Defluenced podcast with @unklebonehead.

My X account is

Hi man, can you join the Leo discord server please?

Hey, I am definitely interested in taking part into this.
I am in Hive from a decent time, I have a good english level and I am in target with crypto-surroundings even if I do not spend too much time on X to share my posts (my bad), I spend time there to read news and stay updated.

I am a crypto-professional, dealing with crypto full-time for start-ups applications and Web2--> Web3 bridging

Here is my X account

Hi man, can you join the Leo discord server please?

Done, my nick is mikezillo

unfortunately 'm not to participate in this campaign as 'm not active user on hive. Waiting for some campaigns...

There's already a campaign for Hive! Ask for a referral code on Threads

feel free to use this link for the hive zealy quest

Hi, anomadsoul.

I am a big supporter of the LEO team's effort to get visibility and I am an active member of the Hive Community.

Engagement is my thing, so finding great content to promote on X will come easily to me.

Taking up a role like this will not only help with the community's goals to reach more people but it will help me to learn more too.

So I am interested.

Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Hey can you share your X account with me?

Great, i been on hive for a decent time and i speak Spanish and English.

My Focus is more on a art way and here's My link;

•sigueme por acá•

Hi, thank you for sending us your links, we're looking for someone a little bit more active, if we have some slots open in a few months we'll let you know!

Il be right here. 🤜🏻🤛🏻

Hi! I think I'm fit for this type of role.

I have been spending some time now sharing posts that promote hive on X and I believe with you showing me a better way to do this, I could be able to achieve my aims of inviting the right audience to join and commit to hive at a faster rate.

You can find my twitter handle here

Thank you!

Well, this is a great initiative.

Congratulations to anyone who will be chosen.

This is a brilliant initiative, and I think it is part of what Hive needs to grow its ecosystem. I would like to apply for this initiative, and you'll find me and my capabilities very useful. This is why:

Taking my reach on Web3 and Web2 platforms to higher levels is a priority for me, and I have been actively working on it. X is on the list, and using my enthusiasm and energy would be apt. I have been actively around on Hive for well over a year, and I have been committed in the past couple of months with good levels of activity in certain communities and initiatives. Written English and patronizing communication skills are my strong suits. I do have a way to pay for blue, and that's the least of our worries. I am liberal, and that helps in my interpersonal relationships, yet I am keen on keeping my line of work in any field uncompromised. I will add that I am passionate about Hive, and so consistency in promoting it is only consequential for me.

Well, you've converted me to accept the Blue signature on "X" @anomaddsoul

I have been an active user in the Hive community since December 2021, but I built my profile on LeoFinance through the adoption campaign, since then I have been actively participating in the Leo community, from Threads to various engagement challenges, I hope I can help with this requirement to obtain the Blue subscription, recently I have been working a little more on my engagement in the "X" network, and I am walking a laborious but worthwhile path in the near future.

My X :

I am interested in being the man for the job. I spend considerable amount of time on X so it wouldn't be a problem following your brief. I have the materials needed to do well .

This is a very good idea, I really try to be active on Twitter with cryptocurrency topics, and I comment on some of the Twett I see there.

I think in general I comply with everything you explain here, I am active on Twitter and I do it naturally, because actually if I want to make myself an account with good followers on Twitter, that would also help me a lot when it comes to sharing something with my account.

I also don't get into problems related to politics, but I really don't like to waste my time on those things, plus I have more than 2 years in hive, almost three years, and my commitment to hive is very good and in the long term I have a lot of things planned.

It would be great to be part of this.

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Hi, can you send me your twitter account?

Hi, how are you, this link will take you to my Twitter account:

Genial!!!!! Muy buena publicación

This is great! Good luck and congrats to those who would be selected. I would have wanted to join myself but im not into X hehe.

If you need help in X, I am at your disposal. My twitter is wuiltonmoreno, when I make a commitment, I fulfill it 100%.

Hi! 👀
This is an interesting proposal, reading the requirements I could see that I meet all of them, so here I come to apply.

