Take Calculated Risks When You're Young

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When some people hear the word risk, they freak out, and want to find a safe place to run into. But the reality is that, all great achievements come with some considerable amount of risks. Actually in my opinion, risks are inevitable. You face risk from the smallest of things to the biggest of things. Risks are a part of life as it is.

As a entrepreneur, if you want to do great things, then you have to start understanding that at some point, you may have to take risks. Everything in life has probabilities for success and failure. There's hardly anything that is 100% certain. We live in an uncertain world. No one truly knows what tomorrow holds.

So it's no different for you, as it is for the man standing next to you. But there's something about risk, you don't just jump in and take a risk for risking sake. You take a risk because, you believe that there's a greater tendency for success than there is for failure, and that's rightly termed calculated risks.

By calculating before taking risks, you're doing the right thing. And many great men and women have come to the conclusion, that it's better to take risks when you're still young than when you're old. And for good reasons they say so. First, when you take risks when you're young, you'll have time to correct your mistakes.

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This might sound like a very simple point. But if you think about it very well, you'll see that time is all we have. We're all doing our time on earth, and as a wise man once said, in the long run everyone is dead. So the sooner you take that risk the better for you. In case, it doesn't go as planned, you can find other ways around it or find something completely different to invest your life into.

Second, when you're young, you have the strength of your youth to give life all you've got, and succeeding in that risk is more probable. Last on my list is responsibility; when you're young, you're with less responsibilities, because you don't have kids yet, you don't have a spouse to think about, you can pick up your bag and journey to a different land where you feel the grass is greener. So when you're young, it's the time to follow your dreams, when you get older, the game called life gets tighter and more complicated. Take major calculated risks when you're young.

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insightful read! thank you for sharing!

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