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RE: HBD Partial Insurance with BTC - Proposal to Print 1M USD of Hive

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I understand your point and it's a pertinent one. I wanted to quote that from one of 3Speak's replies:

In our view, BTC is the only digital asset that should be used in the insurance backing of HBD, since it is the only one that has no VC, no seed round, no ICO, no company and no CEO behind it. Making it actually decentralised, and therefore outside of the reach of regulators. HBD has the opportunity to hold this status too and so we think only digital assets outside of the purview of regulators should be used in its insurance backing. this is one of the things that sets it completely apart from existing stable coins.

So, when they thought of bitcoin, the main consideration wasn't how stable the backing asset will be, but if it will become a point of vulnerability where Hive could be targeted.

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