Financial goals for 2021 - February meme-update

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I wanted to do a financial update when I reached 200 Leo about a week ago but I just couldn't find the spare time and the energy to write it, so here it is.


Since my first financial goals post in January I decided to try to reach 1000 Leo power by the end of the year. Currently I'm at almost 300 and not even a quarter into the year so I'm on track with that one. The plan is to comment everyday and post at least one good post a week. Commenting on Leo Finance is currently way more rewarding and fun than on hive.

download 1.jpg

Ideally I would like to post something everyday but if I don't take care of life stuff I could end up like that guy :)


I've also set a target for 10.000 ecency points by the end of March because the ecency team wants to roll out their token some time in the near future and you will be able to exchange points for their token, basically getting ready for some free money amiright?
Currently you can promote or boost posts with ecency points but for me it's not really that worth it so I'd rather just hodl them for now.


Of course I'm excited for all the cool shizzle that is coming to Leo Finance like projectnoname and the democracy token but a small part of me will be a little sad to see Leo going to the stratosphere because it will be a lot harder to earn it.



Oh and it would be lovely to also stack up on a couple thousand hive but I haven't set a goal on that because I'm lazy :P

Regarding my other non-hive related coins, they are just sitting there not doing much except for ethereum and I don't plan to buy anything in the near future either.


Anywho I'm off to hustle some more before the Leo snapshot occurs. See ya !

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I have a few posts in mind but I end up being lazy and not writing about it. I do read content and comment more when I should use a bit more of that time to do my posts.

I am also working on accumulating my HIVE and LEO as well for the airdrops coming. Maybe the new microblogging feature will be better for me as I tend to prefer short-form content. I want to let my HIVE, LEO and 2nd layer tokens work for me and slowly compound over time.

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I think most of us are doing our best the compound or Hive and Leo, once you get the ball rolling it starts to add up :)

Lol. Let me recharge a bit and give leo love tomorrow 😂😂😂😂😂

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No worries and take your time, I appreciate it if and when it comes :)

One fun post a day, keeps the Toruk upset away!

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I don't know what I do but I always keep him away :P

I didn’t know about that ecency token. But that implies using another front end right ?
Let’s go and explode this goals of yours !
And by the way:

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Yes ecency is say like peakd and . It's actually great , they have mobile app too.

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yeah you just use the ecency front end and get a lot of points for upvoting commenting, posting, etc. I use it for comments and notifications. Also the air -quotes are for mocking something. Don't make me explain memes to you young man! ( shaking the broom angrily )

I'm now a believer in Leo voter that's for sure :)

First one made me roll on the floor . Amazing talent mate , I just loved it.

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I'm glad I made at least one person laugh :)

Lol I am sure everyone who can relate to it laughed . Maybe some died of laughter that's why they didn't reply.

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