Living On Liquid And Lightning Has Reshaped My Bitcoin Exprience

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Hey Jessatoshis

The deeper I go down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, the more I feel I don’t need to use altcoins and other chains.

I get the argument that these chains are cheaper and faster than Bitcoin base chain, but when we look at second-layer solutions like liquid and lightning, that argument is no longer plausible.

I realize that it’s still a well-kept secret for those who are not into Bitcoin, and managing your different Bitcoin can be a learning curve, but I feel it is well worth it.


Main chain Bitcoin

Tried and tested and the safest way to store your money once I secure a big enough amount of Bitcoin either from buying or earning I secure it on-chain in cold storage, never to be seen again.

This is my wealth storage, and I take it seriously. This is for future use if ever I need it, and I hope I never need it.

Lightning Bitcoin

This is my day to day wallet; any Bitcoin I earn or coins I earn, I convert into Lightning Bitcoin and consolidate it on this level.

If I start to move above a million Sats on the lightning network, I’ll consider locking some into cold storage.

I do keep a few Sats on Lightning as I’m waiting for DEFI options using Lightning. The liquidity pools for Lightning are shaping up, and as more nodes come online, they may need to borrow liquidity to fulfil transactions and pay a return for the capital usage.

Lightning might not be as secure as the base chain or Liquid, but I prefer this over custodial services.

Lightning also allows me to consolidate Satoshis cheaply and manage my UTXOs better on the base chain so I don’t increase my on-chain footprint and costs.

Liquid Bitcoin

I’ve recently been purchasing a lot more liquid Bitcoin late, and I’ve been lending it out on HODLHODL for a return.

Since everything is done with a multi-sig wallet, it is peer to peer and non-custodial.

I can get better rates than the likes of these CE-FI platforms, and with liquid BTC, the on-chain fees are pretty small, so I can keep doing multiple transactions and fulfilling different contracts and still move on with a profit.

Liquid Bitcoin is now my preferred DEFI Bitcoin, where I am willing to risk some of my capital to get a return.

Compatibility is key

Since all three layers can talk to one another and use the same base chain, you can use the same or similar wallets to manage your different Bitcoin.

Liquid also supports stable coins if you would like to hold those in your wallet too.

Bitcoins base chain has the widest adoption, and as the second layers grow, I’m sure any platform supporting Bitcoin can open up to lightning and liquid.

So having Bitcoin on all 3 layers for different use cases will become more apparent in the future.

I think as these 2 solutions and other second layers like RGB, OMNI and state chains roll out, it makes Bitcoin more robust and starts to eat into many use cases altcoins based their business models on

This will, in turn, reduce their effectiveness and pull more users into the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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I am not aware of these layer 2 bitcoin solutions... You mention hodlhodl...perhapes its time to check out these peer to peer ways of buying and selling bitcoin.

Just one question is it hard and inconvenient to use, because you need to you have the money in your account and there will be a delay right...disputes and stuff.

I recently got commented that I can't go rich without exploring all this DEFI, and peer to peer stuff because taxs will eat away gains and if I remain to be lazy or ignorant on this, I don't deserve to get rich it seems, put me off.

That's why figuring out how to have cryptos to work by lending in DEFI and get wealth.

Not gone anywhere yet...checking solana, mirror, venus, even CUB finance to understand how things work.

I understand there is a learning curve and risk will be there and will learn how to go about this slowly.

Anyway...interesting article. Should checkout liquid, lightening, my to learn to further grow as a crypto person list.

Personally I don’t care about getting rich so I’m not one to ask about that, I just want a place to save, so I’d lyn care about this defi stuff and trying to add more complexity and tax to my life

I don’t sell Bitcoin I only buy it and HODL it, a small fraction I lend out but other than that I don’t do much else

Most of these defi platforms you will lose money becusee even if you make a gain you lost ground in purchasing power relative to Bitcoin and added a tax liability

So for me BTC buy and hodl works great and I can concentrate on what I do for a living which is my business

HODLHODL rates have nothing to do with buying and selling assets! You see the terms of what interest rate you want and those looking for Bitcoin will apply to take lend it from you for a fee

If there are disputes there is moderation by the platform but most times both parties agree and sign off to release funds after. Moderation comes in when loans a aren’t repaid and the funds locked in need to be liquidated

Even I am not looking to grow rich...I just want to be in this space because I am passionate about it. It can be challenging in countries with Govt. regulations that are hostile towards crypto.

To avoid stress I feel its ok to think you will build wealth bit by bit over time and refine your stratergy towards the goal.

