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RE: Always ready to jump with crypto

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People will spend an inordinate amount of time researching what is the best pair of running shoes to wear or phone to buy, but won't spend half the investment into working out why some people believe Bitcoin has value or, how the security of crypto makes it property - like gold - except it transports better.

This is very true. I think the reason is because people don't want to learn. They just want a quick rich scheme where they can flip their money. They seem to not understand that every investment has an underlying structure that should be studied. I was telling a friend about a new non-custodial exchange that I found on Changenow and the first thing he asked was have I made my research. I told him yeah and that the reason. Safety is my top priority — the exchange being a non-custodial service, does not control your crypto assets. That this is the reason I would use the product.

Good article Tarazkp


I think it will be more obvious to many when things really start o move how important it is to own your keys.