Clash Of Streamers | New Player Tips & Tricks Guide #2

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I continue to play the Clash Of Streamers mobile game completing the quests each day which takes about 5-10 minutes while learning a lot of new things and details since my last post about a month ago. This is part 2 in a series with Tips & Tricks that might help new players...

My overall goal when it comes down to Clash Of Streamers is similar to Splinterlands these past 2+ years as I see a lot of growth potential as there is an actual fun game i quite enjoy. Get in early while nobody is watching, become an expert in all the game mechanics and keep up the consistency growing my account without spending all too much to possibly benefit later down the line if it takes off.

Previous Guides

I went in detail on the main gameplay loop in the game along with basic tips & tricks which those that are completely new to the game probably best check first.

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Most of the new things addressed in this post, I learned from the youtube channel iSkittles which has videos breaking down each of the individual buildings by someone that worked on the game.

Marketplace Building

Every item and gem has a value assigned to it in the game. In the marketplace, players can buy individual items possibly with a big discount. By default, the items in the Marketplace are overpriced and they provide value everyt time there is a discount of -20% or more. As you progress in the game, you also unlock the ability to get lucky and get a duplicate of an item you bought for free right after buying it.

I recently started using the Auto Buy button buying pretty much everything with a discount and also all heroes, Trihard Summon Scrolls, & Seasonal currency.

Get Lucky Building

In the Get Lucky Building you spin the wheel and each of the different prize options has a specific chance of winning from high to very small.

The pet assigned to the building (just like on any other building) has the potential to give a nice bonus when it has the right ability set. One of the passive abilities a pet can have is "When you spin in the Get Lucky Wheel, you draw a lucky straw, increasing your chance to receive free spins by 3.03%". You want to play around with the pets and their abilities to get the most advantage from them.

Campaing Tower Battle Mechanics

The Campaign Tower where you do PvE battles represents the biggest progression in the game. You have a couple of fights against teams of heroes followed by a boss battle which gives you a nice reward and moved you to the next level. There are multiple levels with bosses that need to be completed to reach the next prestige. Each time you reach the next prestige, you will be able to assign a big attack boost for one of your heroes in the Level Up Building which all helps to grow stronger.

The way battles work is that the game simulates the number of games indicated by the multiplier you choose (x50) and showing either the first match that ended up as a winner or the match that came closest to winning. Since there is quite some luck involved in individual battles since each hero can get a crazy multiplier attack, the opponent will usually have higher level heroes with the match showing where you got most lucky which gave you the chance to win. You get 1 free battle each day and the price in gems to do extra battles generally drops the further you progress in the game.

There already has been a reset of the Campaign Tower progress on android (it still needs to be updated on IOS) and pretty much everyone will need to start from the bottom again. Existing players keep all the loot they managed to get from the battles so far so they will be able to earn double.

Spellbook & Increasing Passive Crypton Earnings

This is one of the things I only recently started doing as it is all rather confusing how it all works (and still rather unclear to me). So Crypton is likely the most important currency in the game as you need it to export heroes to the blockchain and it is quite hard to obtain especially as a free2play player. The Spellbook building is generating passive crypto that can be claimed. When clicking the actual spellbook in the building you will be able to boost the passive generation of Crypton by buying duplicate ability sets with Crypton. This requires a certain number of ability sets to unlock to start off with.

At a low level, it will give 100 free passive Crypton every couple of weeks but the pace of getting it highly increases the more you boost the spellbook. Reaching the next Spellbook level also each time gives a legendary star and gives your account score a boost. I'm personally using all the Crypton I earn right now to level up the Spellbook anticipating that I will need a lot of Crypton to export heroes much later down the line. I'm just keeping part of my crypto available in case there is an event that requires it to unlock certain things like the Vault in the Seasonal Shop. There are many players that have multiple accounts just to generate more Crypton and I'm thinking of also starting a secondary account.

Getting More Pets in Geopets Go & Match-3 Building

So there is a maximum number of pets an account can reach on a daily basis. These pets can be gotten from Eggs that are included in chests that hatch in the Geopets Go Building which also passively generates eggs daily. You can also find pets in a similar way to Pokemon Go works by walking the street and finding them (max 50 a day). If you don't want to go out, you can use the attract function which costs some gems. 1 attract is free daily is given for players that have notifications turned on and more free attracts come with higher VIP levels (these only can be reached when spending money in the game or by having affiliates that spend money). Playing the match-3 game also allows you to get Pets and both buildings are linked that the maximum in total daily is 50.

What I personally do to get the maximum daily bets is to go to the Geopets Go Building, then go to the Hatch Building inside of if and hatch all the eggs that are done (as always keep the button pressed to automate it). After that, I either play some Match-3 if I really feel like it and have the time as it's quite enjoyable still and helps progress or I just use the attract button to and pay some gems (it gets a lot cheaper when you are further in the game) to attract 50 extra pets. Once that is done, go back to the main Geopets Go Building, click the Kappapride circle which allows you to reveal all the pets you capture automatically (again keeping a button pressed). Once that is done and I have all my pets for the day, I go to the upgrade building to combine the pets to increase their stars and the Level Up Building to possibly increase some of their levels.

Growing Account Power & Trust Score

From what I understand, both your Account Power (I'm at 11M after 3-4 months spending just 11€) and Trust Score give better rewards and bigger perks as they gradually grow higher. Spending money is not required but it basically helps to speed up this process and the business model is Pay2Progress with the potential for more Play2Earn mechanics in the future while everyone can already export their heroes to the blockchain.

That's it for now, I plan to make more of these posts explaining what I've learned about Clash Of Streamers for new players. It is still very early on and there is no direct expectation of making any money by playing this game in the short run. At the same time, it's the moment of maximum opportunity especially since the game can be played for free and the rewards that are given right now most likely are too high still.

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Seems like an intresting game might be worth a bit of my time so i will have a look thank you :)

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Good luck, I would say see if it's something you like and think might do well going forward. It has been quite easy for me sticking to playing a bit daily as I actually enjoy it. It takes quite a while before you start seeing some big progress as I'm now 4 months in and managed to get my first Level 11 hero and also an Insanity Spin.

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