Did you reach your SPS target?

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In a couple of hours, we will all be receiving what I believe is the final SPS airdrop and that completes 365 days of awesomeness. To think that the airdrop just did one whole cycle around the sun and it felt like a single rotation. I guess that's just how it is when you're having fun and getting paid for it.

At the start of the airdrop, everyone set staking and accumulation targets and I wonder how many people actually achieved their goals. Can you remember the target you set at the beginning of the airdrop?

I remember my set target at the beginning quite vividly because, as I said, it doesn't feel like one year has passed.

At the beginning of the airdrop, I set a tentative target of around 10K SPS tokens at the end of the airdrop period. Around this time last year, I was basically living off SPS tokens, so my plan was to spend half and stake the other half of everything I earned daily.

It is safe to say that I have met my target, as I'm ending the airdrop with a bit more than 20K SPS token staked. Interestingly, I reached my initial 10K SPS target halfway through the airdrop and then doubled the target with the other half of the airdrop period.

My journey to 20K SPS wasn't always straight forward though. The journey can be split into two major periods, which coincidentally align with the general crypto market.

You see, at the start of the airdrop, there was an underlying bullishness about the market that was pushing the price of SPS token towards $1. At that time, even DEC was doing mad numbers and earnings from ranked battle quest could cater to the requirements of most people in third world poor countries like Nigeria.

Accumulating in the first half was quite easy for me, as I just held on to a couple of my assets includes NFTs, and over 1 million DEC at the time. As I mentioned earlier, I spent most of the SPS I earned in this period on sorting out my life.

The second half of the airdrop period coincided with the downturn of the crypto market and at this stage, there was really no benefit in SPending SPS tokens. Even right now, 20K SPS token is just a bit over $1k and all things considered, that is not value for the time by any stretch of the imagination.

In the later part of the second half of the airdrop, I had already sold all my monsters and DEC, but I held packs, had some champion points and some assets in liquidity pools that gave me a few SPS tokens. However, most of the SPS tokens I got at this stage came from dollar cost averaging with my post rewards on Hive.

Fast forward to the end of the airdrop period and I'm here with exactly 20081 SPS tokens, with 2045 staked in the 38.45% pool in Splinterlands. Now that the airdrop period has come to an end, all my SPS will either come from staking rewards or market buys.

A couple of days ago, I set a new target of reaching 34k SPS staked, as that represented double the 17K SPS I had staked at the time. I am still some distant away from my new target but if the crypto market doesn't do any crazy upward movement in the coming months, I believe I will be able to reach my target.

Do you have SPS staking target right now? How has the airdrop period been for you?

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Yes I did! I manage to sell all of my SPS right after the airdrop stopped! It was perfect timing!

lol the airdrop stopped today

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Haha. I have always been selling :p

Yes, I hit my goal and even managed to sell off for profit when sps was worth nearly 1USD when it first airdropped.
I am pleased with my current balances

Yeah, I sold some as well. I honestly had big dreams but things haven't gone as I hoped.

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I will finish 4k short of 20k sps but at the end of it i will be using my stored dec to buy some chaos cards from here on out

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16K is nice. DO you intend to buy more or will you sit on this one and leave it staked?

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Sold the little I was holding too survive it’s so cold out there

Yeah man, it is what it is

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I had a target in mind which I hit.

But now I wish I doubled that target haha.

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I missed SPS airdrop. I'm a newbie but I hope other airdrop will begin in a no distance time.

Congratulations to all who have benefited from #SPS #airdrop

Welcome to the community. There will be other airdrops, just keep stacking Hive.

Great to hear that you doubled your original target. I too managed To get to 20k SPS staked. But I only set my target of 20k when I hit 15k staked and realised I was going to get close to 20k . Had I fell short I was going to buy some to top it up . But it turned out I did not need to.

I didn't hit my goal, but I am going to keep at it until I do. I'm going to look into a diesel pools to get more SPS!

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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar