Im done with work as of 29 work meaning things i dont like so i just do what i like and it happens to make money then my dividend stream 50-70K a year covers anything else and lately splinterlands income covers 40-50K for me a year passively and a few others im getting into now so im pursuing a professional gamer at 32 loving my life just bc i worked my dick off in high school and college which was useless i could have just stopped and taken the money offered for college as a gift my dad wanted to give me about 150 K but even with out I made 250 on my own so that would have coved 25K then put retirement in and deductions you can get mediaid and a slew of govt programs just literally read every bill you can find some grant or tax break shoved in. I was a tax accountant until 29 and ive saved ppl millions by knowing where to look like a 50 million gain - not taxable lol. MHP owner 150 parks never paid tax for 20 years. I planned this year to get the carry back re estated for 19-20 all the way to 2014 and covid was when I was laid off and got into start a business program no work search keep any money you earn and ui guranteed 53 weeks then or 45k which I lost pursuing futures trading and then learned from it and traded crypto from 16 on and made very good trades in the end of last real crash 17 and could have done much better like had 500 million doge that i sold early and now that would have been worth a ton but missed that . But all i do now is play splinterlands trade in that economy and a few others invest in many assets that cash flow and live by evrey 10K replaces 1 week of work and i hit that goal now going to 3x it in 5 years by 40 8-10X passive and then really go live with no problems 500-1 million in cash flow and start some charitable things ive wanted to do.

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Sounds like you're doing pretty well to me!

I am but i need 100 million not 1.5

Its to do somehting good im only going to keep 5 the rest to my priv fdn to help vets homeless ppl struggling by having bot guilds as well as buiildng a dog resucue but a really nice one bc i cant stand seeing dogs or any animal being mistreaded

That would be the smart move, but I've got to move back to the South East of the UK and just suck up the high prices for a couple of years - but short term it ain't too bad.