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RE: Liquid Hive Power - New Idea You Can Test Out :)

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I've been thinking about market regulated power down period and this in a way simulate it.
Depends on the token of the price.
Its a second layer solution but .. lets see how its goes.

Nice one.


Yeah, I remember discussions about burning fee for powering down faster than 13 weeks. Yet, punishing investors for just using their money seems odd. Is there any other idea for regulating it?

Interlnal market for hive power to hive. If someone want to exit fast they sell their HP for liquid hive at a price on the market.

Is this technicly possibme ... dont know :)

Your token can act like this.

That's an awesome idea. We already have internal market (DEX) on HIVE so it's sure possible. Basically buy VESTS for HIVE, and no tinkering with the power-down needed. It sounds like the best solution :D


Free Market solutions are the best :)