BroFi APR calculation and why you should vote for your delegated token pool on BRO discord .

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Good evening to everyone , hope you all are doing great .

Last week we saw the analysis of BroFi from May 1st .

This post is more or less a continuation of that , this will tell you the APR status for each of the token .

Get BRO for delegating tokens ( 29 tokens )

Right now @brofi is paying BRO for 29 tokens .

Here is a list of them -

Sl NoToken

So if you have any of these tokens and not doing anything with it , just delegate it to @brofi and you will receive BRO as dividends everyday .

All tokens receives equal amount of BRO everyday? - NO

Well right now , this is the status of BRO payments everyday .


Note: I have taken data for the month of June 2021.

There was a split in payments for 12th June and 13th June but that changes nothing . As we have seen a number of times before- around 14 BRO is sent out to delegators everyday from @brofi .

Does the 14 BRO gets equally divided to all tokens ? - NO

Okay so the 14 BRO doesn't get equally divided to all token delegation . The token in pool number 1 gets more BRO than token in pool number 2 .

So how is the pool position decided ?

The BRO holders vote for it . The highest votes gets pool position 1 and hence that token gets highest BRO .

Right now Hive is in 1st position and here is the status -


  • Total Pool Votes: 32821.62222135 BRO
  • Expected Rewards: 6.90325112 BRO ( next day )
  • Total Incoming Delegations: 107814.67834743843 HIVE

LEO is in 2nd position


Total Pool Votes: 25937.44272209 BRO
Expected Rewards: 3.45162556 BRO
Total Incoming Delegations: 51344.921 LEO

So on . If you wish to see all the pool details like above and the position please head to our discord -

The command you have to use for above details is - brofi pools

How many pools can a user vote ?

Right now you can vote from

  1. Discord

Through discord you can vote for 3 pools but through you can vote for 4 pools .

The weight for all 4 pools is same and depends on your BRO holdings .

How to vote via discord ?

Here are the steps you must follow

  1. Type the command brofi pool vote
    Then it will ask you if you understand what you are voting for , reply with yes.

  2. Then it will show you all the tokens available .
    Now one by one type the three tokens you wish to vote for . Like this -

  3. image.png

You can see that after 3rd symbol entry it will ask you for your username . Just enter your username and it will give you a link


Just click on the "Click Here" and it will open your browser and keychain , just click confirm .


That's it . It takes a bit of time to reflect but your part is done .

How to vote via ?

This is easier than discord bot .

  1. Go to
  2. Login through keychain
  3. Go to

Then just select 4 pools and click send vote , your keychain extension will ask for confirmation ( just like 1st step ) . That's it . Done .


Now let's dive into APR ,

Note: This is based on the payout of 24th June from @brofi and the price of the tokens as of 24th June .


Well CINE is leading with 29% APR .

But how is this possible ? Hive is the one which is receiving maximum BRO payout right now and is in pool position #1 . CINE is in pool position #6 .

Well that's because the APR depends upon various things - amount of CINE delegated , amount of BRO it is receiving , price of CINE , price of BRO etc .

Hive although is in #1 position , the amount of Hive delegated is much higher .

Currently you will receive about 0.0000637835 BRO / HIVE / Day

Whereas for CINE you will receive about 0.0000064523 BRO / CINE / Day

Since CINE is 0.04 HIVE so now I guess it is clear why CINE APR is higher than HIVE .

Who should vote for pools ?

Well not trying to force you to do it but it is beneficial for you if you did this .

  1. The users who are holding BRO but haven't delegated any tokens to @brofi may or may not vote for pools , it doesn't affect them much .
  2. The users who are holding BRO ( any amount ) and have delegated tokens to @brofi should vote for the pools they have delegated to .

I have made the BRO token dividends - token wise charts public .

You can access it here to check the BRO dividends for particular token / tokens.

That's it from me today , will be back tomorrow with another analysis . Till then take care and have a good day ahead .

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I wondered how I had obtained this tokens, it is now clearer, I will surely make a delegation to you later I unstack all my tokens on various accounts to better reorganize them later
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Is this still a working account to delegate random stuff to for bro token. This is an old post. ANyone still doing this?

No, only hive now.

If i delegade HP for you i gain BRO too?