Ryanair UK pilots makes some plans to limit job losses by wednesday

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Ryanair's British pilot union is to report on Wednesday whether its members have sponsored an understanding expedited with the board to alleviate the loss of 334 pilot jobs by consenting to series of measures including a 20% compensation cut, the union said.

It didn't say what number of jobs may be saved.

The British Airline Pilots Association said it had haggled with Ryanair "to alleviate the expected loss of 334 UK pilot jobs," which the aircraft had advised the union of on May 18.

"To do this we have together built up a scope of measures including a 20% impermanent compensation decrease which will be restored to 100% throughout the following four years," a spokeswoman said.

Members are because of take an official conclusion on the proposed bargain, with the conclusive outcome to be made open on Wednesday, she said.

Europe's largest minimal effort transporter is confronting union resistance in various markets at plans to slice pay by up to 20% and hatchet up to 3,000 jobs. It has said the quantity of employment cuts may be smaller if staff consent to pay cuts and efficiency improvements.

Ryanair has bypassed its Irish union, which dismissed similar proposals, and asked pilots there to legitimately acknowledge an arrangement that incorporated a brief 20% compensation cut to limit position cuts.

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