Building Wealth With DeFi

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Building Wealth With DeFi

No matter who you are wealth accumulation is always at the forefront of your brain. Every day you do actions to increase your wealth such as working hard for that raise, working a second job or saving your money. The end goal... to live a better life and take care of those you love. The issue with this however is you quickly burn yourself out and end up living a life you may not exactly be all that proud of and look at thinking you should have spent that time working a second job instead with your family and friends. This is where making your money comes in and I hate to tell you this but old traditional methods such as savings accounts, 401ks, IRAs and Pensions are quickly becoming obsolete.

So what do you do?

You make your money start working for you. While banks pay you a crappy 0.05% to 3% on good days of the economy it's clear to see that this will never get you anywhere. Putting it into stocks can be risky and only have a dividend return of about 6% on average. It can also be pretty hit or miss anymore in terms of picking the right stocks as volatility in stocks continue to skyrocket.

That leaves really one high risk option (yep it is high risk but you can minimize it as much as possible by doing your own research) that option is DEFI!

DeFi platforms such as CubDeFi offer the ability to really start compounding your money and assets. Gone are the days of 0.05% interest and 6% dividend yields. Instead we are now talking about 60%+ in revenue created from your investment and in some cases even higher!

The DeFi Effect

This is something I've been working on and finally feel like I have perfected. I wanted to do zero risk investment. That means the only thing I invested was crypto I earned from Hive and other places without touching my main assets and moving them. It was a rough few months but compounding at 60%+ starts to seriously add up. I'm happy to say that right now I'm at a point where the revenue earned is starting to make a difference. It's not at the level I would like but we are now progressing towards that at a much more rapid pace.

The entire process took a few months and I'm going to write more on detail on it here soon. During those few months a lot actually changed with CAKE and CUB the two DeFi platforms I have been using primarily for all of this (cake recently)

What other defi platforms are you enjoying and why?

Do you accumulate that platforms token or do you pool it for others such as the case with Cake Pools?

*This article is for entertainment purposes only and not financial advice

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I'm glad you're doing this. I hope you write some basic tutorials because I'm feeling lost on defi. I'm interested in this matic/cub thing that is happening.

Reading the above I realized that HBD is yeilding 10%. It seems like a waste but as long as Hive remains around, it's a pretty safe investment.

I have so few it really doesn't matter. 300 cub, 5500 Leo and 1700 Hive. (I sold a lot of Hive, but I shouldn't have)

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10% is pretty solid I've been stocking up. Its a low risk alternative to DeFi at the moment for HBD. If you had enough of it the payout is pretty nice to be able to fuel other things. $10,000 would next you $1,000 per year at the moment $100,000 earns $10,000 a year that's sizable for the low risk.

You should buy !PIZZA instead

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@cflclosers! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @cooperclub.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (1/20)

You can invest on the @easydefi pool. @shortsegments will put your LEO in a Cubfinance Yield Farm for you. You just need to send 250 Leo or 225 Hive or as many increments of that as you want to @easydefi with memo Group A in exchange of a 10% management fee from your profits.

For more info, please visit the @easydefi blog.

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I believe that's a very solid strategy indeed. I'm moving some of my assets to crypto because I really believe in its potential and currently my exposure is too small...

As for platforms, I'm sticking to Hive Engine tokens and CubFinance. I know I'm losing out on some good opportunities, but those are good enough for me at the moment and I really believe they are going places.

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Cubdefi is the best defi platform I have encountered. Was just talking to my friend about cubdefi and how I made 2 cake token from my cub kindom cake staking.

Downvoted due to @hakeemshah96's insincere copy-paste spam compliments.

Downvoted due to @hakeemshah96's insincere copy-paste spam compliments.

Downvoted due to @hakeemshah96's insincere copy-paste spam compliments.

Downvoted due to @hakeemshah96's insincere copy-paste spam compliments.

Downvoted due to @hakeemshah96's insincere copy-paste spam compliments.