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RE: Bitshares - BEOS/Rainfall Manna/Skyfall

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Did the same a while back. Kept the BEOS, over a million, 20 MB of RAM, and a bunch of VOTEA, BTSMA, MANNA, VOTEB and BTSMD. I don't have a good grip on where BTS is going (it's certainly lost almost all of its user base), but the BEOS related stuff could go a long way - they definitely have a good plan.

I went the > eos-voter route without a hitch.



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Over a mill, nice! I think I have just over 100k BEOS.

Things do seem seem quiet with regards to BTS, but I'm not that well informed.

Keeping the BEOS and Manna until they start to get press again, and hopefully a listing somewhere - are they anywhere right now?

I'm kinda inclined to just forget about them and come back in a few years and see what I've got. 😁