Actually good question, probably more like a combination of greed and power.

They cap it here in Denmark. It can only raise max 4%, no matter the inflation

That sounds bad i dont like govt stepping in and if they do like here get as much as u can manipulate ur income legally of course like i planned to make my self have a tax loss to get all my taxes from 14-19 back and have like 50K in crredits to get

I didn't understand anything of what you said.

Its a different country than the UK, so they taxes also work differently ^°

im talking about the us system there are amazing ways to never pay any tax. Like a guy owned 100 Mobile Home Parks made 5 million a year no tax in 20 years

Not sure I will csll defrueding the govt. Amazing xD

its in the irs code

im actually following there rules to a T

I dont ever want to worry so i worked really hard to not and have what i do so i can play video games make money and never set foot in a company other than mine again they use u to build there dream. Take a shot if u miss whats the worst u start at zero. If you really look you will see money is actually really easy to get

No the govt printed money