Need some help with testing :)

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Hi guys, I'm currently working on something called It basically allows you to quickly trade STEEM <-> Hive with market prices.

To use it, simply send STEEM / Hive to and you will receive the other tokens on the other chain. No memo needed etc. The exchange ratio depends on current prices and there's a 0.7% fee (including 0.2% fee taken by the exchange).

Two additional options available:

  • send 0.001 STEEM / Hive to receive message about current exchange ratio
  • you can specify the recipient on the other chain - just enter @username in the memo

It's currently in beta but the basic functionality is pretty much done. Please try to break it :D Feel free to use scripts to spam it or just use it as normal user and let me know if something goes wrong ;)


Looks like you've got some transactions delayed/backlogged over the past 30 minutes.

Careful may end up getting your account frozen and drained on Steem by the “authorities.”

Don’t become a STEEM bagholder...voluntary or not!

Will keep that in mind ;)

^ this, I would not want to have even 1 Steem that wasn't being powered down.

So far this is working very well.

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By all the comments this appears to be an easy way to transfer across, will test when funds next become available.

@joanstewart less than five seconds to do! Processed 3400 steem!

Please try to break it :D


Amazing application. It is always exciting to see new features added to the ecosystem. This will make people's live easier.

Wish I had some liquid Steem to test it out.

I will give it a test next power down.

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Right you are. It DID make my life easier.
I could close three other tabs to swap sites. Each had a stand-out nuisance, exclusion, risk or compelling reason to "let's just do this later".

It's over quick though so that's the spoiler.

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UPDATE - Just sent 8.129 STEEM to exchange for HIVE. Doesn't work - please look into it.

Should be processed in few minutes :) Sorry for the delay!

Yes, it's here. Thanks.

Found a bug.

If you send from one account to another account (Steem->Hive) it sends a memo to the destination account on Steem even though it was never involved.

For example, I sent Steem from one account to @themarkymark on Hive, but @themarkymark got a summary memo even though it wasn't the destination (Hive @themarkymark was).

Got it, thanks :)

Lovely idea. How I wish I could try right now. I powered it all. Definitely going to try it and report back soon!

No testuję, zobaczymy czy się uda, ale prawda taka, że gdybyś pojawił się wcześniej to by było dużo prościej!

im pretty sure for small transactions of 0.01hive/steem ur making a loss, while the spread is too high for me to make a profit from ur swap transactions.....

at least for smaller spread i would be able to build a bot to exploit the loss you make and profit. but i could always lower the spread manually by placing trade orders on the steem engine making the swapbot trade with me while i profit...

Increased to 1 steem/hive, feel free to test it :) Thanks for the feedback!

dont think i can find an exploit when you are charging 0.7% fee and only giving me 0.1% for free :/

0.1% for free?

yes 0.001 steem out of 1steem is 0.1%. the reason why 0.01 was profitable was because i was trading back and forth 0.01 was gatting after 1 cycle 0.09 hive + 0.001hive + 0.001steem


I tried your app in the intended fashion (STEEM-HIVE) and it worked without a hitch. Thank you for this useful tool.

In the process I noticed the app sending receipts @ 0.001 STEEM. I tried to exchange the free 0.001 STEEM again, to scam you out of some HIVE. I think the only reason it didn't work is the exchange rate with STEEM being worth less than HIVE right now:


I'm no expert, but isn't it conceivable to exchange small amounts, triggering lots of 0.001 micropayments to up one's net exchange rate? What if I do this with a bot?

Exchange 0.002 STEEM, lose 0.7% and a small spread in the process, get a 50% "rebate" as a receipt?

Like I said, I'm no expert, not with crypto, not with scams ;-) Perhaps you're aware already and I'm barking up the wrong tree. Or perhaps you should look into this. Good luck with your project.


Min exchange is 0.01 steem/hive but will increase it probably ;)

Still a 10% discount, isn't it? Increasing min. sounds like a good idea.

Please try to break it :D

I would try to break it. But then, any kind of bug I can find which plays in my favor. I won't accept any claim from anyone for reimburses or devolutions. :p

By the way, what about SBDs/HBDs, SBDs/Hives and viceversa?

