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Wanted to give a update on the trading account, I did not really do much last week, except lose some money. Haha, I was so busy I was unable to really manage my trades, so just closed them all out. But this week I got back on the horse, and had a pretty good one.

So for those who are new my strategy is to make 2-5% a week, yes a week, on 5,000.

7 weeks into the year, I should be at 7,035.50 if I have been getting the 5% a week. But again that is the top projections, I would be happy with 2% also. Here is a photo of my account. So I should be up 2035.50 on the high side to be in my goal.

I am currently up 3,439.50 on the year, so still ahead of the 5% target, I am enjoying the cushioning I have built up. Here is a picture of the account to prove it, it says I am up 3985.50 but I have a long term trade in there on USO that is up 546 for the year, so I deducted that out of the total to be accurate.


Also looking like apple will bounce, getting back in at 131.70 and it could bounce to 134.50 will add more there if need be.

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that is a very nice gain my friend.

Ya I have been on a preverbal roll

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