DHF and Thugs of @Hivewatcher

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I am not able to understand how are the thugs of Hivewatchers being funded from @hive.fund because the way they operate they are doing more harm than good to Hive.

Its not only me who has problem with Hivewatchers, you would find a bunch of other users as well getting attacked by the thugs of Hivewatchers for some non sense reasons.

Well, if it had to do with removing plagiarism or other suspicious activities on Hive I would have appreciated their work but at the same time these thugs go beyond this attacking poor users making them beg (in times) imposing rules from their own. What kind of police is it? Don't they need a police over them to see what non sense they do here on Hive?

And mostly you would see these small accounts being attached by these thugs not even making them to flourish on the platform. Its not only about me but look at those poor hundreds of users being viciously attacked by these thugs of Hivewatchers.




And the list goes on.

These thugs have no idea what Hive earnings mean for some of these users from third world countries.

DHF Needs to Withdraw

DHF needs to withdraw funding these thugs of Hivewatchers consisting of a few idiots who don't seem to have a sense. You cannot punish this whole ecosystem at the hands of a few thugs self made police viciously attacking whoever they want.

These thugs are stalking people downvoting them for stupid reasons ain't adding value to Hive. Look at Steemit, where is it ranking now. These thugs should have worked on spending this energy bringing value to Hive rather than stalking and downvoting people with non sense.

They also kick you out of the group if they don't have the answers.

Countering Hivewatchers

I have come to conclusion now we should have a force consisting of users who are being viciously attacked by the thugs of Hivewatchers in order to encounter them.

The Downvotes by Hivewatchers Thugs

More could be checked out here.


I ask again @hive.fund, this is what you are funding for?

We ask again, to terminate this proposal with the thugs of Hivewatchers and save Hive.

Join Discord Group:

Countering Hivewatcher Thugs

Together we are strong

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@blocktrades if you could also have a look at this and do something about this nonsense happening around Hive.

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Well, I was blacklisted a month and a half or two months after I opened my hive account. It was for 4 lines of crap I put in to add historical context to my travels. I'm a writer, and sometimes I take notes in my notebook or my cell phone of some places I visit so I can later review them and write about it or I can write my own stories. As I was writing about something I visited some time ago I didn't remember what was mine and what the tour guide had said. It turned out that those 4 lines I wrote just as the tour guide said, were written the same as on another website I don't know about.

Personally, I think that if I wanted to have plagiarized something I would have made the whole post plagiarized, not 4 lines over 3000 words in a post, where the photos were mine and the rest of the text as well.

However it doesn't matter if you are new or clumsy on the platform, because they gave me the punishment of writing 60 posts for my appeal, which I am still fulfilling.

The problem is not the spaminator bot, which only removes an annoying, but small percentage of quantity. The problem is people like meritocrazy, samuraiscam, and others who follow the voting trail of this bot and downvote you by removing large percentages of your post without even checking why you are blacklisted and without checking that since that post for which you were blacklisted, you have not made the same mistake again.

I think that since neoxian made the post there was a before and after, at least with users who wrote some post with artificial intelligence. Now they get a warning first before being blacklisted. I didn't get any warning and it didn't matter that I was a new user. I would like that, in their work, they include that first warning for all people, even more if they are new users, because otherwise they take away the desire to continue posting.

And people who follow spaminator's downvote trail, if you downvote me, let it be for some objective reason that you didn't like something (because everyone is free to vote or downvote what they want) but not simply because someone is blacklisted. It's very annoying that they don't check beyond the why and shit on your work and the time you spent in making a 100% genuine post.

I don't see it as fair, in my opinion. But I live in Spain and I have my job with which I pay my house and my bills, and in hive I found a place to write and have some extra. But there are people from other countries that maybe have nothing and they are screwing them by taking like 5 or 10 hives in every post. I think it's not the way, that's my humble opinion.

Your explanation already represents other victims on this platform, including me. We have been victims of people who gain power, but do not use that power intelligently and carefully.

