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I was reading a business article this week, and someone said a restaurant was closing. I figured probably from the pandemic, but they said fraud. So I continued reading and this was the just of it.

One Korean restaurant was getting big orders, and people were paying with credit cards. They would pick up the food, and then dispute it for any sort of reason. It also said it was through some of the food ordering apps to that it was happening.

So they were getting stiffed just weeks later, this posses a problem more for the credit company in the long term, than business. Think about it, if it keeps happening and the Credit cards don't change, I could see restaurants not accepting cards anymore, debit or cash only. There goes their 3 percent, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. I really don't have any suggestions on fixing it, as I have never worked retail, and we take very few card payments at our company. Also if they don't pay I lien there house. I have a asset to go after.

People being a holes and taking advantage of people. Here is the article


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lol, people are just pure greed and has no empathy. why would dispute when we already ate all the meals? but scam is still a scam. too bad they have to close

Ya, I did not even know you could attest it, and why is the business not allowed to challenge.

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if they pay using crypto, that transaction can't be revert back.