Crypto's are CRASHING (did you just enter into crypto?)

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source: Bloomberg

N00bs - The end is nigh!
Veterans - woo-hoo

Seem's reasonable since "Visa, Morgan Stanley, and JPMorgan are some of the latest big names to get involved."


That was then
This is now:


Notice anything different from my blog exactly 29 days ago?

Look closely!

Anyone who has been involved with crypto specifically BTC has a better idea of how this play's out. I hear a lot of projections and predictions. The most prevalent and trustworthy analysis I am starting to take on is the 4 year cycle. This includes BTC halvening.

The bitcoin halving explained:
"On the Bitcoin Blockchain, each block contains transactions from global bitcoin users that need to be verified as non-double-spent so they can be go through and be logged on the blockchain ledger. Miners use computer programs and hardware to compete in solving a cryptographic puzzle to ‘win’ the block, thus receiving a reward in newly minted bitcoin.

But at every 210,000 blocks, the Bitcoin Network experiences a scheduled “bitcoin halving”. What this means is that the amount of bitcoin reward to a miner for each block is halved, or cut in half.

Since the first block was mined in 2009, the halves have been initiated about every four years, with the third halving due May 12th of 2020".


Alright so if we go by this view when is the time to 'exit' and re-accumulate (if you so decide? Well if you want to subscribe to this view this chart was published February 2019! The projections are almost uncanny and we can see that from this chart BTC (and of course alt's) have a real chance to continue to go nuts!

Just under USD $175,000 for a single Bitcorn! Imagine what this will do to the alt's. Now experienced traders dump their corn and start to accumulate which looks a few months before 2022. The question is if all experienced BTC trader's know this; can we expect a dump some time before that?

Perhaps! This year and last year has thrown us multiple black swan events. Even halvenings and cycles can be disrupted. At this time and for now I view the current trading action and price discovery on track. We have heard before 2021 that institutions are getting in. ETF's are being created, Banning the CORN!

It's been said before, it's been done before. I am currently holding, and even if I miss the top of this BULL market, it may be a painful few years before there is traction again. Of course there are other swan's that will emerge. Quantum computing can crack these encryptions; but it is still years away. Like any experienced Bitcoin / alt-coin trader knows; always take some profit along the way!


I couldn't re-blog, so I'll be lazy and tell you to continue to HODL. Seriously, calm yourself children! I sold some ETH last night only to re-buy because I just got some extra ETH and WHY not?

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If anything, it gives us plebs a bit more time to accumulate before the end of the cycle.

Speaking of ETH...I don't think I'll be able to reach the magical 32 this cycle. Will have to see if I could get there in the bear.

Getting that 32 Now isn't my priority as it's locked in for a long time anyways no?

I just want to be able to stake independently without going through exchanges.

I try to buy $100 BTC and $100 ETH on all the big dips.... that is my strategy.


Right! It is time to be calm and buy some more! I bought some & I know soon I will find profits 📈...

Oh the future is bright for the cryptos. Congrats on this post, bear!

thanks Iron!

The capital gains taxes are spooking everyone here in the states.

You didn't think they would pump it up and not take from your hard work did you?!

In general you can expect the government to act like a wendigo.

It has risen so much in recent months that in my opinion this decline is completely normal.How many times have we seen Bitcoin die and then rise again ?!

Yuppers btc is not over

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Buying as it falls.

What I notice differently is the meteoric rise of XRP and DOGE primarily ;).

But I do agree that most likely this rally has not ended yet, and that there will be more in the tank :). Mainly because the insanity level on the internet hasn't gone through the roof...yet.

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Indeed! Too bad the e-transfer from my bank is going to take a while to my exchange ;(

I am in in crypto for long time ago.. but it does not make any difference for me whether it is crashing or not because because i was never profitable in crypto ever @bearbear613

How is that possible? If you bought any time a month ago + - a few days you would be in profit (BTC). That makes no sense to me. Even if you bought at the top in 2018 you would be in profit now.

I have bought just a few days ago a lil amount of btc it got crashed .when i ever i do with crypto it graph goes down word .i think its a bad luck for me @bearbear613

Oh I thought you said you been doing this a long time. Just be patient in my opinion! Sounds like you are expecting perfect result your first time. Don't get Rekt, learn what you are doing and be patient. The question is what the price will be months from now.

I dont how much it will drop or gain .its just the matter of time dear @bearbear613

I am very worried about the way cryptocurrency is going down

Because I am thinking of working with the current cryptocurrency and have I invested some money so that I can make some money through this cryptocurrency so I always follow your posts I can learn a lot and benefit a lot through your posts

I noticed that too cos I just joined hive, I don't get more attention on my post.

Still plenty of room left to the upside. At some point the bubble will pop, but not in the near future. We're not there yet. We don't even have the majority of altcoins BTC pairings on a break even.

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Man I bought some BTC today.. still freakin expensive imagine how much more later ;)

it is happening now, same as before