Just like you, I also work as a writer (and journalist) in Indonesia. We understand copyright, plagiarism, and so on. But on this platform, one or two people using bots, have taken a heavy toll on issues they don't understand. Thank you very much @ayneblood.

Of course, the background of his action is very good, because it is not fair that someone earns money by plagiarizing others, but I think that it is possible to differentiate a lot who did it intentionally and who did not. That is why I think that it is fair, just as now they are first notifying those who use AI to write, they warn them before putting them on the list, the fair thing would be to do the same for everyone else, I think. There will be someone who may fall into the same mistake again, but others like me, no.

In some cases, there is no plagiarism. They just posted the same posts that were posted on Hive on the news portal. The military police account should be able to distinguish between plagiarism and exclusive posting.

This is such an articulate argument, it could have been a post in itself

Yep. They are more like enslaving poor users.

You might have made a better case if you hadn't quoted world travel pro. The man's a proven liar and buffoon

Well.. He's just one case.
There are a bunch of other users as well to see.

Grumbling is OK, but @world-travel-pro shouldn't be part of your argument, he's a world class idiot and went about destroying his own reputation.

If we could have users like yourself with some influence in the platform speaking against the enslavement of poor users by Hivewatcher, probably we might bridle these thugs.
But I guess we might not going to see that, as these thugs don't look to be targeting influential people but poor small users.

You would be better off creating a new account and following the 'rules'. This is all community driven, and if you behave, nothing will happen. It's not so hard.

I did that. They even put you on blacklist suspecting you were the one behind the old account. I mean how come. These guys are kinda taking it personal. What retards they are.

They think you are @eddiesun, are you? We need some form of anti-abuse on HIVE, I do it myself if I find any but don't hold grudges. I don't like this apology ritual @hivewatchers do, but they are quite thorough otherwise.

I simply asked them. Leave @eddiesun, tell me what did @decoding do? They had no answers.

I don't know man. Cover your tracks better with a new account?

There is no one on the Hive blog that speaks the truth. Hivewatchers do not have to invest 500 dollars. Downvoting the downloads with the renters. And silencing the one who says. That's unfair to me. The third person is how they are ruling and deceiving us. The third person is how they are ruling and deceiving us. I have come this far after working day and night and spending money but the way they have treated me is pathetic. I have been struggling to post one a day for a year now. Finally Al is blacklisting complaints about usage. I complained to @hive.fund. Thanks @decoding

Yeah... Speak about it.
Join the server on discord

In all honesty, I have never heard about them until a week or so ago. When I also was flagged and downvoted. But for what I saw. I really did not understand their principles and how do they go about their "watching" 🤔 good there are more people talking about it

We have now a discord group to talk about this and how can we counter their vicious attacks on poor users being sort of enslaved and begging them to stop.

We might also go after these thugs who are part of the Hivewatcher team in order to neutralize them.

So, join the server.

I think that is awesome. But in all honesty, unfortunately they have the HP to do whatever they want and silence whoever come for them even before anyone can make any difference. And since no other projects or people with actual HP strong power is behing affected. I feel that it is a lost battle even before get started. :( another big problem is that I have been here for enough time (the very beginning) to know that there are a lot of people in the community, specially hive users with higher HP thaylt probably agree with their point of view :(

Np.. Atleast you can speak...

The people you speak against are bigman many HP owners. How can we small users protest with them. I think the authorities are hostage to them.

While I agree they are unfair, rude and unprofessional and an embarrassment to the community I will say, this is not the way to fight being downvoted. It always ends in rage quitting other people getting sucked into the argument and worse.

You would likely to do better by sucking it up, and just keep on posting.

As long as the large whale accounts (only takes 2) support them, there is just really not much you can do and that is simply dpos in action.

Good Luck and sorry to see another fun account on it's way out.

