Crypto Salad. Guest Starring TheyCallMeDan

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Hi guys, welcome to another episode of Crypto Salad. Today we had the incredible fortune of having @theycallmedan as a guest on our podcast.

Today we're talking completely hive and 3speak, tokenomics, predictions, lessons learned et al. It's a damn good one. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Thanks for an informative post. It was very interesting indeed. Thanks for the good job!

Great discussion out there, we all have a hope in #hive we all are doing great here. 2021 is the year for #Hive 🚀🙏

Oh most definitely :)

I've done the math myself ;)

All we need is mass adaption...

With 1 mil people on the chain if everyone want's to be able go communicate they will need at least 10Hp that's 10 mil Hive out of the markets, if we have 10 mil people...
I guess you can do the math...

And at the current price will cost $2,2 a person to join and start blogging and so on...
But of course if we have 10m people what to buy there is no way we stay at this price ;)

It depends upon the amount of activity.

Frankly, 10 HP isnt enough to do a lot when you think about things. The new application from Leofinance is going to require at least 25 and more likely 50 HP at a minimum for people who want to do a lot.

With only 125 million on exchanges, that is going to lead to a liquidity crisis at some point down the road.

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yes. we did not have the opportunity to test out the RC system when the heavy load is on. i am sure there are some calculations on it, but i did not see it.
on the old system, with 15 hive (steem) i was kinda limited on 10-15 comments a day (if i remember correctly). And that was the period of most activity.

Think about it this way: 10-15 tweets/comments a day is not a heavy users.

Thus why I feel more like 50 HP is going to be required.

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yes i agree because i was hitting that limit when i started 3 years ago. it is not enough even for hive/leo use case on a normal day. for the blank it will for sure not be enough.

i was just saying that i am not sure how RC system will react on heavy load. because 3 years ago (if i am not mistaken) we were on something similar but different :D
good thing is that all of those users can earn hive and power up, so after few weeks they will have less limitations.

That is very true. We should see many earning a bit of HIVE which they can then use for more resource credits.

If this blockchain expects to expand, it will need some type of way to give people the opportunity to interact.

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Nice manth man, time! Is just about time

Yep, the user base is all we need.

Great talk guys, this year looks so promising and this whole ecosystem is going to expand faster than most people realize. (IMHO) @theycallmedan answered a lot of questions I had about 3speak. I hope people have the time to hear this talk show!

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Yeah he clarified a lot that was left unanswered.

Good to have some of the gaps filled in.

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And you got to make another hair joke too!

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Or lack of hair joke.

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Awesome podcast! 3 forward-thinking Hivers when gathered together make a powerful force. Can’t wait to see who is your next guest on the Crypto Salad show.

Neither can we.

Any suggestions?

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Not me! 😊

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Another great video and insight in to the projects/tokens on 3Speak, didn't realise there would be 3 tokens so that was worth watching and to hear the level that's needed to bring on investors. Guess we'll have to get to $1 billion marketcap and shows the importance of powering up HIVE! Looking forward to the next 12 months and what position we'll be in after the bull run in 2022!

Yeah a 10x would really put Hive in a much different position in terms of the investors.

In the meantime, we have the development starting to roll out that warrants that.

I think we are going to see a lot of great stuff happening the rest of this year.

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Yeah man, all the developments are starting to come together and when Project Blank rolls out, if that can nail a similar user experience vs Twitter/FB then we'll be as excited as you 3 were in the video I'm sure!!

Not much time left to get some cheap HIVE now methinks!

It is always hard to tell with the price of something. Markets are strange animals as we all know. They have a mind of their own and do things that make no sense.

Nevertheless, I agree with you. I dont think this will remain a hidden gem for too long.

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Yes the markets often react to the strangest of things and the tiniest bit of FUD can send something in to oblivion but those who know and hold tight with projects that are providing working products will be in good stead. All the developments that have happened during the bear market here should be cause for optimism, even if there's a dash of cautious seasoning on top of the optimism!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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This is a great listen, thanks guys

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Welp, that was one of the best things I've ever watched!

Thanks guys....Really appreciated the talk!

Would be good to see you on a future salad 🙂

Anytime, I'm good to go :)

We have Khal next, I think I'll ask you to be our next after him, Jon. I'll have to confirm it with @taskmaster4450 first as he's my co-host :)

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