The decision of moving from writing content on my new website to Leo Finance

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These times offered us the chance to reinvent ourselves and think of doing our own gig, beside our regular work which in IT mostly moved remotely. And as I had problems accommodating myself working from home, I've decided to create a website addressing this need and all the information to make it better. And this way was born and all my hopes to developing it into a big site with good content, drive traffic and monetize it was like a startup.


I've found a good WordPress theme on the Internet, bought hosting and SSL certificates and deployed the new site in a short time. I've started with one posts at 1-2 days as I needed to do some research and tried to add also my own touch. Some of the subjects were derived from my own experiences teleworking and the tools that I've started to use to serve this purpose. I've gathered some content and expanded quite a bit the content from the site.

As anyone which is rushing to make money on their website, I've started to look for ways to monetize it. I've appeals for Google AdSense, but due to the Pandemic they've suspended reviewing new sites in their Ads programs. I've looked for others Ads programs, tried few and finally chose one which would transform my site into a semaphore. I was subscribing to traffic programs by trial or free and getting some traffic to the site. Some views were started to build up, but looking at the ads revenue I was barely making few cents a day. I thought to myself that I don't think this is the path to success.

I did an experiment and published one of my article to Hive. And in one or two days I got few dollars out of it. At that point it was clear that monetizing my website is not worth the time or maybe I don't know exactly to do the required marketing to make it rise somehow. From that point on I switched my attention to Hive. I've started learning about the communities, got into some photography ones in the beginning and was participating in some weekly contest making some small revenues, but much better than the site monetization.

The steps took me one day to LEO Finance and I've discovered the potential from here. As I've graduated Business Informatics I soon found out that it was the right place for me. A great community all around, topics I was interested and topics I good write about. And from that point on I just focused my energy here and in few months I made about $500 market value which probably with my site would take 1-2 years (even if that would be passive income the time to reach it would be a fight). And I've expanded my ways to contribute here and earn from different instruments on LEO Finance which is the perfect glove to continue to do so.

What do you say, did I do the right thing turn from a blogging site to LEO Finance? Do you think that there might be better monetization instruments out there for small websites compared to the crypto earned on LEO Finance? I would say no, but would like your opinions on this as well.

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And from that point on I just focused my energy here and in few months I made about $500 market value which probably with my site would take 1-2 years

What is cool is that, with the right bull run, that $500 can become $5,000.

Try to do that with a Wordpress site in under a year. The potential here is enormous.

It is good to see your efforts being rewarded since you are heavily active on here.

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Much appreciated for the encouragement and all the support that you gave me since I've joined this platform. The fact that I could engage with content creators like you, had some tips, followed up some interesting debated just brought something that I would have gain with a traditional blogging and that is a feeling of being part of a movement, of a community and doing things to benefit us all. This energy motivates me to write more, even if in some moments my inspiration might be blocked.

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What you say is vitally important:

Being a part of something bigger than oneself...a movement if you will. Doing the same thing on Wordpress, what is the tie other than to what you are doing.

However, on Leofinance and, in turn, Hive, we can feel a part of doing something that will change things. This is an added bonus which helps to motivate many of us.

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I was considering a crypto website of my own, which wouldn't be hard to buidl with the service I already pay for.

With perfect SEO and keyword research, it usually takes about 3 months to start seeing good rankings from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

It's hard to keep at it that long without seeing results. Faith starts to dwindle. 3 1500 word posts a day at minimum will do it, and you have to keep it up.

Who's to say if you made the wrong or right choice? I ask myself the same thing about my own fishing site. My answer lately has been to put my time in here. Who knows where Google and social media is headed? Could be a poor path to keep following.

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Indeed the traditional web content versus blockchain is a debate or thing which we still don't know which might be better. But I feel more energized, motivated from being part of this community and there are enough channels to engage compared to the traditional web sites. And also I think the purpose is a little bit different (or at least more) when you are part of a community.

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