HBD -> Hive and SBD -> Steem comming soon :)

As for vice versa this also can be done but memo will be needed so user can decide if his Hive should be exchanged to HBD or Steem (ouch). This might lead to mistakes so need to figure it out. Maybe mandatory memo will be needed with every transfer (hbd / steem).

Yeah, I don't see any problem In having to use a memo for these sort of expedited transactions.

Thank you and looking forward for the evolution of this services. :)

Wow! I'am so happy now. Thank you! :)

This means I send Steem from my Steem account, then I will get equivalent value Hive on my Hive account?

Great! Just what I need!

It won't load in brave, even with the shields down.

It's an account name, not website :)

Can we send sbd?

Not yet but working on hbd -> hive and sbd -> steem :)

Dang, I was hoping for one to one, but I don't know which exchanges still carry sbd/hbd, if any.

Bittrex probably, but I'm using binance which does not have hbd. Would hive -> hbd be useful for you?

I'll soon be out of steem, they shadow banned me.
I don't appear in my own feed.

I was just hoping to go from sbd to hbd as close to one to one as possible.

Sbd -> steem -> hive -> hbd should soon allow this.

Lol, that explains the phishing warning,...
I guess I need to reread it, again.

Great idea. Used it in 3 transactions Steem->Hive; works like a charm.

Thanks, but this is incredibly risky. If they know you are doing anything at all linking steem with Hive you'll be censored or simply have your account locked up. Then you'll be stuck refunding people with your own money.

works, it is easy, now i have an urge to milk more steem

It's lacking difficulty.

Really cool but think it's stuck.

Small hickup, already processed :)

Speedy thank you!

Your system works very well. Just completed transactions. Thank you @cardboard I would certainly recommend your

Edit comment.
Problem solved

That's not ;)

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Thanks. Sometimes I should not do things before morning coffee.

Thank You!! Your timing couldn't be any more perfect.
Now,... no sudden moves! Don't edit the list before I get there- please.

This is a nice innovation, by someone well known and trusted on both chains. I will try it. Thank you for innovating.

Interesting. I see that you are integrating with Binance to perform the trades. Will give it a try when my next batch of STEEM is powered down 😁

I sent 50 steem around an hour ago, but haven't received anything yet. Can you please help?

Yep, should be processed in couple moments.

I had over 3400 steem and threw it all in. Worked awesome!

Just used it. All went well. It's very fast.

🎁 Hi @cardboard! You have received 0.2 HIVE tip from @dswigle!

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Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide.

It worked like a charm! Stiff fee, but, for the ease, it is a no brainer!

Upped and Reposted

!tip .20

This is awesome! I'll try it now!

Works really well, nice job.

Works fast! Great tool! Thanks so much!

Just finished swapping 31 STEEM for 25 HIVE worked without any hangups


Is there a limit on how much can be swapped?

Depends on balances (liquidity) but for now around 3.5k in one transaction.

About to try it out now.

I successfully swapped around 1,200 STEEM for around 970 HIVE.
The transfer came in within less than a minute.

this is so simple . Thanks a lot :) works great

I had a whopping 0.105 steem, it probably got all ate up by fees, but thought I would give it a test anyways. I will try a real test on Wednesday afternoon.

Well that was fast:

Received from swap.app0.083 HIVE
2 minutes ago
0.105 STEEM -> 0.083 HIVE (1 STEEM = 0.79 HIVE)

And fees did not eat it all up. :-}

Oh, this looks really cool! Will try it (and try to break it too 😝)

I decided to throw ALL THE STEEM I HAVE at your tool and a whopping 0.072 appeared in my Hive wallet as if it were magic :D

Seems to work perfectly!

Screen Shot 20200612 at 23.55.01.png

Great and convenient tool @cardboard!

Just gave swap a try-worked fast and easy. Great jog!

Up until now I was using Steem-Engine and Hive-Engine to swap. I get a better deal from this app, so I'm going to continue using it as long as it gives me the best deal.

I only have a week and a two days before my final powerdown on Steem.

Thank you for help with testing :)

great, im going to test it right away

edit: worked perfect for me, thanks

Works good here.

I would try more, but you know they stole my Steem.

I saw that bittrex resumed support for STEEM - any news?

Nothing yet. No.

Probably if they decide to give it back, they're gonna wait some time and then keep it under the radar... right?