Or they could create an alternative to HW, but people just seem to want to whine xD

Or like me, rather than whining, one can just get less and less interested in Hive and participating. I love the community, but with all the wild rules, selectively enforced, our numbers stay low and eventually you realize everyone is writing plastic little essays trying not to offend or challenge any of the gate keepers. Perhaps that is one reason Hive never really takes off.

But there are likely other contributing factors as well.

"Perhaps that is one reason Hive never really takes off."

Perhaps ... I used to create content for the Hive blockchain. My last post is over a year old. Like so many others, I am settled there are far better uses of my time ...

Why is that?

By far, the #1 reason is what you have just written here and elsewhere. DPOS provides no effective means of redress for valid grievances. Full stop. Period.

"... but I am saying sometimes one just has to except the pros with the cons."

If one views these pros outweighing the cons, then ... again ... Perhaps ... As an investor first, I couldn't see any reasonable person that I have ever known stepping into this "virtual world" and being okay with what they will almost certainly experience at some point. If not personally (as in my case, at least for the most part), then "watching" it destroy others ...

Having always been capable of a far greater stake in HIVE, why would I do that? Why would anyone else do that? 🤷‍♂️ Whatever the answer, I could no longer make a case it has anything to do with sound investing ...

So ... Many simply "vote with their feet" and leave. Whether the "powers that be" can ever reach consensus on effectively working together to change this remains to be seen.

So far? 🤷‍♂️😔

I've watched some excellent content creators get a dv and then the drama just pours on and on like fuel on a fire. What I dislike the most is the lack of de-escalation, and the good ole boy orca/trolls who all chime in and defend anything the Hive POlice do.

But I've never liked tons of rules so part of it is my worldview. I don't mind that others disagree with me and have unpopular views, but many can barely take it, but while I still love the community and the idea of Hive, it doesn't pull me like it used to.

🌄 Good morning (here) @whatsup! ☕

FWIW, you are one of the accounts for which I have some regard and respect. Otherwise, I would not have invested any time, to say anything, in response to what you invested your own time in writing on this topic.

IMO, there is still "salvageable" value in the remarkable opportunity Hive offers all of us to have direct contact with others, all over the world. That alone is why I still spend a little time, here and there, reading what others have to say.

And ...

Ever on the ... "look out" ... for the vain (?) hope the "powers that be" wake up ...

I hear you, and I do remember who you are and what you are about.

You are right but for how long you could continue to struggle!
I mean why wouldn't people want to start their own online blogs rather than see these thugs targeting them.

I was downvoted for months and just kept on posting and ignoring and eventually it dies away.

I've never seen the drama approach do much but escalate the problem. Not telling you how to act, but I am saying sometimes one just has to except the pros with the cons.

They are kind of bullying poor users. And with @hive.fund they might be able to do it with extra force. But afterall, I see it bad for Hive.

No system is perfect. But this is for some reason apperently the best we got at the moment :)

Instead of this bitching and whining, you could make your own project aiming to remove abuse on hive a better way that Hivewatchers are doing.

Ask the poor users who are being attacked viciously.

I am not saying they are perfect. They make mistakes and fuck up.
But whats the alternative at the moment for abuse? Hmm. None?

So we can all just sit back and bitch and whine and do nothing or do something about it. Create a better system/project and get funding :)

They are the ones making rules and imposing it on the poor users. A few guys behind Hivewatcher really are going to decide what to allow and what not? I mean really?

What we don't want is plagiarism or people stealing other peoples content :)
Otherwise this platform would be a bigger shitshow.

We have downvotes for those reason.

We don't want plagiarism as well but these thugs just go beyond that. Simply downvote content which has plagiarism. Why stalk people and downvote?

Well, everybody have the right to use their downvote just like their upvote.
Equal vote.

I don't like spam, so I downvote spam.

I can't tell you what HW does or doesn't, but I do know they do a lot of anti-abuse & anti-plagiarism which they don't get enough credit for.

Yes, they make mistakes. That doesn't make them thugs.

