Introducing Matt "yabapmatt" Rosen as Aqualis' First Advisor + $250 SPS Giveaway

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Dear Aqualiens,

We are extremely excited to announce Matthew @yabapmatt Rosen as the first of many advisors to join Aqualis!

Many of you reading this may already know Matt as the co-founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Splinterlands, but less of you may know he is also an avid researcher and fanatic of decentralized finance (DeFi). The Splinterlands economy is an incredibly intricate and detailed one, with many parallels to existing DeFi infrastructure. Matt believes the key to developing a good game economy stems from understanding existing ecosystems by examining the strengths and weaknesses of them to develop on what works while avoiding what does not. This philosophy is at the heart of Aqualis, hence why we believe Matt and his in-depth knowledge of DeFi will be a major asset in the early stages of our development.

About Aqualis

Aqualis aims to bring forth a new era of DeFi through our asset multi-utilization strategy. With this, we hope to achieve the highest utilization rates of assets throughout all of DeFi, thus allowing us to offer users the lowest stablecoin trading fees with zero price impact, low borrowing interest rates while maintaining a high rate of return for depositors. This ecosystem will be powered by our AQL governance token, which will undergo several funding rounds to fill our protocol owned liquidity. Throughout this process, the founders will not take a single cent in profit, as all funds will go towards the protocol’s treasury, operations fund, or developers.

For more information, please have a read of our introduction article or visit our website.

About Matt and Splinterlands

As per Matt’s bio in the Splinterlands docs, “Matthew started developing his computer programming skills at the age of 10. He wanted to make his own video games, and has been doing so professionally for most of a decade. He has extensive experience in game design, computer programming, and blockchain technologies.”

Over the past three years, Matt and his dedicated team have been building the forefront of play to earn gaming. They have expanded from a small two-man team to over 150 employees and part time contractors, over $130 million market cap in cards, and a governance token with over $65 million market cap.

The Synergy Between Aqualis and Splinterlands

Although we will have Matt on board as our advisor, not Splinterlands the company itself, we believe there can be many mutually beneficial synergies created for both projects.

We believe just the announcement of this partnership is enough to help build the foundations of our community. Despite being on the Hive blockchain, Splinterlands’ assets span across multiple chains, including BSC, Ethereum, Tron and Wax. Due to this, Splinterlands’ has reached almost every corner of web3, forming a community with many incredibly experienced and mature web3 users. This is exactly the type of audience we want Aqualis to be exposed to and build ourselves right from the beginning.

Furthermore, once Aqualis becomes more developed, launch our MVP for public testing and expand our own community, we will endeavor to bring our audience back to our roots; Splinterlands. We will also give back to the Splinterlands community and economy through hosting multiple Splinterlands tournaments once our AQL governance token has been launched.

Lastly, we believe Matt’s knowledge and experience in the DeFi industry will be invaluable to us as we build our foundations and pave a way to make a name for ourselves.

Want to Learn More About Aqualis?

We highly recommend everyone to read through our whitepaper, join our Discord and follow our Twitter for all the most up to date information!

$250 SPS Giveaway

Now more about what most of you are actually here to read about! Simply follow the below steps:

  • Follow our Twitter
  • Retweet this Tweet
  • Join our Discord to react on the giveaway post to actually put yourself in the running to win. This step is very important!!


If anyone has any questions, concerns or feedback, feel free to comment below or better yet, join our Discord and message us in the General Chat!

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Jumped in the discord and found the intro post and blueprint of the project. Been reading through that and it sounds promising. I'm serious addicted to DeFi now and the potential it has. All things completed for the giveaway always love a good giveaway as well lol

Well this looks very interesting and I hadn't heard of it before.

Discord looks active, and I did all the things for entry!

Good luck guys, I have a huge amount of respect for how YabaMatt has conducted himself in the Hive economy and as the cofounder of Splinterlands. Hope to see your project excel.

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Thank you and yes, we are relatively new. In fact, this is really our first marketing push so it's not surprising this is the first time hearing of us!

Similarly, we are also big fans and have a huge amount of respect for Matt which is why we were so excited to have him agree to become an advisor.

Good luck in the giveaway and hope to see you around on Discord!

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Cheers and good luck! As your community grows consider having a dedicated community forum on LeoFinance!

Looking forward to hearing more about your project!

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This is awesome the opportunities keeps spreading further out. My first time reading about Aqualis, I sure will be reading up more about it.

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Great to hear! If you have any questions you are always welcome to ask in our Discord

Will do do thanks you

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Thanks for the heads-up on this exciting new project, and if yabapmatt is involved, so much the better! Just completed all of the steps on Twitter, and the giveaway reaction on Discord. :)

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It seems to be a good project and with YabaMatt (a lot of respect for the huge contribution he made to Hive especially with Splinterlands), it proves the seriousness of the project... I'll go read the whitepaper to know more about Aqualis. All the success 🙏

Wish you the best.

Es un proyecto Defi que promete y tiene una gran diferencia comparado a los distintos proyectos que ya existen y eso me gusta

Queda ver como se desarrolla con el tiempo y mis mejores deseos para su equipo de trabajo !PIZZA


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Learn more at

With Matt on the team, it's going to be great. Mad respect.

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This is good


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Yeah Im already join that

Your right... Just the announcement of Matt's role will be enough to attract quite a bit of attention!
More defi services and solutions are always welcome in this crazy crypto world :)
I look forward to seeing how this develops, and participating in the launch.
Following on twitter and discord.

Great Stuff!! Thank You!!