On December 19th of this year I will celebrate 2 years in Hive, I post basically every day, I have actively participated in activities that help to promote Hive both physically and virtually. I keep myself really active in both Web3 (Hive, Solana...) and Web2 social networks (Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, X) and I know how to express myself pretty well. My first language is Spanish, but I understand and speak English reasonably good.

My management of social networks is great, this year I have fairly increased my number of followers and I'm good at graphic design and creating written and audiovisual content.

I hope you take me into consideration, thank you very much! 😊

Hi anomadsoul,
I am an active Hiver and also a vibrant member of the leofinance community with a staked leo tokens of about 1300 LEO.

I am also an active member on web 2.0 as well, I do share my splinterlands post links there especially on X every week in participating in the weekly challenge.

Not only that, I also do share Leofinance post links there as a well, as a way of earning X outreach curation. This is a great opportunity and the best period to invite some good authors from the Web 2.0 platforms.

I would be committed to work vibrantly when given this opportunity.

Thank You.

My X account:

Hi anomadsoul

I would like to use this opportunity to join forces in promoting Hive anand Leofinance. I've been an active Hive user since 2021. My first account was @salamdeen. But I'm now active on this one. I admire the Leofinance ecosystem a lot, with a long term vision towards it.

As for X, I've been engaging there especially around Tech and crypto conversations. I do post my Leofinance activities there too. I am slowly growing my X account, so far I have 926 followers there.

I am looking forward to get selected in order to spread the good news of The Hive blockchain and leofinance

Thank you

X handle:

Hi, what is your disocrd username?

It's lifeof.abdul ser

I can't find you on the leo server, can you join please

I am already a member. The username is lifeof.abdul#0

I will send you a dm on discord right away

Count me in ^^ @subidu

Hello @anomadsoul ,

I have been on a big passionate lover of the blockchain and support this movement with my all.

I have been an Hivian for over a year and my activities on twitter are basically Hive related just like you noted above. You can check out my activities below in the X space.

Thank you.

Sure, the is exactly this. Love to get a blue one.

Hey man! Would you be using your personal account or this one? The algo doesn't like "company sounding" accounts as much as it likes personal accounts

There are different accounts I may use.

Let's discuss this in a lovely country on Wednesday evening....

Hehehe sounds good!

I am fully aligned with the idea of promoting Hive and Leo .

I see web 3.0 as the future and am sold on the idea of promoting the SocialFi narrative.
I have been on Hive from the legacy blockchain days as I had joined the platform in 2017

I am a team player and would like to be a part of your team to promote Leo
I have been promoting Leo with all its initiatives and onboarding campaigns as a Leo Squire and currently promoting Leo threads and the Hive zealy campaign.

My twitter (X) account is
Looking forward to work on promoting the Author of the Week

I also need a blue account. If this works totally it would be a lot of fun!

I mainly used Twitter for a long time at least the Bitcoinflood account as a way to push articles. However I'm changing pace on that now and using it on a more regular basis. My "job" or what I do in life is social media management for content creators as well as building, creating, funnels, flows and businesses from the ground up. This shift that's happening right now is a shift to focus a bit more on myself instead of clients as I want to start backing off clients and just doing what I love and building myself.

You'll see me as of yesterday a lot more active in a more productive way over on X along with a vast amount of other platforms. Would be happy to be considered for this depending on the deets needed to be provided. Either way I'll be heavily promoting Hive and LEO on twitter and other platforms rolling forward.
AKA We need affiliate tracking links (they don't need to pay anything just so I can more easily follow up with new signups I bring on and encourage them or show them the ropes)

Hello @anomadsoul,

I've been actively promoting Hive on Twitter since 2020 and have seen firsthand the potential it holds for greater outreach. Your initiative resonates with my efforts, and I believe I can contribute meaningfully. Given my consistent engagement and understanding of both platforms, I think I'd be a valuable addition to this initiative. Looking forward to joining the team and further expanding Hive's presence on X!

Warm regards,