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RE: Day three of my Uniswap and WHIVE experience

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Mostly, over time I want to build a little diversification into my portfolio, and building it through adding to the WHIVE-WETH pool in particular has a couple of benefits:

Great points here :) I would also add, that adding liquidity greatly helps the HIVE ecosystem - basically we need a lot of liquidity so big bois can come and make big trades to get profit (for example from price arbitrage). @tipu curate 3 :)


Hey thanks @cardboard. I really hope this does take off and grow. It's been fun to learn how all this works and your posts have been a huge help.

I saw your comments under @khaleelkazi's post about Balancer. Is there plans to set up there yet? How hard would it be once someone sets it up to get involved with that? I have no experience with Balancer, but would be keen to participate.

No idea but it probably works very similar to Uniswap. Just remember that because of the fees users prefer bigger trades and those require a lot of liquidity (so the price does not move too much with single trade). So in general we need more WHIVE :)