Win A 20,000 Leo Delegation : Leo Power Up Day Is Coming

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I'm so happy to be supporting and writing about this subject. It is something that I have been clamoring about for years.

It's the concept of juicy short term delegations to low stake hivians/lions to speed up their growth. The reason I have always pushed for this idea has been that I see the need for a middle class on the blockchain and this helps to produce that.

If you follow me you will remember the many times I've posted on my concept of ROC>ROI which translates to Return on Community is greater than Return on Investment. Investing in the community first will always lead to a better personal ROI.

Well, it doesn't always work, but on hive/leo it cannot fail. The economics are actually set up this way. I point out every few months that the whales cannot do all the work. There has to be some worker bees that do the work to push this thing forward.

I, for one, love to curate. I've been doing a bit wrong lol but my thing is to give out 100% votes all the time as long as the author is trying to find their voice. And yes, partial credit counts with me.

But, I don't have a large stake and can't help that much financially. So imagine getting to curate with a 20,000 Leo Power delegation? That should equate to the curator earning about 5 Leo a day with a little bit of time and attention. During the life of the delegation the curator can earn 105 Leo easily staying at 80% Vothing Power.

This will be a launching pad for low stakeholders to work their way into meaningful gains in a very short period of time. And it doesn't take much to enter. I am definitely going to be powering up and taking my chances. All the details are listed below courtesy of @leogrowth

It's easy as hell, just power up at least 200 Leo on the 15th of June (PST), and you will be eligible to win one of the 20k delegation prizes.
A couple of rules to join this challenge:

Some ground rules to participate in LeoPowerUpDay:

Your total Leo Power (on the 15th) must be more than 200 and less than 20k
You must power up at least 200 Leo on June 15th.
Reblog this post. Sorry, Leogrowth still needs to earn a follower base, these reblogs help us reach a wider audience.
If you want to make a post about this, mentioning why you are powering up and what do you think of the Leo Finance ecosystem, you are more than welcome and y! Just remember to use the tag #lpud :D we'll be on the lookout for the posts using that tag.

The winners will be chosen randomly using a provably fair provably fair random picker from a pool of users who fulfill all four requirements.

For the next Leo Power Up Day events, we will add a new rule: You must not have powered down from June 15th to July 15th, so keep that in mind for the July edition!

Bonus Prizes
The Leo community is one of the strongest and tightest in the Hive ecosystem, and many of the users with a big Leo stack have chipped in to the prize pool to encourage you to power up Leo!

Five random users who fulfill the four requirements above will get one of the next prizes:

5k LP delegation for 3 weeks from @edicted
2.5K LP delegation for 3 weeks from @roleerob
2k delegation for 3 weeks from @steemstreems
2k delegation for 3 weeks from @taskmaster4450 and @whatsup
1k delegation for 3 weeks from @anomadsoul and all the LP from @leogrowth

This means there will be 5 bonus winners, one winner for each prize.

Do not ignore the bonus prizes, they are all meaningful. If you get one, show the community how hard you are willing to work to build your stack. Stake your gains on the next Leo Power Up day on July 15th to give it another shot!

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I also think a strong middle class is good! I can't wait to see who participates.

I used to do a lot of little contests and give aways, but it's always frustrating if people do not power it up, so I hope this is successful and goes well.

Good luck everyone!

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I always try to power up my whale votes. It's been important to me to get to 5,000 LP. But I tend to spend my liquid leo on the defi cub stuff. But if I win the delegation I will power up all the earnings for sure.

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I'm happy too. I remember being laughed out of the discord when I tried to organized this last year. I'm glad it's happening

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It is a good way to bring attention to the importance of staking LEO.

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Yeah it's gonna be good. I did think we would need some liquid for those leo nfts and play to earn game coming up but I'm shakey on those details.

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Ah okay.

We will see how this is going to shape up. There are a lot of big plans.

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Sounds like a good motivating push for me to stake more LEO :)
Does the stake have to be on the day the whole 200?
Anyway, still have time to gather up till the 15th 🤞🤞
Thank you so much for this initiative!


I have to quit powering up my Leo every day so I have enough to enter. Thanks for the information.

Pretty smart idea. I have enough for the first leo power up day but not the second.

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Good to know that Lions are ready to power up on June 15. Although 200 Leo worth 30 Hive seems a bit higher compared to Hive PUD 10 HP, it is requested to reduced it o manageable numbers for new cubs.

Second request is please elaborate 4 requirements clearly or al least add bullets or numbers for clarity purpose.

I am looking forward to try my best to get to it.


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200 Leo right now, or whatever the difference is between where you are and where you are trying to get is less than $18.

If a user made 100 comments they'd be likely to achieve that. Certainly it makes sense to reward those who are here and wish to stay here, vs, someone who has posted twice.

I was so Happy to You delegating 20k Leo but then I read it requires 200 leo powerup which I dont have haha but that alright. All the best for others

Earning it through effort is possible if you are engaging a lot because Khal is giving 100 LEO if you beat him on the LeoFinance Engagement league. Of course, you need to comment using the LeoFinance front-end or mobile app.

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thanks for telling i will try

I will be there . This announcement come at right time for me.

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Definitely going to participate in this. I ought to be ready by then

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I saw the post about it and I definitely plan on taking part. I plan on powering up 200 LEO during the month anyways and doing it a little bit early won't hurt.

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