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Great post for someone starting out in Splinterlands. It should be pinned in Discord!

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Yes it should! I put it in the strat chat channel

Perfect! Thanks Clove. 😍


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Incredible stuff. There is plenty to chew on here for anybody starting out. I recently sold my entire collection bar a couple cards that I needed to start off again. My goal was to probably go for packs in bronze but I might have to rethink that strategy, An extra $40-$100 each month could boost my savings very easily.

Thanks, I'm also a bit torn between going for as high rewards as possible or sticking in gold to get some packs competing for the top spots. It is for me more enjoyable to always be competitive and a higher win rate also means more DEC earnings . Good luck getting to an extra 40$-100$ a month. Especially since it's crypto there is still so much growth potential which makes it so attractive.

Amazing post as always!!

I appreciate the tips and training.
Just getting started with Splinterlands.
Grinding away... :)

Good luck with the grind, it does all add up over time!

This post was awesome! Actully two ways I didn't think of making some extra earnings and that was through posting about it again and also the referral program which I 100% forgot about!

Thanks, blogging is probably the best possible way for new players to get something going using those earnings to buy some more cards boosting their collection. The Affiliate program has really been kind to me and helped a lot to grow. Especially when sharing posts outside of the Hive ecosystem it's not all too difficult to have people try it out and the conversion rate is not all too bad aswel