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Utopis has almost gone back to Peg, by looking at the overall market and how some Hive-Engine Tokens take a beatin, some Tokens though are able to secure a nice floor while everything is red.

I wanted to share with you the current state of the token price and current pegged price for sell.

Now is the time to pick some up, if you ever wanted too

I have searched Hive for some Utopis content and was a bit surprised there was quite a few written pieces on Project Utopis I wanted to share them with you just incase you still don't fully understand my project and maybe see if from holders them self's.
I myself have written a handful of posts and updates and I like to think I am good at updates,.. even with the many bot issues we have been having.. I think we have it all sorted out for next weeks rewards snapshot.

Utopis content from holders

Utopis best in class dividends project - Written by hykss
Planning on increasing my UTOPIS stake | Data of Total Hive received by the UTOPIS investors Written by bala41288
utopis project dividends dropped but now you 're drops in other coins ... Written by funnel
One the best token on hive and its lovely dividends 😍💰- Written by bhattg
A Way To Earn More Hive On Hive While You Sleep- Written by readthisplease
If you're not looking into Utopis, you should be.- Written by dagger212

Thank you to all who has created content on Utopis, helps spread the word a bit.

Staked Utopis
Looking at the Utopis Dashboard which you can find here


72,992 Utopis staked.. not a bad number.

Building on top of Projects Utopis and Collaborating with other projects and apeing into projects built by well known members that have built on Hive and or is currently building.

With Staking enabled for Utopis, 10% boost is being shared amongst other stakers you don't need to stake it to earn rewards though.

Read last Utopis Update AirDrops and Burns

A bit about Increase Profit sharing %


Raising profit sharing % from DoorDash, This is something I have been also hinting for some time, if you think the rewards are nice just wait till I bump the % sharing from the Doordash Earnings.

Utopis is going to Massive to be honest.

Utopis has a Dashboard, Thanks Bala. Which you can find here I really like it and looks like more data will be added.. I'll let him speak on it.

Also who is picking up the last cheapo Utopis. I am only saying this since, the total Utopis staked is 72,992 That's pretty darn awesome. I have wrote about My project many times which I will share below.

I am tempted to purchase these myself, .. for a an addition to my project. if you are in my discord than you might have gotten a glimpse.


Utopis already has a nice steady income on a daily bases from my GIG work ETH mining and outside Investments.

Rewards every Monday.
So you are aware Rewards are to be done Monday's if all goes well with the backend Hive will be purchased and disbursed according to token % I of course am excluded from these divs, the account that pays out the divs is @utopis. This coming Monday will be week 4 with Hive-Engine tookens added and also 3rd week of the Staked Bonus.. read More about that link below..

Utopis Update This post has a ton of information for you to catch up on Utopis.

Am in 💯 join me if you will. looking at these numbers though..

APR (based on most recent payout + Recent price of UTOPIS):70%
Please do remember though these do not include the Tribe Div Payments...

Edit:these numbers are incorrect I have been using a tool that is no longer supported.

As I have always said this is only the start of what we can achieve. My first goal is to create an extremely bulky project extending to various projects all over HIVE with a competitive coin price that pays out outstanding dividends.

Tokenomics of Project Utopis

  • Total Hard Cap: 1 Million Tokens~
  • Total Burnt (null) 850,000
  • Total Minted: 150,000 and in circulation (80776.7836134) held by accounts, I currently hold 69,223.21638656
  • Current true* price of Utopis 5 hive, Market price is 3.5 hive

You can you buy Utopis on Tribaldex.
“Tribaldex is made by the same Hive-Engine Team”


Good info and thanks for the update.

I've seen some these articles before but will look at them all with the hopes of a better understanding.

Ah I didn't realize that the price got back up already. I wonder if we will see the around 3 HIVE UTOPIS again.

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Thanks for sharing.

these are helpful

Hey bro, I love Utopis but I don't understand the dashboard! on the HE payouts I would assume I would be in the same ranking position on every one but I am not? Seems very odd! !PIZZA

Count me in! :D

Thank you for the news and for your work. I like UTOPIS very much and also like to show it to others.

I appreciate the kinds words bro, I try to hustle for my project.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!

Good work, the dashboard is super cool! !PIZZA

Thanks for the update.