Who is Andrew Tate and how can we get him on Hive?

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For what it's worth, I have no idea who Andrew Tate is. I am only hearing of the name today and at the time of writing this very paragraph and the next one, it is important to note this very fact.

Now here's the thing, I don't know the guy but it seems he's currently subject to widescale deplatforming across pretty much every single social media platform. In fact, the only reason I have even heard of the name is because of the bans he's facing and it makes me wonder if he has heard of hive.

There's something about the Andrew Tate name that seems to divide opinions on social media. As one that at this very moment still hasn't done the customary Presearch search, I'm fascinated by how this guy seems to have true believers that think he's being maltreated and detractors that feel his widespread bans are warranted.

Personally, I don't care for any side of the fence and I respect everyone's views, so that's not in my place to judge. One thing for sure is that everyone should be able to share their views on society, and I believe that this is supposed to be where Hive steps in.

Okay I'm searching now

Ah okay, so I get why he's banned. A simple Google search of "why is Andrew Tate getting banned?" Popped up with amole information for me.

So, basically, Tate is a misogynistic, rape apologist asshole that talks stupid shit online. I get it, he's an asshole.

I guess what makes Tate a big deal is because he's famous and talks shit. Considering the number of people referring to him as "top g" on Twitter, I reckon it means that these people agree with what he says, how come they're not getting banned?

If I was Twitter and I was trying to create a fair place without misogynistic people like Tate, I'd ban everyone that calls him "top g" or praises him. Not this mafia-type approach of banning a famous person to "send a message" like some gangsta movie shit.

Twitter won't ban all the misogynists though. Nah, they'll bam just the right amount to ensure that there's still drama for people to tweet about on the platform. Their "algorithm" will keep a blind eye until you've offered up enough drama and then they'll kick you out.

Andrew said we're all fucking nerds

I've actually seen a video of Andrew and he was really laying into the crypto community. He said crypto bros are all broke virgins living in their parent's basement.

Okay, he didn't actually say it that way but he did insinuate it. I can't remember it well because I found it funny but he was generally talking about how crypto people don't have any ostensible show of wealth because we all lack style or some shit.

When I saw the video of him bashing crypto people, the only thing I thought was, how can we get this fucking guy on hive? Oh don't get me wrong, he's right, we're all fucking nerds but I'd have really liked that have him around here for the entertainment.

Can we get him on hive?

It is highly unlikely that we onboard him on hive but how much fun would that be? Hive will be getting some attention for giving one of the most famous de-platformed individuals a place to share their opinions.

Then after giving him a platform, we can all flag him for sharing misogynistic shit. However, since he's so rich and we're all broke virgins, he pumps hive by buying like $6m worth of it, upvotes his own posts and now his shit appears on trending.

That would be a lot of drama for hive and it is the type of blockbuster shit that could even bring more attention to hive.

So Andrew, if you ever read this, I'm a crypto virgin asking you to join hive, buy a shit ton of hive since you're so rich, share whatever the fuck you want and make sure your voice is heard.

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The only requirement to be famous today is to be loud and an asshole. No talent is required.

Pretty sad when you think about it.

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The internet keeps making foolish people rich and famous, then feigns being shocked at the rate of stupidity being spawned.

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Tate reminds me of the legendary Patrice O'Neal. I would be ecstatic if he joins Hive.

Here are some relevant clips regarding his censorship:

Tate, what it's like getting CANCELLED

Andrew Tate’s Final Message💔 (FULL VIDEO)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbQMoehxNvo CENSORED

To be honest, I don't want an 'influencer' to join our community just for the sake of making our Blockchain/web3 famous. I would rather seeing people who actually care about Hive itself for its technology and ecosystem. 10 unknown people but have good intentions to join is better than 1 famous people with their dumb followers which probably make our community becoming toxic like what happened to social media nowadays.

Right you are mate. Mainstream sm is filled with age da driven pieces that completely disregard the opinions of others

I completely agree. Well-known influencers with large followings tend to draw riff-raff. If Hive becomes too well known too fast, it will attract all kinds of trouble including spammers, plagiarists, and other trouble makers. It's better just to develop an organic community that is here for the community.

Now this is pure fun and laughable but also true in its own ways, he could pump hive yea and also get downvotes yea and some upvotes along the way, join things on hive if he finds them his style, what a cool blockchain we live in.

100% taking the piss. He would be an absolute joy to watch as he talks crap and gets flagged here 😆

Do you think he will care about downvotes? 🤔

We really want to onboard this “famous” people?
Why am I questioning this?
Look to @crypt0. He came to Hive because YouTube banned the channel, but when that decision was reviewed went live again, we stopped to post on hive and returned to YouTube.

So, in my humble opinion I think we shall not focus on “famous” people, maybe bring more content creators that are not famous will really help to grow our community.

But I know the “famous” people have more potential, since more people will see Hive.

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Fair point. Most times they can't stand the thought of being "ordinary".

Nah, I don’t think it’s a good idea, I know Andrew Tate and I think he might be bad business for Hive. But then, Hive decentralized, but one thing I am sure of is that, he will get a lot of downvotes and this will annoy him.

He always talks about being rich, so I figure if he gets downvoted too hard, he will buy millions of dollars worth of hive, pump our bags and jerk his posts back to the spotlight because he's better than all the virgin nerds in crypto

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Lol. He may not be humble enough to come onboard.

And your plan ain't straight even, get him on board and flag him, Lol!

Seems like bringing him on to strike a nail on his final breathing hole! Nice revelation by the way, I haven't really heard of this guy, but he doesn't seem like a nice company!

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My hope is that he'll invest in hive so he can cancel out the flags by upvoting himself. He seems like the kind of guy that's flexible enough to suck his own dick.

No. Fuck him. He should not be able on here with his hatred of woman. He is a sad sad cunt bro

Lol fuck him, I agree. He's an asshole that spews pure filth but it would have been a fun experiment though. 😆

Good :p
I honestly don't see any plusses in him coming here xD

I saw the title and i wonder what i was walking into

Turns out it was an absolute car crash and it was beautiful to read it thorough :)

Good laugh :)
But on a serious note a major celebrity promoting hive would be a good thing to look for in the future

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lol that's the reaction I was hoping for

Freedom of speech is wonderful thing in theory. Not so wonderful in practice, when many start looking for all kinds of creative excuses not to apply it to the things and characters that make them vomit.

On the other hand, I would really like to believe that HIVE community is mature enough to handle such scenario.

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The Mrs certainly hates him haha.

In the end, he is nothing more than a business that by building on Web2, has risked his ability to put his offer in front of his audience.

A perfect example of why its imperative to onboard your Web2 following to Web3.

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