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I've listened to a combined 23hrs of Spaces on X where they talk about the algorithm, growth strategies and brand building, and I've read dozens of articles, researched accounts that talk about this topic, and I compiled all the information.

Here's your ultimate guide to growing on X as a Hiver. I'm not gonna give a lot of of my reasoning for all the alpha shared here because this would turn into a 3k word post. If you want to follow this strategies I can guarantee your brand on X will grow.

Grow your brand on X, amass a big audience, and together we will grow Hive in an organic way.

Build your Brand

Get Blue

Choose your username, name, and profile picture wisely. You won't be able to change it once you get X blue.

Then, get X blue. Without blue, your brand growth will take forever.

Edit that bio.

The algorithm reads your bio and puts you in a cluster of content creators. Use it wisely. Add keywords and tell people more about what you do and a little bit of who you are. Don't mention Hive in the Bio, it's better if you add your favorite dapp or frontend in the 'website' section. Check out how I did it:

Visuals are everything. Notice how I managed to put "BixDev at..." as a second line in my Bio. Also notice how I made the 'Location" point to the 'website'.

My recommendation is to add something like this:

Read more from me 👉🏻 leofinance.io/username

I use leofinance, but you can use whatever frontend you prefer.

Follower ratio

You're gonna have to unfollow people.

Your following to follower ratio must be 60% or less.

An easy formula: Divide # of following / # of followers. If the result is more than 0.6, you have to unfollow more people.

Can you English please?

From now on all your Tweets posts must be in English, this includes replies.

Forget about your native language. You are now an English content creator and your brand will focus on this audience.

Pick 2-3 niche topics

We want to attract the Crypto market and promote Hive, but we also want to reach to other audiences.

The algorithm uses Clusters, and puts you inside clusters depending on what kind of creators you follow, who follows you, what you like and what you post about.

Your main focus is Crypto Twitter, but you also want to expand that reach.

Pick 2-3 topics that aren't crypto related. Topics that you can create content about and add value to content related to.

Go Follow

Follow at least 10 creators from each niche. Expand the amount of clusters you are part of.

Add these creators to a list, name it however you want, but add them. You will have 2-3 lists.

Add notifications

Curate a list out of those accounts you started following, pick the mid-sized creators (5k-20k followers) and add notifications so you know when they post.

No distractions

Unfollow every account that steals time or attention from you. Forget about Politics, Religion, Health and Covid. Follow people only related to crypto, your niche topics, or people who are good content creators even if they are not part of your niche.

It's hustler time

Set a schedule

I dedicate to X around 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour at night.

Define how much you are going to dedicate to X and set a schedule to browse your lists.

Reply more, create less

This is actually how Hive should work, but most Hivers don't like to consume content, just create it :(

Anyway, My rule is 100 replies per 1 post. Until you have 2,000 followers this will be your bible.

During your set schedule, dedicate to reply to people on your lists, no matter when they posted. Do it to mid-sized accounts. Big accounts won't respond unless you do it fast - that's why you set notifications on these creators.

If during your schedule one of these big creators posts, stop what you're doing and go reply to them, then go back to replying to your lists.

Reply meaningfully. Try to connect with the author. Make them follow you.


Post daily.

Post about your niche topics. Don't post about Hive, this is not useful. Your audience has to come to you and notice you are part of Hive by reading your Bio. Let them come organically.

I usually post 2-3 times a day.

Always add a picture to your content. If you have midjourney, use it.

Do not use more than one hashtag - I don't even use hashtags.

Long form posts are King. If you are going to post more than once a day, make sure that one of them is a long form post - feel free to adapt your Hive content to X. Tweak it, don't blatantly repost it.

Mind your Reblogs

Only reblog posts that you already replied to and the author replied back.

Your reblogs must resonate with you and your audience, don't reblog low quality stuff.

If you made a long form post that day, reblog yourself 12 hours later.


Do not reply to users who have a bad follower ratio (remember that 60%). The algorithm will de-rank you if you engage with bad creators.

Attend spaces

If you have wifi and you are not in focus mode, join spaces from creators you follow during the day, even if you listen to them intermittently or not listen at all. It's better if they are small spaces so your account shows at the top (you have blue) so people start getting used to your face.

This way, when you reply, they'll be more keen to reply back. Make them follow you.

