When DLUX does NFTs

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There's a New NFT Platform

DLUX, Decentralized Limitless User eXperiences, is one of the longest running projects on Hive. We've been mostly concerned with building out a Metaverse of Web 3 technologies that center around application distribution. To that end we've built some pretty cool stuff with some Web VR technology and showcased everything from Augmented Reality to dApps that can build dApps. To our knowledge DLUX remains the only layer 2 that operates it's own atomic swap DEX, firmly financially rooting it to it's parent chain; in this case HIVE, which doesn't have native smart contracts.

Finally we've tackled NFTs and did so with a lot of forward thinking.

Alpha Review

Over the past week our team (@markegiles & @psorigins) have been hard at work testing the features of DLUX NFTs.

@psorigins has been building a generic marketplace front-end using react / next. This should allow anybody who wants to spin up a clone network, built on Hive with "Comb", a ready made front end much like condenser for Hive.

@markegiles has been implementing the same features across dlux.io | github link. @hivetrending even did some documenting on github.

I've been troubleshooting the features that have been implemented.


  • The most asked for feature by any of our users has been transaction confirmation feedback.
    Site wide notifications for L2 confirmations
  • Mint Tokens can be opened which claims a unique UID from the set.
    • 🔓Give: Free transfer to another hive account
    • 🔒Trade: Transfer to an account for a specified price. Needs to be confirmed, can be canceled.
    • 🔒Sell: Listed for sell, any Hive account can buy. Can be canceled.
    • 🔒Auction: Listed for Auction. Any Hive account can bid. Can not be canceled.
    • 🔓Airdrop: Free transfer to multiple Hive Accounts

Mint Token Menu

  • NFTs
    • 🔓Give: Free transfer to another hive account
    • 🔓Trade: Transfer to an account for a specified price. Needs to be confirmed, can be canceled.
    • 🔓Sell: Listed for sell, any Hive account can buy. Can be canceled.
    • 🔓Auction: Listed for Auction. Any Hive account can bid. Can not be canceled.
    • 🔓Melt: Delete NFT and return bond value, if any.

Screenshot from 2021-10-21 19-08-40.png

  • Profile Picture
    • 🔓Set an NFT to officially be your PFP
      • Only NFTs you own(not listed for sell or auction) will be shown.
      • An API will be listed on you Hive account to point to the picture.
        • https://data.dlux.io/pfp/$username
        • https://data.dlux.io/pfp/$username?.jpg for easy browser handling

Hopefully PeakD and other Hive Fron-ends will add a verification sticker to pfps that use this API with their account names.

DLUX Airdrop Complete - Come Alpha Test

We invite the people who have been airdropped dlux founders set mint tokens to redeem their tokens(or hold them wrapped) and assist us in alpha testing our features. Each of these tokens can be "melted" for 100 DLUX. Thank you for being an early adopter, supporter, node runner, dApp builder, or speculator. You can set your profile picture... but most importantly, help us provide the best user journey with your feedback.

You can always use the DEX to buy or sell DLUX tokens to get in on the action.

Please join us on discord

DLUX Proof of Brain

I don't think I ever officially announced that DLUX runs it's own proof of brain. If you have DLUX you can power it up to vote on any content in our dApp feed. You'll earn 50% curation just like on hive, but with a linear reward curve. All you have to do is vote on content like normal, but with DLUX Power in your account.

Fresh Content by @bezkresu


If you were airdropped a token you can find it at: dlux.io/@username#inventory

I have all my dlux powered up, I'm going to have to buy some liquid.

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I got my awesome founders NFT, thanks!!! 😀👍❤


oh sweet! Thats a really nice one!

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This looks great.
Happy to see you making such good progress and cant wait to see what comes next.

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How long have you been using this app DLUX . Is it trusted. Do you want to assure me to make use of it. According to you write up, you say that the app is like Hive coin

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DLUX first started doing layer 2 in 2018. Its very similar in nature to hive engine... just it's always been decentralized and holds no outside funds centrally.

Thank you for the reply

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I'm still having problems with my wrapped NFT.

I click open, wait for 90 block confirmations, then the transaction fails.

Meanwhile, I already have a founder's NFT in my wallet (and a second one).

So my questions is the following:

  • why does the unwrap transaction keep failing?
  • how did I get the second NFT, last week I only had one.

This is a good question... My guess is our UI is a little off, you don't have any more airdropped tokens to unwrap. I think you need to clear your cache as our site is still under heavy development.

Cleared my cache, it fixed the problem. I can now see one founder NFT. Tried to set it as profile pic, will wait till tomorrow to see if it works.

Not sure why I still can't see your picture... it's set just like mine and the API works. data.dlux.io/pfp/marki99?.jpg

Do we have to use your frontend to get dlux staking rewards??? And how much is it to mint an NFT?

You can delegate to dlux-io from any place, the token reads the blockchain afterall.
Minting of NFTs is still a week or two away, but we're hoping to get the cost to < $1 per item in a set, or <$25 for unique items(these take much more space per item, while a set shares much of this burden)

How big will a set have to be?

Well, a set can be any size really... but there's a set fee to cover the shared data, and a per item fee to cover the additional. The bz set came it at 1.04 DLUX each, and the dlux set was 0.98.The possible range of UIDs was the deciding factor.

How much would it be to mint say ten items? (Sorry for the late reply)

Depends on the items...but we're getting closer to releasing that functionality at which time we'll have better answers. Ballpark is 110 DLUX if the items are a set.

I hope DLUX don't get too expensive 😂

That's why we're releasing honeycomb as well... so we'll be competing with others who can offer low price services like these