Truth be told, crypto are making people rich and they use their tactics, DEFI too...during a bear market or when prices have corrected I hear its better to have your cryptos earn you interest or passive income so actually your not losing money only, but making some amount of money as well, over time it would build wealth.

As for BTC, I am very aware of it being digital gold but have not seen it as anything more and was not aware that liquid and lightening scale it properly so it becomes resonable to use.

It's great to HODL btc...and your stratergy will earn you more and more BTCs which is good, over time you will have considerable wealth for sure...

I also keep hearing that rates hodlhodl are better than CEX and CEFI...really?... you can buy cheaper and seller at a higher price here is it?

All I can say is the way you're maximising bitcoin is so huge, I mean back in the DeFi-less days we couldn't even imagine how far we'd have gone.

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Yes I think a lot of people still see Bitcoin as the one you just bought and sold and got wrapped up in all the altcoins

Now we have defi and I’m sure it would be faster development if resources weren’t thrown into these other projects

The thing is hodling Bitcoin you’re still way up overall, less tax burden then trading and yeild farming these other coins so to me it’s still the superior trade

I'm not really into Bitcoin that deep, but I will love to know more about liquid and lightening Bitcoin, getting to know is faster in transaction and deal with day to day transaction of Bitcoin.

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You should download wallet of satoshi its a free app and then check out and mess around with some lightning apps and get some satsohis,

As for liquid, you'll have to either have Bitcoin that you peg in or buy liquid Bitcoin on a supporting exchange, like you would your standard Bitcoin and then have a supporting wallet like Green Wallet or Aqua

What is UTXOs?

I looked at HODLHODL yesterday expecting the loan payment to be in BTC but it looks like it's in USDT. Where do you move your USDT?

I also looked more into Liquid and Lightning in generally and most articles I read seemed to say that the former was better for larger quantities and the latter for smaller quantities. Do you agree with that?

It looks like you're more interested in their uses rather than size of transaction.

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UTXO's are the files you are actually moving on chain, so let's say you move 0.1 BTC that could be 1 UTXO or a combination of several UTXO's if you were stacking on-chain.

If you were say sending 0.001 BTC to a wallet 10 times and now you have 0.01 then that's 10 UTXOs but if you sent once 0.01 then its 1 UTXO, each UTXO requires mining to move so it's bast to minimise creation of them.

Yes I would say lightning is for small quick payments, liquid is for larger BTC you want to avoid chain fees or want to trade or do DE-FI with and don't want to use the main chain.

It's up you HODLHODL lets you set the terms of what you want to borrow or lend. if you want to receive lets say USDT then it will be paid on the liquid network which also supports stable coins.

You can then swap those stable coins for L-BTC or vice versa.

Thanks for the extra information. Too tired right now to properly study it but have copied and pasted it into my notes.


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I will have to check out HODLHODL, never heard of that. Haven’t really messed around with Liquid before, but after your post, I am interested. I use lightning to send sats to my kids and such and teaching them to go back and forth. It’s funny, they are both maxi’s for the most part, lol. I am the only one with alts, lol.

The Bitcoin space is developing slowly without much hype, but I like getting involved in it, theres so much to learn

Ah, I think thats such a cool use case, giving your kids each a lightning wallet and getting them to store sats, how are they finding it? Whats their reaction to it?

LOL isn't that the parental way? Do as I say not as I do?

Well, they hear me talking about Hive all the time because of my businesses and posting and such. They actually help me out allot on Hivelist and some of my other projects, but they both really only want to hold BTC, lol. They say it's easier to keep one asset and the fact that the majority of the market moves with it, why have a bunch more, lol. Neither of them are really social media fans so they haven't really gotten into Hive much, even though they both have accounts, lol.

They don't react to it that much other than the fact that they like they own property. They are both pretty hard core 'key holders' and only have a portion in a account that I set up for them at Christmas and put .01 BTC in, lol. That's earning interest for them.

They both help babysit my nieces so my sister has started paying them both directly in BTC. My son is 21 but is on disability and has been since he was 12. So BTC is the best for him. He likes his Bitpay wallet because he holds the Keys and he can use it to get gift cards, lol. My daughter is 16 and is unbanked so BTC is her way of getting directly paid without having to get her mom in the middle and using Venmo or something like that.

As far as lightning, it's just a cheaper way to transfer for us, they mostly go back into mainchain BTC. We use the Blue wallet for that. Just simple and easy. Other times, I just buy it on Cash App and then send it directly to their BTC addresses with no fee other than the purchase fee. That's the way my daughter has been getting paid for babysitting services lately, which is getting her clients into BTC, lol.