Become an expert

Waffle house strategy: Engaging with meaningful replies in other creator’s content is always a good option, you just have to be wary of coming across as a spammer. They key is to add to the conversation, not promote random things.

Pinned post

This is the first post anyone who clicks on your profile will see, make it count.

Again, make them follow you.


Curate your content. I include all my long form posts or kickass threads to my highlights so people get hooked to my content and they follow me.

No links to the outside

X posts that include links out of X, Hive included, will get deboosted. We will have a strategy to share Hive related content, but more on that later.

Blue-on-blue action is god

Subscribe to other blue accounts and then engage with them. This has been proven to a rank and content booster more than anything else.

Using pro (tweetdeck)

Go to TweetDeck and use it. I have a column for each of my lists, a column for my 'For you' and another one for my Following.

Use this during your scheduled time. Productivity increases 100x.


This initiative is fully coordinated with POSH. Posh was the first initiative that dedicated to promote Hive on Twitter and they will always lead the charge on this sector. This post is just a guideline for those who want take it a step further and create a brand around them on X.

The Posh strategy was perfect with the old algorithm, but since the change in the Business Model of X and their algo tweaks, Posh is getting revamped, so be on the lookout for a post from @acidyo where he'll announce the new Posh model!

Tagging the Hivers who asked me to do so.

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Now that I got a good amount of posts in queue ready to post I can stay consistent as long as I keep it that way, after this first step I have been looking into spreading my content across other platforms but would like to let people know that they can join Hive not only to post about crypto but about other topics, I like crypto but talking about it makes me meh its just too much besides ppl get uber emotional about it, Im also trying to learn how to rank my blog and in there promote Hive besides my content, thx for the advice, will match my X account and give it a try ✌️

This great to read.

But Before getting the blue check can I change my username? Idk if that’s possible.

Yes you can, it's better before because if you do it after you lose the blue.

Can you regain it after by paying again?

wow u going all out . how many people have came to hive from your x engagement

I'm still finding it hard to understand how the X stuff works and also what it means to have x blue.

I will have to come back to read this again and also make some research until I finally understand these things.

Thank you so much for the tag as promised.

This is golden, thanks for the tips. I will do my best to improve my X game.

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Amazing ! I saved it for later, got some spaces to join

I hope this works out well! I've always felt that we promote X within Hive, not the other way around.

Good luck to all who will take on this task, as I am well aware that it is a lot of work.

If there is any way we normal users can help, I will gladly do so.

Great read. It got knowhow written all over it hence a good way of attracting more people to Hive

So many things to keep in mind about X, I'm definitely going to have to stop following accounts :-( I liked learning about this, most of the things you write here I didn't know. 👍

Engagement on X is pretty valuable for projects to reach their target audience. After the blue check, I have observed a drastic increase in the number of views and interactions.

This is going to be a great work for Hive ecosystem ✌🏼

X posts that include links out of X, Hive included, will get deboosted. We will have a strategy to share Hive related content, but more on that later.

Isn’t this presently part of the Leofinance curation criteria? I’m just thinking out loud on what to do

But then again, these things are changing 🤦🏼

I notice you did not put a link to your personal Leofinance profile in your bio as well, any reason in particular?

Thank you for this great information, seeing this I realize that I have a lot of things to improve, including changing my name to a new one.

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This was awesome, I'm definitely saving!

Awesome guide but what about hive related stuff we reblog ?

Be careful bro, your brain is going to explode 😁

Hopefully I'm able to gather enough funds to get the X blue. Nice read though

Thanks for the mention and I have gone through your detailed post and this is apt. Growing on X is something amazing and making people recognize you. I will definitely work on getting a blue on my profile.

I think I will really need to come back to be serious on twitter

G R E A T post Eric!
One observation only, you can still change your name/profile photo - but your checkmark will be gone for a while, until it is reviewed and confirmed again.

Thanks for this guide. It'll be very useful. Reblogged!

This is very rich and educating. Learning more ways to navigate through Hive. Thank you.

this is really informative, thanks a lot I'll try them out

Reply more, create less
This is actually how Hive should work

This is actually super useful for growth on HIVE too. Maybe you should mention it in your weekly shows on Leo.

Just came here from Twitter mate. Will do this. Time to get fucking serious.