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RE: HBD Partial Insurance with BTC - Proposal to Print 1M USD of Hive

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First it is a great thing to see initiative like this.

Next I just want to debate a bit over BTC as asset for backing HBD. It is very interesting idea for a dao to hold btc. In the long run it will most likely appreciate even more, helping the whole ecosystem. Buying btc is also with crypto ethos.
But btc is also volatile and when hbd will need it, it is most likely that it will drop in price, at least for the time being. Should we consider maybe backing up hbd with other stablecoins instead of btc? The pros here is that when the crypto market drops stablecoins are great hedge. The cons of this would be wich ones to choose, if they are centralized, not a lot of crypto ethos around it, and there is no possibility for appreciation over time.

Another thing I would mention here is can we tell from now, what will be the market where the buying of hbd will be done? The internal dex?

P.S. about the comparison with UST ... to my understanding they don't have debt limit and a haircut. This is very important mechanics to prevent death spiral. They have some form of taxes/fees to use if UST deppegs, but not a debt limit.
HBD might loose its peg under the current situation, happened twice in a 6 years history, but it will never implode to zero, mainly because of the debt limit and the haircut rule. Raizing the debt limit to 30%, maybe even 50% in the future is also important.



I also think backing with bitcoin in only good for marketing. That's it. Luna is also to young to see what happens if prices crush.

Other stablecoin pairs would be IMO better. could be solved instead of wasting 1 Million in apr.

We want 10 Million in liquidity between stablecoins? Simple pay some apr.

The fee goes not to the LP´s, it goes to the pool, bam after some time the chain itself owns a lot of stablecoins to back HBD.

As we learned Luna was a huge fail. I hope people here see this and we don’t make this mistake.

Sounds perfect. Looks like the pegging mechanism of HBD works better than UST's. Maybe we can back HBD with a combination of BTC, Stablecoins, and other cryptocurrencies we think are best suited to the crypto culture we promote and support on Hive. Diversifying the insurance portfolio instead of relying on just one coin makes much more sense to me.

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Sounds perfect. Looks like the pegging mechanism of HBD works better than UST's

There are some added features in place that are helping the peg. We also have security features in place that UST/LUNA doesnt have.

Maybe we can back HBD with a combination of BTC, Stablecoins, and other cryptocurrencies we think are best suited to the crypto culture we promote and support on Hive

Build out the use cases of HBD and there is no need to back up HBD with collateral. The goal has to be to make the collateral, not to use other things as that source. It starts with making HIVE as strong as we can.

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Thanks for the clarification Task. I think LUNA guys will learn how HBD is creating the stablecoins of stablecoins. :))

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This will fail just like Luna did. I hope we focus of growing hive itself instead of the his HBD dream of 20% interest and being stable. This mathematically won’t work. HBD being kept artificially around a dollar won’t work long term.

Another piece to the puzzle that is being missed, from what I can see, the use cases for UST are not there. Yes due to their popularity it is on every exchange and the pair in a ton of DeFi pools. That is great progress. However, is it actually being developed in a payment system?

This is something we havent discussed with HBD as of yet because, obviously, there are other issues first. That said, at some point the focus has to be upon accepting HBD as payment, not HIVE. One of the major values for HBD is commerce. That is something not discussed so far.

Here is where the stability of the token is a big asset.

I agree having the BTC in the DAO is a great idea. Also, as a marketing piece, buying $1 million BTC seems like a no-brainer. It could get Hive some attention and, over time, the price of BTC will likely appreciate.

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I understand your point and it's a pertinent one. I wanted to quote that from one of 3Speak's replies:

In our view, BTC is the only digital asset that should be used in the insurance backing of HBD, since it is the only one that has no VC, no seed round, no ICO, no company and no CEO behind it. Making it actually decentralised, and therefore outside of the reach of regulators. HBD has the opportunity to hold this status too and so we think only digital assets outside of the purview of regulators should be used in its insurance backing. this is one of the things that sets it completely apart from existing stable coins.

So, when they thought of bitcoin, the main consideration wasn't how stable the backing asset will be, but if it will become a point of vulnerability where Hive could be targeted.

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