Splinterlands Introduction: Collection.

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Splinterlands Introduction: Collection.

Welcome back to my blog where I'll try to introduce the splinterlands in every possible way I can and I'm writing such a post after all these years because I'm still seeing players who don't know a lot of things about splinterlands and I'm doing it basically to save my time (I'll give the post link to whoever ask me what's that/how to do that etc).

And I'm gonna talk about splinterlands collection today where I'll try to talk and show everything about card collection.


[Note: I beg your pardon at the very beginning if I leave any wrong information unwillingly. If you think there's a mistake in this post then please let me know in the comment section.]

Cards Collection:

New players are provided with select Common and Rare cards from the Untamed edition of the game. To ensure that you always have a means to play the game, these free Level 1 “phantom” cards are forever linked to your account.
Once you’ve played a few battles, you may wish to start building your collection of “real” cards. These may be purchased via the shop or in the marketplace. Each additional card makes your collection more powerful.
Duplicate cards may be combined to gain higher levels. As your cards gain levels, the stats increase and special abilities are unlocked!
Cards that you purchase may be combined to gain levels, converted into Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), traded, sold, or leased to other players. - Source

  • After you buy a starter pack which has been recently called summoners spellbook, I guess... so after you buy a pack worth 10 USD, you'll get some starter cards in your collection to do battle.
  • https://steemmonsters.com/?p=collection&a=ashikstd
    • That's my collection but where's yours? Just change the username (ashikstd) with your username and you'll be able to see your card collection or you may check it manually like below.
      Then Boom.
  • You are about to see a lot of options on your card collection page like Edition, Foil, Role, Rarity, Splinter, Inventory.

    • Edition: There are a total of six editions till now which are Alpha, Beta, Promo, Rewards, Untamed, and Dice. In my sense, it's like generations. Newer monsters come from newer editions. There were/are booster packs for those editions like the beginning of launching splinterlands and before launching splinterlands, we could buy Alpha/Beta Edition Booster Packs from where we could get only Alpha/Beta edition cards. Then there came Orb Edition Booster Packs from where we could get only Promo edition cards. I don't remember how we got Rewards edition cards and I can't see anything about it on the website as well. Then there came Untamed Edition Booster Packs and at last Dice Edition Booster Packs. We can still buy Untamed and Dice Edition Booster Packs from the splinterlands market. I think I've talked enough about the edition part.
      There are a total of 351 cards in all six editions till now.
      • Alpha: There are 59 cards in the Alpha Edition.
      • Beta: There are 79 cards in the Beta Edition.
      • Promo: There are 24 cards in the Promo Edition.
      • Reward: There are 85 cards in the Reward Edition.
      • Untamed: There are 82 cards in the Untamed Edition.
      • Dice: There are 22 cards in the Dice Edition.
    • Foil: There are two foils for splinterlands cards. One is regular foil and another one is gold foil. Every splinterlands card comes with both foils where the regular foil is low in worth and gold foil is many times high in worth.
    • Role: There are two kinds of splinterlands cards. One is a summoner and another one is a monster.
      • Summoner: A summoner is a person who practices evocation, the act of calling upon or summoning a spirit or deity. Splinterlands summoners are like the leaders who won't take part on the battlefield but they have the ability to call upon monsters like a king summons soldiers into the battlefield. Most of the summoner of splinterlands has one/more than one special buff that sometimes can help win the battle easily. Summoners don't have health, speed, or attack powers, they only have special buffs that they can provide to monsters on the battlefield. There are 47 summoners in splinterlands till now.
      • Monster: Monsters are the ones in splinterlands that will do the fight on the battlefield with their special abilities and with the extra buff they'll get from the summoner. Monsters have health, speed, attack powers, special abilities and some of em have armor as well. There are 304 monsters in splinterlands till now.
    • Rarity: There are four rarities for all the splinterlands cards which are common, rare, epic, and legendary. Legendary cards are the most worthful cards in splinterlands then Epic then Rare and then Common cards.
      • Common: There are 109 Common cards.
      • Rare: There are 106 Rare cards.
      • Epic: There are 64 Epic cards.
      • Legendary: There are 72 Legendary cards.
    • Splinter: There are seven splinters in splinterlands and they are fire, water, earth, life, death, dragon, and neutral.
      You get to choose only one splinter among fire, water, earth, life, death, dragon to use on the battlefield and the neutral splinter is the one that can be used with any splinter as a sidekick but sometimes neutral splinter can't be used for a battle rule (I'll talk about all the rules later when I'll talk about battle in details).
      • Fire Splinter: There are 55 cards in the fire splinter.
      • Water Splinter: There are 54 cards in the water splinter.
      • Earth Splinter: There are 53 cards in the earth splinter.
      • Life Splinter: There are 54 cards in the life splinter.
      • Death Splinter: There are 56 cards in the death splinter.
      • Dragon Splinter: There are 39 cards in the dragon splinter.
      • Neutral Splinter: There are 40 cards in the neutral splinter.
    • Inventory: There are two inventories that are cards and others.
      • Cards: In this inventory, you'll only get to see the cards.
      • Others: image.png
        You'll get to see everything except the cards in this part like I have the summoner's spellbook, credits, DEC, common totem claim, two kinds of potions and I can see all of them from other items.

That's all for today.

If you're interested in playing the splinterlands game then you should start it.
Here is the link to the official websites which is also my affiliate link.

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** The End **

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Great job, Ashik!
This will be very helpful for new (and old) players.

Thanks for this article! Really love it! I, myself, am rather at the beginning and would love to see a lot more like this article. Especially a bit more info on potions and how they work would be very much appreciated :D