The 150,000 Target - Hit!

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After powering down quite a chunk of my HIVE around August 2021, I felt it was time to at least partially recover my stake. The HIVE stayed within the blockchain but moved to Splinterlands.


This seemed a great idea at the time, but perhaps not so good now. With everything going bearish over the last 1.5 years it's tough to figure out what I or you could have done to stop the losses.

I never sell during a bear market, and that's something you need to learn. Never be tempted as it won't go to nothing.

...'thanks GLX, - 'you can't have it all' says @aggroed and he's right. I sell most of my GLX, but keep stacking my other Splinterlands assets'...

From 172,000 HP to 108,000 HP went my stake, but over the last few months I have been feverishly powering up every day and today I hit 150,000 HP again.

Thanks, Splinterlands and particularly the daily GLX drop for helping my HIVE stash get back to where it once was.

Now back to the voting... - @slobberchops


It's tempting to take the nice APR you can get from various things, but I find building my HP satisfying. I should get to 100k in a few months. Our votes gained value today anyway.

HIVE somehow feels less risky than all these other 'big APR' projects. It has stood the test of time.

If you are taking out what you make from SPL, GLX etc then there's not much risk. You can get crazy rates on some things, but it rarely lasts. Just isn't sustainable, but $HIVE has potential to gain more value. I just think the current spike won't last too long.

It's quite tempting not to sell during the bear market. A lot of people sold during November because because they felt the FTX Saga would be the end of crypto. Congratulations on 150k again, hahaha. It must have been fufiliing.

I would like to get my 175k back, but am slowing it down now.

Great recover plan for incrementing your HP!
It will take time but sooner or later I hope to reach these milestones too!
Like you, I have also sold a good part of my GLX, used them to buy Splinterlands cards and to invest in other Hive games
I think Hive is undervalued even after the recent pump and increasing HP is a great investment!
Again congratulations you are an hive !KING :)

Your hard work has paid off King, libertycrypto27(5/5) is grateful for the passion and commitment you put into this post. Keep up the amazing work.

You are an inspiration to us all. @libertycrypto27 is sending you 0.05 SOULS as a token of appreciation for the amazing content you create.

BTW! with SOULS you can access our infernal coliseum game, conquer territories and earn rewards

Many and heartfelt congratulations! Worth a milestone post for sure!

Wow, hot damn. Congratulations! This is a serious amount I can only dream of 😅.

Nothing wrong with shuffling assets around.

Thank you for your witness vote!
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Thats quite a recovery! I think 150 is a really good position to be in. I will be hitting 100K soon if the price doesn't keep increasing. I am looking forward to it!

Great goal! congrats!

@tipu curate

Well I think the only thing that can be said is, congratulations!

Truly a great goal achieved ... now on with the next!