What exactly is meant by exclusive writing? I don't understand why I get a warning for never posting someone else's article. As a writer and journalist since 1994, I know about copyright, plagiarism and respect for the hard work of others.

And I never do plagiarism. My posts on the Hive platform, I always prioritize. My content is mostly about news. After I posted on Hive, then I posted it where I work, at Kabartamiang.com and news.unimal.ac.id. The last media that I mentioned is internal campus media which has no economic interest.

So posting on Hive remains a priority. Is it wrong and not justified after posting on Hive, then posting in Indonesian on other platforms? Is that an error here?

Please explain @Hivewatcher

They probably don't qualify for that. They look to have less knowledge about it. These thugs only know about downvoting. The self policing they have. And I still am not able to understand how @hive.fund are funding these thugs.

I and some of the victims of thugs have already been present on this platform. We are people of integrity and understand copyright regulation. Executing creator content without warning and explanation is unjust. I also don't understand why executors like this get one-click power under God.

Thank you for taging me , i just give up hive also others account that you mentioned like @galaktica and @arcana007 and @vision12 all they give up hive i even got blacklist .so i said bye to hive at once
Good luck for you guys

If you don't like how things are managed in the hive, buy more hive and power it up.
Selling, especially at a loss, only feeds into their hands.

But I guess you were the one there I talked to in Hivewatcher group.

This is how the game is, for the disfavored.

They should downvote the post they think plagiarized not all those incoming pay-out posts.. They should consider that. If they had this AI Detector, I think they should calibrate it as well.HAHAHA..

It depends.

If you are someone who have done plagiarism once, you can do it again. Thats why they have a the blacklist, its so they can check a username against the database too see if its the first time or multiply time x)

Yeah I know, they are just doing their jobs, no hate..

I have said this before. Just because someone recommends something it doesn't mean you value their advice. Where is the feed on the front-ends that allows me to ignore votes from a list off accounts I disagree with? Even add more priority to those that are down-voted by such? I just noticed peakd has an option to ignore the comments that poster ignores. That's the direction of a user feature.

If this feed needs to be developed, we could call it the Streisand Feed.

But I guess you could still be downvoted. Isn't it?

You can't be downvoted on neoxian, proofofbrain and vyb Frontends for the reason u r backlisted by HW.

Hive is decentralized. Project like leofinance also ignores spamminator list. Many layer 2 solutions are possible and hive technology is the finest I have ever seen. We all need to find new answers to same questions.

(I am not a part of HW team)

At one point you were one of them? Right?

I conduct my own investigations and impose punishments when I encounter abusive activities, such as identity theft and botnets. These areas are of particular interest to me but antiabuse is not many only contributions to hive.

Before joining Hive, an exclusive logo featuring an owl was created for me by an artist. It has no association with monarchy or Hivewatchers. At the time the logo was made, I wasn't even aware of what Hive was.

I understand that some people may suspect that I am part of the HW team, but I want to clarify that I have never been a member of the HW team. However, I do contribute to combating abuse on Hive in my own ways, including filling out HW forms to report abuse when necessary.

Well, you should stay away from these thugs.

Meaning to say these frontends have there owners controling it and would kick this selfmade police thugs @hivewatcher if they do anything stupid thing over there. But unfortunately here on Hive.blog, there is no central entity, they can viscously attack any one they wany coz they have some good amount of Hive power and also funded by @hive.fund. Lol come on @hive.fund, really?

Decentralized proof of stake. I will not be salty towards Hive technology. If you have a problem, go find your solutions.

Judging by your above statement, do you prefer decentralization or centralization? Decentralization and DPoS can be like the Wild West, as it involves weighing the pros and cons. Otherwise, if you are a good content creator, would you try your luck on decoding.com (WordPress) and earn more through AdSense? I doubt if you would be able to earn along with many others on Hive. I am not criticizing you; all I am saying is that Hive is a unique technology, and "it is what it is," whether we like it or not, unless we evolve the technology.

Rightly said, a Wild Wild West. I am already thinking of creating some blogs.
I have been the guy spreading the word about Hive to my family and friends because I liked it.
The pond of Hive looks like is getting spoiled by this dirty fish.

"The pond of Hive looks like it's getting spoiled by this dirty fish."

In decentralization, what can one HW be able to do? You already have publicly available knowledge to create out-posts (tribe token sites, an alternative to spamminator), and much more. The same technology allows you to host images and text forever, hosted for your literally everything you build on top of Hive. People can stop paying to host databases and use private memos to send information. Decrypt to show on Excel sheets or any custom software. Tada, you have a database of any size freely hosted on top of Hive.

My problem with "The pond of Hive looks like it's getting spoiled by this dirty fish." is that I see Hive as much more than a blogging platform (although it can be a blogging plateform for any requirements). I encourage you to explore the world of Hive, and you will be amazed by the technology. Can HW do anything to your HBD savings? Do any banks or cryptocurrencies provide such competitive advantages? It's the most basic example I would give to make you aware that "HIVE IS BEAUTIFUL."

Why taking about TECHNOLOGY? You want solutions! I am trying to help you see from different perspectives. In my opinion you are being ungrateful or salty towards a unique technology by the way you talk about it. Appologize, if I am judgement is wrong.

Its important to note that it doesn't which frontend you post to, it will appear on other frontends aswell and HW can downvote that, but posting in thr communities/using the Frontends @dlmmqb suggested means HW can't take away your Layer 2 Token rewards, but they can still take away your Hive earnings :)

Hi there @decoding

I don't know why are you tagging me in your posts. Please, untag me from your future posts, thanks.

I thought you are also one of the victims of Hivewatcher downvotes.

  1. Hivewatchers was once weaponized against me, because I disagreed with one of their members.
    I publicly shamed the person, who did it.
    I was taken off the list the next day.
    They enforce rules arbitrarily against people they dislike.

  2. Even most obvius scammers, will act like they 'didn't do nothing'.
    I tried fighting tag abuse here on hive and after the 3rd discussion, I was so annoyed that I just started flagging without even commenting.

I kind of get it why they behave that way, but they need to be checked.
It's a nasty business.

HP is the key they hold to bully others & of course draining the DHF too ;)

What are your views about burn tokens to get votes? Is it vote selling or an evolved version of bidbots back in action.

This question is related to "HP is the key they hold", burn tokens to get votes is a way to gather hp. "draining the DHF", it's not just about DHF but how hive is evolving with time.

(I am not a part of HW)

burn doesn't mean they get a vote. If we accept it & if no HW blacklisted member (we check with HW Blacklist too), we place a vote & curator will follow that lead. If that happen, tokens burn, otherwise it will refund.
I think most of curation projects are following the same lead. We added a token to that simple mechanism. That's all.

"I think most of curation projects are following the same lead."

I am aware of all the projects. My issue lies in my ideological differences with this model of distributing votes. The popular one is ecency. Having different ideologies is fine. Also, I wish this model would stop on Hive, as it gives me vibes of vote selling, similar to the bidbots era. Thanks for respectful exchange of dialogues. I would love to listen to pros of burn to vote model related to contributing to hive.

Somehow I agree with you, but in most cases votes are sharing between friends or people who we know. As a result some valuable Hive members posts are are going un-noticed. So ecency, neoxian are trying to answer that blind-spot here. That's what we try too. If we get no notifications, we also go with favorable authors, most of them are at the daily trending list.
I hope you know me at the discord. Anything you wish to know, just tell me. Nice to have a professional discussion here.


When you refund those that don't make the cut, they take no risk in trying to get through the gauntlet.
IF you weren't selling votes, but running a lottery for votes, the entrance fee would be forfeit.
Both are paying for votes.

I like alot of the things you have done for us, but this is not one of the things.

We ran off 'good' people for selling votes, but we turn a blind eye to this?